Good Morning, so today is alittle overcast
out and that’s fine because I dont need to be on deck and get sunburned, Now were going
to go up and get breakfast so come with me. Alright now that breakfast is over, we are
going to a presentation in the lounge and learn about Hilo. Let’s walk around the ship on the Promanade
deck, so let’s check it out. And thats the front of the ship. Last year on the Grand Princess and this right
here was our room. It was totally great because right there is
the door and you can coem out here and see the bow of the ship anytime Let’s keep walking So on the Promanade Deck and walk around. if we do a couple of laps, thats a mile. thats how big the ship is. The back of the ship I wanna go to a session on GoPro that theyre in one of the theaters pretty soon and I wanna go to that. We went around the ship on the Promanade deck and
now were back inside the ship. It’s also time for Fan of the Day, So today’s
Fan of the day is Crystl Munford, shes a high school Freshman in North Carolina and shes
got a pretty cool little channel, so go and check her out, link is in the description
below and tell her I send ya. So lets see whats for lunch. It is so nice here today. Im on the veranda just enjoying the ocean
as we go. The ocean is really blue, it’s really pretty. I’ll show you that in a second. Im not going to be out here too long becuse
I dont want to get sun burned like I did yesterday. That was not fun, I tell ya Elvis Music Playing I didnt say I wouldnt walk around the deck
in the sun, so theyre playing Elvis Hawaii songs at the pool. It’s pretty cool hearing Elvis and that’s
what weve got on our video, Elvis Music. This is the front of the ship, lets check
out the bow That pool there, tat’s actually for the crew
so theyre probably all happy to be using that after having spend the summer in Alaska. One thing I’ve notice is alot of these people
laying out are going to be really sun burned tonight. Now were at the back of the ship, lets check
out the view and look at all these people getting sunburned. This is like a drive in movie theather. You sit in the lounge chairs, wrap up in a
blanket and watch the show, so check this out We’re going to go back to the room and go
to bed, so we had a good day, did alot of walking on the ship today and some more sun. So see ya all tomorrow for another day at

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