GoPro accessories Guide – BIGGEST EVER! GoPro 8

what’s up guys how you doing I hope
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because that helps YouTube will notify of all my future films so yeah today
we’re going to be talking about GoPro GoPro accessories and we’re gonna be
doing really fast and no BS let’s get right into it for all the intro I was gonna scare you guys okay I’m I’m
gonna do it it’s my GoPro case is pretty big it’s like a pelican it’s
indestructible I actually have smaller pieces so Lowepro make a small case like
this it’s really hard opens up sticky GoPro in I put a few
other things in you know cables and stuff you know it’s it’s pretty cool Lowepro also do a case for your aw 450
II pretty cool stick your GoPro in boom slides nicely into your bag
so that’s cases today we’re talking about this the GoPro I get so many
questions how can I mount my GoPro where come out my GoPro what can I do with my
GoPro what can I do to set my GoPro up so it’s cinematic and can I mount my
GoPro to a car can I mounted to a surfboard can I mount it to a bike sure
you come and everything the GoPro world of accessories is insane it’s huge it’s
so vast that even another company I’m not gonna mention them DJ I actually
recently use the GoPro mount for their camera so I mean that’s that’s a good
jumping on the go for a bandwagon because its massive it’s huge and we’re
gonna get through it really fast in OBS seriously nobody else we’re gonna go
straight into it so what you get and what you need is gonna be like the first
chapter and I’m split up to a few chapters so the first one is the basics
just get started you get your GoPro you get your GoPro page you get your
charging cable and you get your GoPro battery and this is all that you get in
the box you put your GoPro in the cage you open your GoPro in the side put the
charger in put the battery in at the bottom and that’s it we’re filming but
as soon as you get a memory card so a memory card like this for example made
by Sandisk they’ve started putting the right memory card for your action camera
or drone which is really cool 64 gigabyte in linear goes for about 2
hours so that’s recall the memory card looks like this
with the adapter so you can take it out let me just get it out of there it’s
tiny it’s really really small you can use it in your drone in your Cosmo
action Cosmo pocket and your GoPro then you can put it in here put it in your
laptop or even use it in your Sony a7ii or any other camera that you have really
batteries batteries are really important it’s worth having a few of them and buy
the originals the originals cost like $15 a pop that’s not like the original
GoPro 1 2 and 3 where the batteries cost zillion bazillion gazillion dollars now
get the originals $15 a pop boom once you get that get yourself the dual
charger you pop in one battery pop in a second battery have to charge it with
you these are charging flip them over and boom if you don’t want to get such
an expensive one how’s the USBC entry here you can get a new one which also
has USB C and USB B entry it’s a lot cheaper a little bit smaller just poking
about memory cards you need a lot of them they fill up real quick and 2 hours
is a lot really for filming the next thing I always love for this guy is
protection I bought this funky little silicone
cover you put on the lens and you can really throw it around go pro make a
silicone cover that you can put the GoPro in you have a little lanyard and
it’s kind of safe and you can lock it around not much what happen not that
much what happened with this you can also buy the original backdoor cover so
it’s nice and strong with a little glass shield in here which this one doesn’t
have and it also comes with little screen protectors for the back and tiny
little screen protectors for the front which I have stuck on apart from that
you can also buy the remote which is really cool because say if you’re skiing
your motorboat somewhere you’re you know jet
skiing there you go and you can’t use your phone
to turn the GoPro on and off obviously you have this attached to you your wrist
for example you press it and boom you’re filming that’s pretty cool I don’t know
if it’s a basic but it would help so thank for me that is a basic though our
filters these are filters from PolarPro these end these and the 8 16 32 you very
very very ah take off the original filter put one
of these guys on and you’re in line with the 180 rule which generally says that
you should have your shot speed double your frame rate so if you’re 24 you
should be 48 or 50 because that’s the closest so this is your general getting
started basic setup there’s a lot to say a little time say it in anyway now that
we have the GoPro in its cage this bad boy he’s locked in we’ve got your thumb
screw that you need for every single mount really because the mount at the
bottom most important bit is right here this is the most important bit that you
put the screw in and you mount it to stuff anyway right now we’re talking
about handles tripods and pole things so the first one I’m going to be talking
about is the GoPro freeway this is what it looks like it’s pretty cool you can
