How I Organize My Inside Cabin For An Alaska Cruise

How I Organize My Inside Cabin For An Alaska Cruise

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cruisers be sure to check them out using the link in the comments below Hey cruisers welcome to cabin A732 on
Grand Princess this is an inside cabin aft on, I don’t know I think we might be
on the port side this time. So we are going to show you around this cabin I
wanted to let you know right away that if you notice that the room seems a
little more cluttery and a little more full that’s because it is. I don’t think
we’ve ever done a how to organize my cabin video in an inside cabin before
and to complicate things even more there are three of us in this little teeny
tiny inside cabin and we’re on a 10 night cruise and it’s a cold-weather
cruise to Alaska. So we have a lot of stuff. Things are not as beautiful neatly
organized and fancy as they normally are on a tropical 7-night cruise. So one of
the first things that that necessitated because they have so little storage
space in this room, is the use of our bedside tables I’m gonna go ahead and
walk you over there right now so we have the rooms set up with twin
beds because of the fact that we have a third person sailing with us which is
our little Sun and we had to have an upper so they won’t actually allow you
to have the beds together when you have the uppers and use on these on these
sailings. So we’re actually kind of glad because it gives us more room in the
center of the cabin to move around, but as I was saying we had to use these
bedside tables so on this side my husband’s side we have this nice little
storage area right here which is this iPad and then we actually have I take it
back this is my stuff so I have my pajamas and my sleep mask and some
headphones there and down here I actually ended up having to put all of
my socks and undergarments here because I ran out of space now in this little
drawer this is my husband’s side actually he’s got his Kindle pajamas
some tech equipment that we ran out of room for and over here we’re keeping all
of our paperwork from this cruise so as you can see we have all of our
newsletters and all the paperwork that they leave on our bed or outside the
door so good use of those drawers this time now we’re gonna come over here and
check out this little vanity area so one thing we noticed is that this is
actually a huge vanity and desk we’re really happy with it but as usual you
only have the two outlets right so we’ve stacked our phone on top of the
handy-dandy cruise user’s manual combination room service menu everything
you’d ever need and we’ve got our little usual charging station here as you can
see this is a USB charging hub this is my son’s charger for our Samsung and
chargers for our Apple watches and all kinds of camera equipment that we have
to charge but we got these short little cables before this cruise that we didn’t
have quite as many wires everywhere over here we actually have kind of our little
beverage station so I have a little plastic bpa-free bottle that we’re gonna
take on shore with us for water for my son and we’ll attach this to a backpack
with a lanyard or not a lanyard did I just say that a carabiner I’m sorry the
is I guess you could use a lanyard but I’m talking about a carabiner so that’s
why it has that little clip this is the thermos that my husband uses in the
morning for coffee and this is the cup that you get if you have the soda
package here so this is kind of nice it’s a really nice cup my husband’s been
using it every day for his diet cokes and things like that now I’m going to
show you the inside of the refrigerator we had our steward take all of the
waters out that were there and we filled it with our own things which in this
case is basically just La Croix and water and as you can see there’s also a bucket
of ice that we keep in there that our steward refills that’s pretty much it so
we have only three drawers for the vanity so I’m going to give you a quick
overview of how I’m storing things this time this will actually look very
familiar from our past cabin organization videos this is my makeup
drawer essentially this is where I keep all my makeup my false lashes and
unfortunately cough drops because I’ve been dealing with allergies or cold or
something on this cruise down here is my nighttime purse and my curling irons
plural because I accidentally popped an extra curling iron into my suitcase this
time oops didn’t need to do that and down here we have our medicine pack that
we showed you in our packing videos I have my laundry pack that I also showed
you in our packing videos and pretty much a lifetime supply of hand
sanitizing wipes now I’m gonna shimmy over to this area
right here and show you how we’re using these little ledges these come in really
handy on and I always love these exposed little
drawers not drawers but shelves this one here is where my husband’s storing all
of his camera equipment so we have a GoPro chesty tripods all kinds of things
like that big charging things this is where I’m storing my La Croix that is not
in the refrigerator and a spare shore day bag and down here as you can see it is
all about the sunglasses and back here are binoculars all right now we’re gonna
go take a look at the closet you guys this is the smallest closet I’ve ever
seen on a cruise ship it the hanging area is so tiny so we’re gonna get to
that last but first I’m going to show you this safe and the shelves it’s so
weird we had so little space on this cruise that we actually had to leave our
stuff in packing cubes check this out not a lot of shelves for three people so
we’ll start at the top this is all of my husband’s clothes that we ended up
having to leave in packing cubes and of course our safe which is a combination
operated and we ended up throwing some stuff on top of that area all of my
son’s pants and his packing cube here and then my packing cubes and down here
to my son’s and then I actually because the closets so small you guys I have all
my shoes over here it’s so weird so before we get to the bathroom I also
want to show you guys the hanging space super small this is the smallest hanging
space I have ever seen on a cruise but it’s fine it’s just a matter of kind of
modifying a little bit like normally we would have to pop up hampers in the
closet like this but we only have room for one normally we’d have all of our
shoes over here no such luck my husband’s size 11 feet pretty much only
