Felicity 13′ solo canoe review by Mark Maier

Felicity 13′ solo canoe review by Mark Maier

It is a very likeable boat not only because of its materials and the surfaces which I find very pleasing but also because of its size and volume the width is exactely right, although I am relatively tall I don’t feel too tall for this boat. I find the heeling behavior very pleasant and easy to control because of the fact that it provides some resistance, but not very much It heels very easily, but not too easily not in the sense that one has to be very, very delicate but one can paddle the boat in a very normal way I also like very much that the volume is distributed in a way that it has a fair amount of volume in the bow and the stern so that it runs probably very dry in waves When I am entirely in the bow, I can’t get it pushed under water it has that much volume And it is a boat that carves through the turns very well that continues to travel forward during a maneuver, and that does not swing or smear, too much that makes the maneuver much better and I end the maneuver, still having a bit forward momentum I can therefore connect the next maneuver much better. It is heeled very stable The hole in the top is a little big which causes water to flow in … but this is always a problem for me these are my first thoughts I am very pleased absolutely likeable and yes, trouble free… easy… super!

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  • March 10, 2019 at 4:28 pm

    Oder können sie mir die Maße geben?


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