undo it in certain areas and do it up and what you can do is we can pop our
GoPro on here you have to make sure that the hole in the middle here is level put
our screw in and we’re ready so the way you use this is you’re filming like this
you’re like hey what’s up guys how you doing
so the GoPro free way so you can do it this way you can put it in and you can
using this blue button you press it in close it again you can do it this way
hey guys what’s up it’s pretty comfortable it’s okay yeah it’s good and
really was like a secret part to this go for
take out the one screw it back in the other way like hey what’s up guys
hands-free that’s the corporate free way it’s
pretty cool tripod Obama’s a little bit flimsy so I
don’t tend to use it too much but yeah it’s a cool little handle selfie stick
if you may next thing we have is this big boy this is the GoPro El Grande he’s
big he’s big he might not actually fit in the frame so with him if I show you
remember line up the holes or you’ll go crazy trying to get this thumb screw in
so what we can do is hey guys how you doing and this might actually be in the
frame this long stick which is a little bit annoying this is a kind of a
twisting so you twist it to open close it it’s pretty long it comes in handy
and you can do some really cool low shots with it we can do some like
sweeping overhead shots when a motorbike model its flying overhead so that’s
pretty cool I like Grande you feel it’s it’s not cheap
but you feel you just spent your money on the same good it’s like got a really
cool rubber grip here this guy’s got a pretty cool rubber grip as well when
you’re holding it but this is it this feels solid this is insane I made it
really is next one is from a company called PMC this is pretty cool but for
this you need just think that I’ve forgotten pause pause having timeouts
like this right time out so for this because it’s got a quarter 20 at the
bottom you’re gonna need tank like this this is by a company called smarter II
and I was going to show it later but I needed
now to show you how all of this works so what you do with this is you screw it on
the top screw your GoPro on right there and it’s got a really nice ergonomic
Kitana feel to it and you can do this you can you know it’s small it’s nice it
works from really well apart from that I have the original I bought this ages ago
by gol Pole it’s the bobber and this is cool in a way that you stick your GoPro
on it sometimes difficult to get on because they kind of get remember make
sure that’s in there and say you’re out swimming and you drop your GoPro it’s
just gonna go mr. popper so with poppers you can put the little
wrist strap on and you can tighten them but you know if it comes off it’s just
gonna float upside down so that’s a really really cool thing and then the
last thing aside here the last thing are the GoPro and the GoPros the Joby
Gorillapod and they’re really cool they look like
this I love this guy because he’s so small look at him he’s so cute and the
cool thing about the red ones is that they are magnetic and they’re already
really strong and the same with these guys all you come on guys don’t don’t do
that not live all you have to do is screw on this guy pop that on and you
have a tripod and you can stick it to literally like I said really strong so
you can stick it it will hold the GoPro you can stick it to anything and even
vlog with it boom mounts are us and this is gonna be a two part because we’re
also gonna do one called wet-and-wild so kind of watery madness or us so we have
a GoPro we have our quarter-twenty on the GoPro mount
and I’m gonna talk about my first my most favorite mount it is the suction
cup this is the official GoPro suction cup it looks like this you’ve got two
little bits you can change and all you do is you put your GoPro on stick it to
the side of your car and lock it down right here that’s it it’s really awesome
it works really well and when I went to Vegas I didn’t want to take this with me
so by Waterford party and the third party is it’s identical you can see it’s
it’s almost the same it’s yeah it’s they both work great next bit is saying that
I really love it st. called mag wheels you stick your camera on it’s all metal
just like the smarter II mounts you stick a camera on and this this is
magnetic so it’s and it’s strong it’s rubber at the bottom so you stick it to
your car and it is on there strong I mean it’s like a suction cup to get off
you already already need to use some like likes Superman power so this is
really strong and I highly recommend this if you’re looking for a magnetic
mount field GoPro this cycle is pretty cool it’s a knuckle duster for your
GoPro right there that’s a GoPro mount so you can do like a boxing match or
something or you can just take it out from ten on if you’re feeling vulnerable next one is handlebar mount mount it to
your handlebar put your GoPro on and you couldn’t ride around the GoPro there or
looking at you it’s okay I think it’s for party one and the original one looks
like this you mount it here you put your GoPro on top and you have different size
inserts for different size tubes you can use on your handlebar on a little
