GO! Next Big Trip Begins ~ Cascade Loop, Ferry Ride to Island

well good morning everybody getting
ready to go it’s going to do it last few things put the slides in and then we’re
going to hit the road and go explore Washington State some new stuff we got
to get this new trip underway today and we’re stopping what’s that smell
oh that’s Tacoma man I thought I’d time this right we’re gonna hit some big city
traffic in Tacoma in Seattle even on a weekday at 10:15 in the morning I
thought I planned this right but there’s no there’s no Seattle Mariners game boy
they’ve been suckin lately they had a great month of April and then May and
June just back to typical Seattle Mariners baseball yeah that’s the de
coma dome up there like I said in order to get to this new stuff this awesome
off-the-grid stuff we are gonna have to go through some heavy traffic areas so
we’ve got some major delays 36 minute backups from Tacoma to Seattle ok let’s
turn on some music well welcome to Seattle Washington
there’s the old Rainier are off to our left and the beautiful Seattle skyline
down there I seek Westfield and I almost said
Safeco Field it’s not Safeco Field anymore they lost their sponsor the
Mariners did and it’s a t-mobile Park that’s all pink there’s that Seattle
traffic okay I got to go past Seattle though like I said okay I’m just gonna
tell you this trip I’ve been planning since May first because I wanted to see
some parts of Washington that I’ve never been to or seen and get out of places
like this the big cities so I have decided to take you along with me to do
the North Cascades loop around Washington State and the mountains and
to get this started we actually have to go up almost Everett actually yeah
Everett and then wait to put Miranda on a ferry to get to an island where this
all starts yes an island how cool is that
right I won’t bore you with this part of it I’ll let you know when we get parked
past all this crazy stuff okay yeah see being back on the road and exploring
seeing new things I can never wipe the smile off my face cuz it’s just so
refreshing it’s pretty cool right I’m here in the Beverly Park area of Everett
Everett Washington I’ll put a pin on him a map up here so you can see kind of
where I’m at and I can flash up that graphic of the proposed North Cascades
loop trail so that’s starting on the island and we go over a few mountain
ranges here in the next three weeks and that’ll be fun and here at this park
they have a UFO I’m not quite in the mood for a probing today so I think I’m
gonna I think I’m gonna skip that yeah I don’t quite a few uh flying saucer UFOs
right this it’s the heat of summer in western Washington again another high at
71 so the kids are out playing look at the height wreck Everett calm it’s like
a an obstacle course with that with a swing that goes down
there why that looks kind of fun okay just regrouping trying to focus on the
trip at hand let’s head over towards this island now and see what the ferry
wait times are and the the charges to get to Whidbey Island in a class a what
do you guess 18 bucks 30 80 bucks I know I didn’t even check I have no clue but
dad why are we making all these stops well I keep seeing funny stuff hang on
show them something we may be at the dunder mifflin plant here say with me
now guys quirky you know I love my giant larger-than-life stuff on the road no I
don’t know what this place is but they have a giant paper airplane model at the
front door complete with a bent nose on the front and it looks like it was made
out of that yellow rule – paper – it’s pretty quirky right yeah it definitely
was Wow well it has made its crash landing here awesome whatever this place
is okay wait trying to figure this out I think they have to go like this
yeah shoulder only for use when ferry back up Prez present yep so there is a
line you can probably see out into the distance Puget Sound out there this
could be a while if we’re point seven miles from the terminal yeah well it’s
the only way to get there guys I don’t float Miranda doesn’t float this being
my third ever RV ferry trip first with Miranda though alright I’ll get back to
you when I know more I can’t quite see the prices are really
determined the price is just yet not sure I’m just gonna pass the glue height
32 foot RV class a 12 foot for high the issue we’re having is that so you’re probably going to miss this mmm how much is it I’m not sure if you
if you caught all that a little tricky getting an RV they are worried about me
bottoming out because it’s a it’s a low tide out here so they they’re gonna
they’re gonna stage me over here in the corner for a couple ferries until we get
a higher tide where the ramp I won’t bottom out so that’s a good
thing thankfully I’m not in a terrible hurry I just got to get over to that
Island eventually so we’ll let all these cars go past me until it’s safe let’s go
look at the water over here out here on the pier I don’t know I don’t understand
the pricing I didn’t see any prices she just plugged in her magic computer and
it came up to $44.90 there take this ferry and you could probably see the low
tide or all the barnacles on the wood over there so the water is if it’s a low
tide and they’re just you know worried about the bigger rigs bottoming out
because it could be an insurance thing or something unlike pretty much
