[ENG] SELVA D 900 Evolution Special Line – Boat Review – The Boat Show

[ENG] SELVA D 900 Evolution Special Line – Boat Review – The Boat Show

(dramatic music) (lively music) – [Interpreter] Sometimes
I wonder if it’s better to prefer the luxury and
accessories or the length. This inflatable boat, for example, measures almost nine meters, though it costs more
like one of eight meters. It’s produced by Salvo Marine and the model is D.900
Evolution Special Line. It is a product of Salvo Marine, the Italian company that
manages to mix simplicity and functionality with boats and motorized rubber
boats and its outboards. It is 305 centimeters wide and has tubular tapered from 66 to 42 centimeters in diameter with six independent air compartments. It weighs 1,440 kilograms and can carry up to 14 people and is approved as category B. It is a pure open dedicated to the sun and the sea. To make passengers safe, they
have created a sofa protected by solid structural back. On the air chambers,
they have applied handles for the whole length. The helm can be tilted and this way you can
easily access the systems. The shutter also opens on the side of the bow to access the compartment where you can install a chemical toilet. The bow deck is organized with benches that form a living area which can be transformed
into a dining area or a sun deck. Inserting into the center, the support and its cushion. In the train locker,
there is also the winch. Aft the combings are useful both for boarding and for the passage to the beach area and are
also comfortable for sitting. The arch of the roll bar is used to hook the sun awning. (engines revving) We are in the French
Riviera, black sky, the sea, even that black and rough, well, there is no one,
only use from The Boat Show that never stop and continue to test boats in any season. (upbeat music) After this inflatable boat, D.900 Evolution’s special
line of Salvo Marine, we have two 225 horsepower
Salvo Marine outboards but the heart of these engines is produced by Yamaha V6 3.352 cubic centimeters, angle of 60 degrees, 24 valves, double overhead camshaft and phase variator. The power supply, with
electronic ignition. Now the boat is completely empty and I’m sorry that we
don’t have a bit of weight in the bow because when
you run on a rough sea, you have to move loads in front. 450 horsepower I think are exaggerated. Well, we are already planing, 2,100 RPM, 11 knots. Our goal today is not to get wet with either salt water or fresh water. In the meantime, we find
the consumption data at cruising pace. You feel that the hydrodynamic resistance of the hull is quite low. It is fluid moving
vessel, fast, 2,500 RPM, 20 knots, 0.6 miles with a liter. Ah, there is a bit of sun down there. Well, with this power I’m
gonna get it in a moment. We arrived at 3,400 RPM, speed, 30 knots, it’s clear that you can feel the waves of course. There are there. Consumption is 0.5 miles per liter. Our test continues. Up to now I have not used the trim. I don’t need to. It has found the right angle on its own and the bow has remained low with a perfect view for the pilot. Then now what I see are
waves always higher. I decided to go with the sea to the stern, so I’ll raise the trim. (upbeat music) We’re at 4,000 RPM. The speed is 35 knots and we are at 0.4 miles with a liter. I have to check the cameraman. Okay, he’s okay, so let’s go on. I gave a little more gas. It was lying on the water but it lowered its nose. Then a drop of trim. Okay, even the cameraman has slipped. We’re at 40 knots and on these waves that’s not bad really but they are only 4,400 RPM. These engines reach 6,000 RPM. Do you realize what speed we could reach? Today we will not make it. Sometimes I hear the propellors
coming out of the water. What does that mean? At 5,200 revolutions,
we’re at 50 knots, hey. It becomes difficult to do more today. I won’t speak, I’m focused. I have to keep it straight. (chuckling) Now I come back to torque and I tell you that I could
not go beyond 5,700 RPM for a speed of 52 knots. Now that’s not so little. But have you noticed, such a high speed in these sea conditions, so do you agree with me, better a few less accessories
but a meter of hull more? Ah, and if you want even 450 horsepower, they won’t go to waste. (dramatic music)

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