on your seat post so that’s a really cool one it’s official my GoPro Jules
this is insane it’s official by GoPro it comes with st. called lock line it’s
like the Joby Gorillapod you lock it on boom and it’s locked on and put your
GoPro on and that’s that’s a rewarding really cool one it’s extremely solid you
can actually take it off and my GoPro straight to it with a GoPro mount that
I’ll show you in a minute so that’s that’s something I really
really recommend because it’s it comes in really handy just to quickly mount
your GoPro anywhere you want this is like a third party of cost I think like
five euro which is like four dollars and it’s like a vice
so you clamp it on for what you want it you’ve got a GoPro attachment on top
this is pretty cool it’s by PD tech you’re going to need to use you’re gonna
need to use the quarter twenty on it but you mount this believe it or not if
you’re mad and crazy I haven’t tried it cuz I don’t have the balls you mount it
to your DJI Matic 2 pro or zoom and you have a GoPro so you can maybe watch your
camera you can you can look up you could do crazy well stuff with it I haven’t
tried it because I don’t trust my GoPro hanging off my drum these ones are
pretty cool they’re by a company called block it looks like this now you connect
this to your skateboard a longboard underneath the trucks above the trucks
pop this guy on and you have the GoPro attachment right there so you’re skating
along and you can have a view of your wheels or you can have a view of the
front of your deck as you’re flying forward in the air that’s a pretty cool
one floating this one’s cool we get the
GoPro out of here get a cool angle pop this off you can pop this guy on it’s a
little bit scary to you on a break stuff pop it on and boom you have a floaty
that’s in the sea and it’s gonna be floating so you’re never ever gonna lose
it unless it gets eaten by a shark or something and then you’ve lost it end
yeah so that’s pretty cool it’s goes back on try to be careful not to break
it next one is the wrist strap so the wrist
strap is pretty cool also original by GoPro you can get third-party ones which
are a lot cheaper because this guy is expensive it goes on like this when you
put your GoPro on you can actually twist it 360 greasiest skiing along the wall
and you can look ahead of you and if you want you can have like a POV ikana no
it’s not POV but looking at yourself kind of view assaulted you there you go
and this is cool because it comes with three different attachments this one’s
for your kind of hand wrist this one is only for your wrist right here and this
one’s for your leg so you can attach this to your leg I don’t know what kind
of situation would need such a but anyway yeah this is the helmet strap so
if you have a bicycle helmet you put it through the vents like so put it through
here and you attach it then you attach it via the mount your GoPro and you’ve
got a bicycle helmet mount that’s okay and I have like I don’t know why but I
have four of these this is your GoPro attachment and you can do like POV so
you have your GoPro on here and boom you look like an absolute idiot but it works this is a funny one because it’s like a
backpack attachment you put it on here and you put your GoPro on and it’s it’s
it’s weird it’s it doesn’t really work too well it’s official I don’t use it
because it slips off GoPros a little bit too heavy for it so I don’t recommend
this one this one’s cool because you can attach this to your helmet a motorcycle
helmet for example if you’re doing some motocross to the front and you can
attach a GoPro here so you have a kind of view of your face your emotions as
you’re going dena rolling downhill like crazy so
that’s pretty cool it’s third party it cost like two dollars one that I hate
putting on cool chesty it looks like this now don’t judge me I think you put
on like this pop it on here hook it into place you put your mount on and you have
your GoPro here it’s a Rudy Rudy Rudy weird viewing
angle but yeah that’s chesty so just these cool see happy hands-free
and it’s crazy now I’ve got this bottle it’s called motion Yanko it’s a Polish
very kind of non polish water it’s like health water it’s good now I
ordered this from Amazon doesn’t screw onto anything it’s rubbish do not buy it
this one I ordered this one from SP and it’s perfect as you can see this I don’t
know what kind of bottle in the world has opening like this not even the big
ones here in Poland or the UK have ones like this so no thanks
this one you screw on here you screw off this and you have a popper so say you’re
swimming around and you’ve got you haven’t got much stuff to
pack I mean just the backpack and you take this instead of the bobber that I
showed you earlier on and you’re in the sea and you lose your GoPro you have a
cheap easy bobber wouldn’t do is buy a bottle of water bottle of coke you know
it’s pretty cool so this is something I highly recommend it doesn’t cost much it
works really well and you can use it as a little tripod so that’s my SP I’m
gonna leave the descriptions down below if I don’t leave something to make sure
you ask me in the comments below what it is because there’s a lot of stuff going
