[ENG] BOSTON WHALER 270 Vantage – Review – The Boat Show

[ENG] BOSTON WHALER 270 Vantage – Review – The Boat Show

(dramatic music) (speaking in foreign language) – [Interpreter] Today I would
like to remember a myth. It was 1958 when Richer
Fisher had an insight to build sinkable boats. Almost 60 years later that innovation is still critical to the
success of Boston Whaler. (dramatic music) Today, Boston Whaler
produces a range of models from 11 to 42 feet and this is the Vantage 270 and not only is it
unsinkable, it is much more. (dramatic music) (speaking in foreign language) The hull is resin into the mold like all other boats but before extraction a deck is added and welded to the hull so as to form a monolithic hull and finally, this is the innovation, a chemical that is injected and through a reaction forms a foam that fills any spaces between
the hull and the deck. This way, if you open a hull in the hull, water cannot enter because
there is not space to occupy. (dramatic music) Now, let’s say you find yourself
in the middle of a storm with the boat completely
flooded up to the gun well. With the method created by Boston Whaler, the boat doesn’t sink but there’s more. (dramatic music) The US manufacturer says their boat even hen completely flooded can withstand the extra
weight and maintain buoyancy, for example, this model does not sink even if flooded and with
seven people on board. It is 8.6 meters long and 2.7 meters wide and is a very versatile boat. It is dedicated to the family
but also to the fisherman depending on how it is equipped. There is no comparison between this and boats with decks because here there are
more sofas or chairs that turn into sunbathing surfaces and other elements for
relaxation and comfort. (dramatic music) Under the hard top, the living area is convenient because it is protected. The sofas are very soft. There is soft padding along the side and the adjustable back
allows you to change the use of the seats. The cockpit is set up according to the owner’s needs and I very much like this
solution with a folding couch because it is suitable for
everyone and all activities. If you are a fisherman, dedicated fishing
accessories can be added. Boston Whaler has great experience in this field but that’s not all, you can use this Vantage 270 to also enjoy wakeboarding because they’ve installed a stern tower dedicated to the boards. (dramatic music) On board you can dine and cook. There’s a refrigerator, a sink and you can also add a grill. And finally, a bathroom. Quite spacious. For safety and reliability we need to consider the
quality of materials, methods of construction and installation of the equipment and for the Boston Whaler this goes without saying. On the hard top there is also the radar, a clear sign of an owner who
wants to sail the high seas and has chosen one of the safest means that exists in the sailing world. I could list all the accessories but I would never finish. Let’s do this. You think about what
you would like to have and certainly it can be
found in their catalog. For our trial we leave from
the east-side port of Genoa. (lively music) We talked about stormy situations but today the conditions are almost ideal although the sea is only seemingly calm. There are rather intense large waves. The knob on the steering wheel is very handy when maneuvering in harbor but I prefer to hold
the wheel when sailing in the traditional way. On this model, we have two Mercury Verado
225-horsepower engines but the limit of the
Boston Whaler Vantage 270 is two engines of 300 horsepower. (dramatic music) (speaking in foreign language) This model perfectly
exemplifies the philosophy of Boston Whaler. What I mean to say is what
are the main characteristics of a unit, a boat especially? They are reliability and safety and the builders have thought of this not only making the boat unsinkable but also making them safe for those who pilot them and of course, for all the people on board and it is the captain who
must always find himself in a comfortable setting which is why we have the ability to cover the entire cockpit
with transparent awnings. I mean, today the weather
is nice, it’s sunny, the sea is almost clam but it can happen to anyone to be surprised by bad weather. And if you are protected, if you are prepared, if
you’re not getting wet, well, like this you can always be lucid, attentive and concentrating
on what you’re doing, so you can also face situations that seem very difficult. (dramatic music) (speaking in foreign language) Which characteristics must a boat possess? A low planing speed. Because we are in rough seas you will still have proper
control during navigation. Planing at a low speed is critical so the boat doesn’t slam the waves. This way you won’t scare the crew and more importantly you
can maintain proper control. 12 knots and we’re planing. (dramatic music) Americans are always very attentive to comfort and this seat is perfect. It has the right resilience so I can drive while sitting and not forced to use the lumber cushions. We are sailing at a
cruising speed of 22 knots with 3,500 RPM and I’m really enjoying this boat. (dramatic music) (speaking in foreign language) They have designed this boat with a deep hull from stem to stern. The dead rise at the
transom is still 21 degrees. This means that even
heading into the waves the impacts are always soft and this is exactly what
I’m trying in this moment. (upbeat music) Here, a little ways out
in the Gulf of Genoa, the waves are higher and this is exactly the
time to try the boat. (upbeat music) (speaking in foreign language) It takes a little bit of time to become familiar with the boat but when you do and she responds well, then you can give it a bit of gas. As in this case, 30 knots at 4,500 RPM. The height of the wave crest
is about 60 to 70 centimeters. No problem. Observe the spray, how it’s thrown away from
the hull’s spoil rail. This is important also
for the safety and comfort because even if there is wind, the spray doesn’t come on the decks, the crew doesn’t get wet. The more I move away, the
higher the waves climb and the more I push on the throttle. (upbeat music) It is true the hull is
not in ideal conditions. I’ve seen that it is not perfectly clean but I am sure that we’ll
bring it up to high speeds because by racing the trim, feel how it comes off the water and begins to take on the
ascent of a speed boat and in fact, the revolutions climb, 6,200, 6,300, 6,350 RPM and 44 knots. (upbeat music) It’s also incredibly fast. (upbeat music) (speaking in foreign language) An advantage of having a
boat with such a deep hull is that you can change
the course very quickly and just as quickly change back. Look at that response. That means avoiding an obstacle that faces our bow
suddenly becomes possible but remember that you also
have passengers on board, so always use caution when using this maneuver. (dramatic music) With the waves coming from behind, maybe I should raise the trim a bit but no, I don’t think it is necessary. The bow remains high. Its position is incredible. It is always constant in
whichever direction I go. (dramatic music) (speaking in foreign language) I knew what it meant to
navigate with the myth but I never imagined that this Vantage 270 had these comfort features and a setup that would make
me feel so good at the helm. It is a Boston Whaler. (dramatic music)

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    It is sinkable but it takes 18-24 hrs for it to sink. It’s a closed cell foam so it takes a long time for water to penetrate the foam but eventually it does.


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