(energetic intro music) (bright music) (speaking Italian) – [Narrator] The Miami Boat
Show is an excellent opportunity to see a good part of the
production of Chris-Craft. (bright music) (speaking Italian) – [Narrator] The shipyard
is an important part of the history of American pleasure craft. The first boat was built by
Christopher Columbus Smith in 1874. (bright music) (speaking Italian) – [Narrator] Since 1927,
with Jay Smith as president, Chris-Craft became a first manufacturer of mahogany motorboats. To the charm of those models followed that of the first fiberglass
constructions in the ’70s. (bright music) – In Chris-Craft is a wonderful old brand. In fact, we say it’s America’s
boat builder since 1874, so it’s tremendous heritage,
tremendous history. It’s a piece of Americana. And what we try and do today
with our whole line of boats is reflect that heritage, so our boats have a
very classical styling. They are made with the best materials, the best steels, the best woods. (bright music) (speaking Italian) – [Narrator] Today, the
shipyard proposes models that have the ambition
to excel in performance, but above all, style. (bright music) – We’re trying to sell boats that combine our passion for design with a market need. Right now we focus on boats
between 21 and 44 feet. It’s the medium-to-small segment. We are looking at building
bigger boats, bigger cabin boats. We’re looking at building
lobster-style boats. We’re looking at ski boats. There are many categories
that we could get into with the Chris-Craft brand name. Has a history and the credibility
of being able to develop a product for any segment
of the boat market and this is a huge advantage that we have, unlike most other boat companies that tend to be focused
on particular segments, whether it’s fish boats,
whether it’s runabouts, whether it’s cabin cruisers. Whereas Chris-Craft could do all of those. (bright music) (speaking Italian) – [Narrator] All the models have a special attention
to beauty in common, the attention to detail,
but also to safety, because a boat must be pleasant
both when you lay in the sun and also when you surf. It must make you feel secure. (speaking Italian) – [Narrator] Chris-Craft has
had the courage and the ability to revolutionize even the
sport fisherman, like this. This model is the Catalina 30. What is the advantage of this mix between fisherman and luxury, that you have a boat able
to go on the high seas and that also has great class. (bright music) (speaking Italian) – [Narrator] This is not
steering position of a fisherman. This is the command post of a yacht. Look at these quilted armchairs. Anatomical. And the helm, very
elegant but also classic. (bright music) (speaking Italian) – [Narrator] Now, I would never go fishing with a boat like this, but come to think of it, it has the nautical
qualities of a fisherman and the comfort of my living room. (bright music) You can decide whether to have the cockpit completely uncluttered or
you open several seats, but the most amazing
thing about this fisherman that is less than 10 meters long is the cabin with a double bed. (bright music) (speaking Italian) – [Narrator] These boats are made with modern construction processes, but are set up by artisans
who seem to have inherited the skill of those who preceded them in almost 150 years of history. (bright music) (speaking Italian) – [Narrator] The Corsair
30 is a classic speed boat, with pointing at the
bow and a cabin below. It’s exactly nine meters long and just over three meters wide. It can fit two 300-horsepower
outboard engines, but I like to emphasize
the stern deadrise. 22 degrees. Which means that the hull is deep and passes well on the waves. (bright music) (speaking Italian) – [Narrator] The Launch 34,
instead, is a bow rider, which means in place of the
foredeck there is this space. It is missing the shelter
but there are more seats. A comfortable area to lie
down to sunbathe and chat. (bright music) – Boats are an object of passion and we’ve got to trigger that
passion when an individual, a potential buyer, sees our boats. They’re objects of beauty. They’re forms of sculpture, as well as being functional objects. (bright music) My team and I, we are a
team of over 300 employees based in Sarasota, Florida. We make these beautiful works of art which we sell across the globe. We have dealers throughout
the United States. We have dealers throughout
Europe, Far East, Australia. The brand was always a big brand. It was the world’s
biggest boat manufacturer for over 45 years. (bright music) (speaking Italian) – [Narrator] And now, after many years, Chris-Craft returns to Italy, thanks to the importer
Sunrise Marine of Lavagna, an opportunity for us
to see them up close. (bright music) – I love boating, and
obviously I love my own brand. And yes, I have a home in Italy above Camogli on the Monte di Portofino, and my boat is normally
moored in Santa Margherita, and from there I take my family on trips across the Mediterranean. Last year, we took the Commander 44, which is displayed here in Miami, and we did nearly 1,000 nautical miles all the way down to Naples,
to Sorrento, to Capri, to Ischia, Positano, and all the way back. Absolutely wonderful journey. The boating obviously
in Italy is fantastic, the scenery is gorgeous, the waters are absolutely beautiful, and the food is incredible
along the whole trip. What better combination than
a boat and great Italian food! (bright music)

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