on here this guy official by GoPro you stick it
in your mouth I guess put your GoPro on the end of it and you can you know on
your mountain bike you can do loads stuff with this guy you can even use it
as a little tripod it’s a little bit hard on your doors to keep munching down
on it because you’re already girl already go much down on this guy which
comes to add diving stuff so we’re going to kind of move into our diving stuff we
have this is by go pool pole it’s called the chomps so it looks like this it’s a
little bit different to the GoPro one and it’s got breathing holes in the side
right here so you put your GoPro on your hands-free again pretty cool yeah yeah that’s a cool one
that’s it for mounts Russ we’re going to get into wet and wild right now now that
we have the go pole chomps we have the go pro floaties and the SP bottle cap
were in the kind of wet and wild section so first thing by a company called polar
Pro and I love polar Pro they make the filters at the beginning you get this
cool little case and get a handle you put your car on the handle put the GoPro
in here and this is called the polar Pro 5050 so what you do is you kind of pop
it in with the lens you close it and boom you’re taking if we lock it
properly you’re taking 50/50 shots so you can be
like 50 in the water a little bit like this a little bit like that
it looks amazing someone’s diving underwater you’ve got a boat above water
Wow that’s the polar of 50/50 dome and it
really does look awesome and you have to be very careful not to scratch the front
make sure the plug is in there so that it’s nice and clean inside you do have a
little cleaner funny shape so you can clean the inside of it from the whole
air keep it in the case there that’ll just protect it the next thing is pretty
cool trying to go for this as quickly as possible so people don’t get bored this
is a long video the next thing is going to be this looks a little bit funny
let’s get through this nice and quick boom boom boom
we’re talking about this so you’ve got your GoPro might actually just stick on
there itself so I don’t have to do anything
you’ve got your goggles which are nice and tight and you have your GoPro it
looks like this your nose is covered so your awesome thing or something works
really well and last is this guy he looks like this
and click on the breathing spout you slide this guy on and it’s pretty crazy
let me try and get on with you guys and you’re filming you can obviously get the
extension to even film yourself how cool is that huh and that’s that’s wet and
wild so this is almost the end screws and stuff you’re wondering why I have
the mag wheels back here you’ll see in a little while anyway if it’s screws and
stuff let’s start with screws these are screws now the screws can either look
like this these are original GoPro screws they can look like the Samara
screws which are a slightly different shape as you can see or they can look
like the gopole screws which are like this now these screws are very different
from each other this one’s metal these two a plastic sometimes it’s really
difficult to get the screws tight especially if you’ve got gloves on
you’re on your motorbike your mountain bike you’re all muddy it can turn into a
nightmare so screwing for example this onto this can be extremely difficult
when you’re muddy with this or even this so Samari sends you a tool like this
it’s pretty cool so you can put it on and tighten it my problem is that the
tool keeps on going in and out so GoPro they say a tool that looks like this
it’s also got a bottle no permian which is awesome and you can put it on in at
once like all the way down so you can screw either the smart ones or the GoPro
ones you won’t screw obviously the these ones
these are kind of like if you’ve got mod then these easy to turn and close they
come in different lengths and sizes you have really short ones you’ve got long
ones so there are slightly different lens that’s screws let’s do this quickly
and that’s two minutes from screwloose car these 90 degree angles so you slap
this to your car and you don’t want you to go pro like this you want your GoPro
like this boom so you’re filming saying out of the
window or you’re filming their car wheel facing down so you know this is this is
what this is for this is how you attach them they’re really simple they’re in
two different lengths a short one and a long one as you can see those 90-degree
angles make sure you have a whole lot of them because they come in really handy
put them on this side and these are your mounts let’s be quickly let’s be quickly
let’s do this quickly so you’ve got the mounts that are slightly like straight
and you’ve got mounts that a slightly curved I don’t know if you guys can see
that too well the carbon ones are cool because they go like on no cycle helmets
and then you put GoPro on one of these guys which I have right here you’ve got
tall ones short ones you’ve got ones with ball heads which are ridiculously
difficult to move and very expensive and what you do is you literally just click
it in and then you push it in to click it out and those the GoPro mounts they
got free on the back so you can detach them through everything and anything and