everybody here I’m the only one not in a hurry so all right I’ll just preheat the
oven and throw some tater tots in the oven and have lunch
that’s hilarious while I’m waiting here look at all this free advertising out
here with my logo on the side of the RV all these people I keep seeing him look
over here and then look at their phones they’re plugging us in jacks and
checking us out what do you think yeah I know right that’s what I was thinking
are you super excited about this ferry trip jacks oh you love the water no you
don’t oh wow that’s cool just waiting here in case he wants me to go a certain
way he hasn’t signal yet okay he wants me
right there cool thank you yeah and we’re gonna go slow I don’t think I’ll
bottomed out but now we’re good oh look at this who Miranda you’re on a ferry kind of a
tight squeeze these lanes are really really narrow man that’s exciting
Beck Yeah right they’re still loading them up still up
here to the front and check out the water as a look at the very but if you don’t float they’re kind of
out of luck so go try out the water see not a whole lot of a lot of room to
maneuver there isn’t upstairs and they allow pets
the would take jacks upstairs and checks you’re on a Perry uh-huh you can bring
your pets upstairs think of that jacks I’ll be good there they have a cafeteria
with like some coffee and drinks a good spot he’s a good boy we’re almost done
back to the yeah back to the RV now and there we are just 22 minutes later
Whidbey Island what took a lot of time what did we learn today
check the tides if you’re gonna hop on a ferry in an RV you’re gonna want a
higher tide and there’s an old Puget Sound over there I have never been on
this island and I want to show you this sign up here too
you’re going to be seen a repeated logo in my videos for the next three to four
weeks about the North Cascades loop now you’re probably seeing it right now but
I want to show you this sign there it is the Cascade loop in Washington State
that’s our theme to trip it’s our little summer mini themed trip here so it’s
gonna be all about the loop but it’s gonna be about quirky and everything
really well Miranda’s looking good here let’s go find a spot to boondock on the
island guys I’m camping on an island you guys see
why I just love life man just constantly nearly every single day it’s just so
uplifting and so awesome I’m camping on Whidbey Island in a class way definitely
it feels like the Northwest lots of trees lots of green picnic tables and
stuff and there’s even some moss over there I have never camped on an island
before never it’s $15 to camp here and I’m just gonna camp one night it looks
like there’s a fifty dollar penalty for owning a dog so you should have a cat
instead guys that’s exactly what that scene right there and remember the liar
rivers little platform thing this is rhododendron County Park here and they
have a very similar looking board here the rhododendron hikers are often
hindered by its tangled branches but the large shrub with the big shiny leaves
produces the state flower of Washington the rhododendron in Washington is most
often found on well-drained sites around Puget Sound in May it blossoms with
large pink purple flowers providing a display of color and beauty surpassing
all other native shrubs it well deserves the honor of being Washington State
flower I guess that’s kind of funny and also ironic about Washington state that
the rhododendron only lasts for about one month out of the year no flowers but
I will say in May it is beautiful you will have all sorts of colors through
here seeing all these rhododendrons but not so much in July apparently what do
you think Jack’s you weren’t going for that ferry ride where ya having nothing
of it huh yeah these little green wormy looking plants that’s weird
are you gonna eat it you should eat those weird green things Jack’s so I
mean Whidbey islands got a lot to see and do there’s a lot of state parks
there’s a lot of tourist attraction place lots of museums like the the
Whidbey Island Aviation Naval Station is here they they do tours as well but I
kind of want this to be more about nature and quirky and not so much like
your typical roadside attraction or tourists
trap type thing you know what I mean and nothing against that that’s cool if you
want to see it too I’m sure you can find a youtube video on the naval station if
you wanted to but Jax and I are more about nature right and no more ferry
rides come here well we might have one more later but you know we’d be island
in this whole cascade loop is all about nature for me and so mountains and and
and water and but no snow in the summertime so um anyway I’m really
excited about this trip I hope you’re gonna enjoy it as much as Jax and I I’m
gonna set up and enjoy nature today oh you want to climb on a table you always
climb on tables come here you want to hop up you always climb the picnic table
so it’s like it’s what you do man it’s what you do you climb the tables that’s
what I do Eric you let your cat’s-paws get up on a table where we eat if you’re
eating directly off this table you have more important things to worry about
than the bottom of my cat’s foot out here a lot worse things on that table
plus he’s so clean and handsome so we’ll see you in a couple days from the
cascade loop yeah and everybody

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