Haunted Steam Ferry Berkeley San Diego California – Our Haunted Travels

Haunted Steam Ferry Berkeley San Diego California – Our Haunted Travels

hey sweetie why don’t we tell them where
I got this okay / peep – welcome to another episode of our haunted travels
I am your host Sean Donnelly I’m your co-host Mariam Donnelly today we are
going to tell you about the steam very Berkeley out in San Diego California
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little bell so you’ll hear from us next time we post a new video very Berkeley yes out in San Diego
California we visited this location November of 2000 1818 I was gonna say
it’s a she’s gone before I did this is panic Dean number one nine nine one and
it is located at 149 to Harbor Drive in San Diego California and yes it is open
to the public actually it is the museum headquarters for all those ships in area
and we’re gonna cover one other one eventually the start of India but we’ll
talk about that one later yeah actually coming up not too far from
now sometime I think it’s at the end of June they’re gonna have an overnight
family excursion on the India but today we’re talking about the Berkeley that’s
right so for some of the history of this very historical ship watch this and
we’ll be right back the berkeley is an 1898 steam ferryboat
that operated for 60 years on San Francisco Bay it was nicknamed the pile
drivers friend because it was actually quite difficult to steer the Berkeley is
a double-ended steel-hulled propeller driven steam ferryboat with a triple
expansive steam engine it was built in 1898 by the Union ironworks of San
Francisco and was a ferryboat belonging to the Southern Pacific Railroad it’s
route of operation was San Francisco Bay between Oakland pier and the San
Francisco Ferry Building the Berkeley was known for being the first propeller
driven ferry on the west coast at the time of her launching October 18th of
1898 she also became the largest commuter ferry boat in the United States
with a passenger comparison of 1691 there’s also one of the earliest ferries
to be powered by that triple-expansion steam engine on October 3rd of 1900 the
Berkeley was leaving dock in San Francisco which collided with a coastal
passenger liner the SS columbia collision resulted in
the destruction of one lifeboat on Berkeley and badly injured Columbus died
about during the 1906 San Francisco earthquake the Berkley carried thousands
of survivors to safety by ferrying refugees across the bay to Oakland and
also bearing supplies back to the firefighters and rescue workers in San
Francisco it performed a military service during World War two
also by transferring troops the berkeley was been put up for sale
purchased by the golden fishing quality to be used as a whaling processing
facility this however never came to be and it was sold to ferry boat
enthusiasts and businessman bill Conover he had the Berkeley docked in Sausalito
and converted it into a gift shop called the trade fair during the time she was
docked in Sausalito the actors sterling Hayden rented one of the Berkeley’s
piling houses as an office and he wrote his autobiography the wanderer there
however the Berkeley was not very well maintained in its gift shop years twelve
years of serious deterioration took quite a toll in 1973 it was sold to the
Maritime Museum of San Diego and was towed out of San Francisco Bay by tug on
May 31st of 1973 to arrive in San Diego a mere three days later where she was
subsequently restored it currently serves as the main building in the
Maritime Museum of San Diego aboard the vessel are the museum’s offices a major
maritime research library a workshop model shop the museum store and special
events venue with room for up to 800 guests the Berkeley earned the title of
being a National Historic Landmark in 1990 and the California State Historic
Landmark in 2000 the Berkeley also received a save America’s treasures
preservation award in 2001 the Berkeley’s Hall then underwent a whole
restoration process during the spring of 2003 it was revolutionary and was
adapted from the offshore oil industry and involved coating the entire exposed
outer surface of the Berkeley’s hull with a ceramic epoxy composite that
would help to eliminate further corrosion
it’s expected that this should last at least fifty years and will serve as a
benchmark in preservation of other historic ships around the world in 2015
it received a Steamship historical society’s steamship of the Year award it
has been undergoing restorations again since 2017 after the museum received
funding for restoration in form of a $200,000 grant from the national
maritime heritage grant program the funds are being is to create a
watertight weatherproof much more durable structure it’s going to last
more generations they’re also restoring the vessel one section at a time so that
it may have remain open to the public as a museum boat plate you know important
part ferrying people over during the earthquake in San Francisco and I love
the fact that they’re restoring it and you know it’s still with us and didn’t
burn down you know it’s a piece of history a lot of these ships and stuff
they don’t exist anymore they take them out and they sink them and you know they’ve done a lot of work with the hull
that’s actually gonna be something that they’re gonna try to do now with more
and more of the historic ships because it worked on the Berkley so that’s very
cool stuff alright so personal experiences we’ve got a little treat for
you a little clip it Maryann’s gonna explain and this next little clip where
that came from so watch this and we’ll be right back okay everybody we just
went they’re doing some repair work right now
they were just kind of throwing some wood planks and things away and so I
said here guys like yeah I got something better
for you like the other stuffs water he’s like you don’t want that thank you so
much very cool all right that’s how she got it that’s actually a piece of the
steam ferry Berkeley that’s right and I when I was there I think it said it in
the video clip it I asked him you know what he was what he was doing yeah
you’re repeating yourself okay so it isn’t that okay what about me you’re
forgetting my part of the video that’s right that’s right hey Boris you need to
tell these fine folks about the Paranormal Activity on this ship once
you watch this from worse so he can get his two cents again we’ll be right back well thank you very much
so the paranormal claims that is on the steam ferry Berkeley are as follows
strange voices are heard throughout the evening after hours
shadow apparitions have been seen doors have been slamming on their own then
there’s also strange footsteps also the staff members have reported that on
occasion objects will be misplaced but later returned back to their
original location another thing that needs to be mentioned they do offer
ghost hunts on this ship all right so the last section we’re gonna talk about
why do we think this boat is haunted why is it you know there were a lot of
people obviously that have were helped by it people who are worried about
people you know all that kind of stuff during that 1906 event also when you
know just a couple years into its maiden voyages it collided with another boat
you know so there’s that and then of course all the water that it kind of
hangs out in true and it’s same you know with other locations you can never truly
calculate how many people how many souls and how much energy has passed through
the doors of that ship you know over the years even now with it being the museum
I’m sure they get you know in thousands during the war when it was ferrying
individuals off to battle I mean yeah those people were all worried anxious
I’m sure I know so why is it it’s another one of those why wouldn’t it be
you know you know and it’s next to the the star of India as next to the USS
Midway you know if you believe in spirits being able to travel maybe they
would go and check it out the other boats sure why not hey if you’ve been
they’re to San Diego and visited any of those ships especially steam ferry
Berkeley leave it down in the comments section or tell us even better yet it’s
this location now on your bucket list that you want to go to know that all
right do you have anything else you like to add to this just how excited I was to
get this actual piece of a historical haunted we have several but that one he
gave to you and it was free yeah yes pretty cool all right folks
until next time thanks for watching and happy hunting

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