Alright, Good Morning, Today’s a day at sea.
Let’s go see what’s going on around the ship. come with me, here we
go. How about that pool, that wasnt even a time
lapse, it’s just alittle bit rocky and that motion makes the pools go crazy.
Wow, it is prettyfoggy out here today, but Wow, it is pretty foggy out here today, but you know what, soon we’ll be in warm water. Breakfast was really good. The Love Boat, which was filmed on the Pacific
Princess is on in room TV, so 24 hours a day of the Love Boat. what more could you want
on a cruise. Watching Julie and Gopher. Alright, I got a frog in my throat. Alright,
well the rooms all made up and we’re ready for bed. so it was a pretty good on the ship,
nothing exciting was going on, it was very foggy out, they had the fog horn going a few
times, but we are heading towards warmer weather and hawaii. So on that note, im going to say
Aloha to everyone and Have a good night See you tomrrow

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