what I wanted to show you here are these two things
so these guys to the side this is by smart tree this is a by symmetry so this
you can connect to your camera hotshoe put your GoPro on it on your hot shoe
anything you can take photos and you can film your backstage at the same time now
that is awesome so that’s that and what I’m gonna show you what this is say
you’ve just gone out with your Ford f-150 into the desert and you’re doing
some crazy crazy driving flying over the place you’ve put this guy on your hood
because you’ve got enough time and and it falls off by by GoPro so these guys
they go everywhere with me so for example we want to take a short
one you’ve got long ones you’ve got short ones it’s worth buying a whole
load they usually come in in sets you put it through your screw put your screw
on and obviously obviously attach the other end to something that will hold so
one one you’ve just saved your GoPro right that’s screws and stuff so you
want to vlog and all you have is a GoPro that’s fine you could actually vlog just
like this gorillapod mini magnetic smari quarter-twenty attachment and your GoPro
Hero seven black which actually has incredible sound and Wi-Fi key you know
hi I’m Phil I’m from London and I currently live in Poland I’m here to
talk about film or photography you know it’s it’s really easy and
can look really good but if you want to take it up level and make this guy look
really good sound amazing what you’re gonna have to do is you’re gonna have to
buy one of these this is an official GoPro microphone adapter so you’ve got
the USBC on one side and you’ve got a microphone input here there’s no way of
attaching it bummer right not got a company called lanzi that makes
something like this you’ve got a little notch here you pull out this let’s try
and get the GoPro out nice and quickly it’s a little bit difficult sometimes I
have trouble getting this go around anyway you pop it wait before you do
that always forget take off the waterproof wore here pop it in close the
cage down take this guy thread him through which isn’t always easy
thread it through the door here boom and he goes and it’s a kind of twist like
that and that’s it and then you take obviously your microphone right here I
have the rode videomicro which is tiny as you can see it’s got a really good
sound and it doesn’t need batteries so that’s a huge plus and you put its foot
shoe on the hot shoe that lands it has on top and the cable goes in the side of
the the GoPro microphone adapter and that’s it you’re like what’s up guys how
you doing that it’s windy and you put this guy on it’s gonna be in your shop
it’s gonna be in your shop it’s gonna be in your shop and you’re gonna get really
upset with that so I have another adapter and by lanty it’s like a three
sided cold shoe hot shoe adapter there you can put on top put this guy on and
then put this guy on there we go and that will definitely not be in your shop
sup guys its up guys how you doing it won’t be on your phone but
doesn’t that look silly so you can always always do something like the road
Wireless go which is awesome and you just click it on top into the hot shoe
put it on yourself and your wireless that’s really cool bit you don’t want to
spend the money on this I just got a really really cool thing them sent to me
from lanzi but it’s from a different company called vision let me show you
this quickly this is the end but it’s the last thing I want to show you so I
just literally got it got it come on come on work with me so we have to do is
you don’t need this guy at all now you put this guy’s back in the case
close him down make sure the door is off let’s get all of this out of the way
this is what I got look at it how awesome is that
and all you do all you do is you slide this guy on pop this adapter it in here
put it into the USBC entrance take this off put this into the microphone input
put him on and what they’ve done is they’ve essentially made it so that the
microphone that most people use with the GoPro will not be in the frame that’s
pretty cool so it’s it’s tiny I mean I really recommend it because
look at it it’s just you’re using the same cage and it is just the kind of
like a it slides on but it does stick on there really well that’s it that’s your
setup for your GoPro youtuber vloggers setup yeah that’s it
anyway if you guys have any questions at all about any of this equipment I mean
there is a lot of it so I try to go really really fast any questions at all
write it in the comments below I’m gonna try and get back to you as
soon as possible I’ve got a lot going on but sometimes once a week I sit down I
write back to all the comments yeah or if you have anything that isn’t in this
guide and isn’t a surfboard mount which I left on my surfboard then let me know
in comments below as well because I’d be really interested to see what I haven’t
got anyway catch you guys on the other side
oh well I like wait remember subscribe that would be already cool I’d love it I
would actually love it to make this community bigger so I have more people
to contact to talk with and talk about film photography yeah

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