Families of Sewol-ho ferry disaster victims waiting for missing bodies on Donggeochado

While all eyes are on the continued salvaging
operation. There are those watching the whole process
to whom the 3 years of waiting felt like a lifetime: the victims’ families. Our Oh Jung-hee headed to Korea’s southwestern
Donggeochado island to meet them… and file this report. Two hours southwest from the Paengmok-hang
Harbor lies an island called Donggeocha-do. The island is roughly 1.6 kilometers away
from where the Sewol-ho ferry sunk three years ago,… and it’s the closest point where people
can get a glimpse of the accident site. On the ferry to Donggeocha-do Island on Thursday
was Lim On-you, the father of Lim Yo-han whose body was found one month after the sinking. Though he found his child, he and his wife
have been taking turns and paying regular visits to the island for the last three years. He says… the parents of the victims, whether
they found their children or not, have been gathering at the island to share their pain
and comfort one another. “Parents feel the same. If I imagine that I hadn’t found my son for
the last three years… that breaks my heart. It’s horrible to imagine. That’s why I go there everytime. I can relate to how the parents with missing
children would feel. After all, our children were all in one class.” The place the parents gather is the peak of
a mountain on Donggeocha-do Island… where they’ve set up two tents since September 2015. There were several family members in yellow
jackets — some in tents, others outside… but all of them looking out to the sea. From the mountain, the view was clear: two
barges attached to the Sewol-ho ferry could be easily identified. The parents have been keeping their place
right at that spot for one-and-a-half-years… with their eyes fixed on the ferry. Lim says it was a very long time to wait. “There’s actually nothing we can do in our
tent on the mountain peak. What would we do there? We actually cry all day long thinking of the
missing ones. I just hope all the missing ones could be
found through the salvage process this time.” .” “The families who have gathered here are all
hoping for the same thing: to see the ferry raised,… to find the bodies of their missing
loved ones… and to finally get answers to the questions left in the wake of the ferry
sinking. Oh Jung-hee, Arirang News, Donggeocha-do.

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