[ENG] RANIERI INTERNATIONAL Cayman 18 Sport – 4K Resolution – The Boat Show

[ENG] RANIERI INTERNATIONAL Cayman 18 Sport – 4K Resolution – The Boat Show

(dramatic opening theme) (cheerful music) – [Narrator] We’re in Calabria, in the Gulf of Squillace
in the middle of summer. The sun in shining,
clear waters, a delight. (speaking Italian) – [Narrator] Have you ever
thought of buy or renting a boat, or an inflatable raft? Where to begin? It the engine has an output power equal or less than 40
horsepower the license is not needed under Italian law. But remember that the
nautical license course teaches how to sail in a
safe and pleasurable way, and everybody should do it once. (driving music) (speaking Italian) – [Narrator] As far as
the hull is concerned, what does a beginner have to know? Let’s say for instance, this rubber boat, the Cayman 18 Sport, built
by Ranieri International. It’s dimensions and weight
allow the installation of a modest output engine. Shortly, we’ll try it out and we’ll see what its performances are. But now, let’s break it down in detail. (rhythmic music) An inflatable boat of 18 feet, which is about 5.5
meters, it’s a good start. You can find enough space to
relax, even with four people. It’s actually perfect for
a family with two kids. We know what every bit of
extra length of the hull improves the sailing comfort, but this measure is already
enough to enjoy the sea, mostly if the weather condition is, like today, favorable. Compared to a rigid hull craft, an inflatable boat generally
has better stability, since the tubes are big and immersed. The end of the tubes,
as well as the fenders, are dark in color, since these are the areas
where quays and piers bump up against it. So this detail is welcome
in order to hide the marks. On the other hand, I would
have liked the handles to be of a light color,
because they really get hot under the sun. I find the handrails near the sofa on the aft combings very useful. And I like the shape of the windshield, with these cutouts on the Plexiglass to better grip the railings. The scuppers, just under the deck, are large in diameter and perfect. Not all the inflatable rafts of this size have two sunbathing areas. The one on the bow is
decidedly comfortable. And the stern one can be set
up by reclining the backrest. (driving music) Do you want to know what
is the most useful area on a craft of this size? The stern. The rear platforms are
flat, wide, and nonslip. And the telescopic ladder
has it’s own recess. The lockers are independent. What does that mean? It means that they are
isolated from the bottom, clean and dry, since they are physically separated from the hull. (driving music) Talking of the building techniques, Ranieri International pays
a great deal of attention to the structure of the deck and hull, with different solutions for each area. Such a way to optimize
quality and strength. (driving music) (engine revving) (speaking Italian) – [Narrator] And now,
finally, let’s try it out. The console is well organized. The steering wheel is
shifted on the left side to leave space to some beautiful company on your right side, if you like to. If, unfortunately, you’re sailing alone, you can take the center, grip
the wheel with your left hand, and the telegraph with your right. (dramatic music) (speaking Italian) – [Narrator] The control board
is built into the console. This way it takes up less space. It’s unlikely to bump it accidentally, and this improves the safety on board. (driving music) (speaking Italian) – [Narrator] The emergency
engine cutoff has to be always installed as
soon as you are ready to go. It’s very important, because
if you are losing control, if you’re not here at the command, maybe you’ve fallen overboard, this way the engine stops instantly. Otherwise, if the boat keeps
sailing without a pilot, it becomes very dangerous. I don’t want to spoil the
pleasure of this test, or this boat trip, but let
me insist, always secure it! Okay, let’s start sailing. First thing to do, check that the trim is on it’s lowest setting. That the propellor is
closest to the transom. This way it’s easier
bring it to the center. (thumping music) We’re not lacking power, we’re planing at a rather low speed, just ten knots. (speaking Italian) – [Narrator] Once the raft starts planing with the right trim, the
RPM increases automatically. It’s a pleasure to hear the
engine roar, growing louder, and feel the speed increase. We’re sailing at 15 knots and
the engine is at 4000 RPM. (thumping music) (speaking Italian) – [Narrator] There’s a light breeze here in the Gulf of Squillace,
raising a short wave and it’s not at all bothersome. With this type of sea condition,
boats travel even faster. Yes, because it’s like the
hull becomes more easily detached from the water,
so it has less resistance. (speaking Italian) – [Narrator] Bit by bit as it accelerates I also increase the trim slightly. But really just slightly, because the boat will find the correct inclination to the water on its own. (speaking Italian) – [Narrator] Here, we’re at 4800 RPM. Keep in mind that for
most onboard engines, this is the maximum cruising speed. That means you can keep this speed for as long as you want without worrying that it will overheat. And moreover, up to this limit, usually, they will achieve the
best performance intended at both consumption and speed. (rhythmic music) Now if you want, you can optimize the performance by fine trim tuning. It’s enough to just touch the switch. Listen to the engine,
look at the RPM meter and the speedometer, and
understand which set up is best. The speed increases without
touching the telegraph. That means we’ve no
additional consumption. (speaking Italian) – [Narrator] One of the
qualities of a small craft is its agility. Check out how this Cayman 18 maneuvers. Can you see how small
is the turning radius? (instrumental rock music) (speaking Italian) – [Narrator] Meanwhile,
I changed my course. Now the waves are following us and we can find the maximum speed. (driving music) (speaking Italian) – [Narrator] One eye on the RPM meter, one eye on the horizon, another one, well I have four of them! And this watch, that is saying that we’re sailing at 27 knots. Now I want to try if
by increasing the trim I can increase the RPM. I did it! Can you hear that? We’re at 6000 RPM and the
speed is now 29 knots. (driving guitar music) (speaking Italian) With a trim this high,
you must keep the course as soon as you start banking, the propeller (mumbles) says. (driving rock music) (speaking Italian) – [Narrator] As I always
say, you don’t need a big boat to enjoy the sea. And this Cayman 18, built
by Ranieri International, is the living proof of it. (driving rock music) (dramatic theme)

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