Grandma: Wow, that’s a big ladder to go up. It’s stairs! Grandma: Oh, it’s stairs. Ready? It’s not fast. Grandma: Well, that’s pretty fast! Dad: Here we go. Dad: Hi Hazel! Dad: Harper, do you think you can get us around that bend? Harper: Yes. Harper: I’m turning this way. Dad: Allright, let’s go. Dad: Hi ducks! Quack quack! Dad: What do you have there Hazel? Dad: What do you have? Dad: What flavor is that? Purple! Dad: Is it yummy? Harper: Hazel loves my slushy. Harper: When she tried it, she said, “More! More!” Dad: Oh ya? Dad: Does Harper make good slushies? Harper: I think she does like it. Dad: I think she does too. Harper: Hazel, he’s just a catapillar. Harper: I’ll touch him. Harper: Hold him momma. Mom: I don’t want to hold him on my finger. Harper: He won’t bite you. Mom: I know, but he should be in nature. Harper: What is nature? Mom: The woods. Outside. That’s where he lives. Harper: But he’s my favorite. Dad: What’s up Hazel? Hazel: I’m going down the slide dad. Dad: Go ahead and slide down. I’m watching. Dad: Do you know where we’re going? Hazel: Yes. Dad: Allright! Dad: Cool tricks! Dad: Allright, we better catch up. Get a picture of the fishing bug. Perfect day. Let’s go fishing. Are you ready? I’m going to jump over this. Dad: ok First let me back up so I can run. Let me wait for them. I’m going to wait for them. Dad: ok Ok, here I go. Dad: Wow. Good job! Harper: Mommy, you keep us away from the ants, ok? Dad: Harper, are yoiu going to catch the big one? Harper: Yes, I’m sure I’m going to catch a spikey fish. Dad: Ya? A spikey fish? Dad: A spicy fish or a spikey fish? Spikey! Dad: What’s wrong with a spicey fish? I don’t like spicey. Dad: What did you find? Dad: Do you want me to put it in my pocket? Yes. Just make sure it doesn’t get lost in your pocket. Dad: Ok. I’ll put it in this pocket right here. Dad: You see our trail over there? Dad: Maybe we’ll come down this one and go back up our trail. Harper: Grandma, we can come back up our trail, Dad: Mighty Harper! Dad: What’s going on up there? Dad: Is it a dance contest? Harper: Look at all of them! Harper: They’re like weirdos. Harper: Look at that baby one! Harper: That guys looking at me. Harper: What’s he looking at me for? Harper: Oh, he wants to crawl on me! Dad: Ya? Are they coming to visit you? Harper: No, I don’t think so. Harper: I want to hold him until mommy gets here. Harper: Look at this cute little guy. Dad: How’s your catapillar doing? He’s doing good. Harper: Say cheese, Jewel! Dad: What’s her name? Harper: Her name is Jewel. Dad: Jewel? Dad: I bet she’s going to turn into a really pretty butterfly. Yes she is. Let’s go show the angry bird.

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