his shoes and my sons are over here so as you can see we have the closet
divided off into three sections we have my stuff on the right and then my son is
in the middle and then my husband is over here up here is nothing too
exciting this is just the life jackets a bunch of camera equipment and my husband
and Son’s backpacks and now we’ll move down to the floor and you can see we
have our hamper I actually put my husband’s slippers in the side of the
hamper to save space and then my husband shoes are over here and then my son’s
shoes are tucked back here on the ledge that you can’t even see so now let’s
take a look at the little bathroom so the restroom is located right by
the entrance here and sort of behind this little storage door makes it a
little bit tricky when you’re getting ready to have one person kind of getting
ready in here and then the other person going in and out of the bathroom but
it’s an inside cabins that’s pretty much what you’d expect there is a mirror on
the back of this door here for a full-length mirror for getting ready
which is awesome I’ve really enjoyed that that’s not necessarily something
that you get on every cruise so come on in I’m gonna actually show you the
shower first we’ll kind of get that over with
standard shower totally fine for my husband who’s exactly six feet tall as
you can see we have our soap and shampoos here and they do include some
shampoo conditioner combo and a shower gel here and because we’re keeping it
real on CruiseTipsTV those are my sons and my swimsuits drying on the line from
our hot tub experience yesterday okay so come on in Mr. cameraman so this is how
we’re making use of our shelves on this cruise we have just random little sample
sizes and medication up here deodorant sunscreen down here I’ve got all my face
creams and my body creams some face wash and some eye makeup remover pads
deodorant and stuff you can just basically kind of see for yourself so
shaving creams self-tanner my husband’s razor and our toothbrushes and my port
toothpaste you had a run-in with a Sharpie pen and of course we always pack
our own hand soap on a cruise so we keep this here on a longer cruise we really
just like this over these sticky little things you know how they get kind of
gross so you guys have heard me say it before so on the back of the bathroom
door there’s these two little loops here that you can use to hang your towels or
your bathrooms whatever you want I usually put my bathrobe up here when I
get out of the shower but this is where we’re keeping our hanging toiletry bag
this is exactly the same one you’ve seen in our other videos got a little sewing
kit nail clippers ear plugs tweezers nail file things like that we have some
Clorox wipes extra chapstick and all kinds of little packets of supplies here
and down here my razor oops doors moving a little bit the ship is
moving a lot you guys and floss things like that and there’s one area that I
wanted to show you before we sign off on our little cabin organization video and
that’s our little grab-and-go station that we always have by the by the exit
of our door on every type of cruise no matter what as you guys know the walls
on a ship are magnetic so we bought these super strong magnetic
hooks that are really strong and I do mean really strong and I have a little
grab and go bag right here that I can take with me to breakfast or whenever I
can throw bottle of water my cell phone whatever I need in here and then because
this is a colder cruise I’ve been putting my shawl or wrap on one of the
hooks and this is where we’re keeping all of our room cards and lanyards as
you can see or right here we also have a white board that we purchased for this
cruise but it’s not working very well and again keeping it real on CruiseTipsTV it got totally dinged up and banged up in my suitcase and the eraser doesn’t
work so this is a dollar store fail but that’s okay
you never really know also wanted to draw your attention to this little
schedule that we put together you guys have heard me talk before about our
Walmart wall mount I just can’t talk today my wall mount itinerary that I
like to make for every cruise what we do is keep the format the same we put the
date the destination our activities and kind of the timeline here and fill it
all in because as you know when you’re on a cruise you kind of lose track of
the days and things so this shows us what we’re doing that day where we are
what our plans are for that day and what time sail away is what time we get into
port so it’s kind of handy and we also bring along a supply of magnets these
aren’t my strongest magnets as you can see they’re kind of they’re kind of
falling I think I need to invest in some new ones on this cruise because it’s not
working out very well but that’s pretty much it this is um definitely a cozy
cabin it’s not too small for our party of three we are used to it
there is one more thing I wanted to show you because we’re in Alaska and that is
this cool map that we have on the wall this little map has been with us to
Alaska probably about mmm I would say this map has been with us four or five
times so it’s getting a little bit weary but this is something that we can kind
of track our progress with along the way so it starts down here with British
Columbia and works its way up through all the ports so we have Ketchikan here
all the way up to some scenic time and trace the arm and then Juneau and lastly
Skagway and then making our way back down and it has some really fun facts so
this is a great thing to do if you’re going to Alaska and we’ll link to the
book that this map is included with in the description below thank you guys so
much for watching our organ is a in video hope you liked it please be
sure to leave your cabin organization tips in the comments below we would love
to hear what you have up your sleeve for tips and tricks for sailing in an inside
cabin until next time we’ll see on the high seas bye you and I’ll show you around the bathroom be
careful on the step they’re a little tricky

16 thoughts on “How I Organize My Inside Cabin For An Alaska Cruise

  • April 28, 2018 at 10:39 pm

    How many cruises does your family take per year, on average? Do you typically get an inside cabin or does it depend? Do you have a favorite cruise line overall?

  • May 6, 2018 at 9:36 pm

    I just cant say enough how much I am appreciating all these greaat videos. Not only are they full of tips, but they're getting me SO excited to go on my cruise!!!! 🙂

  • May 13, 2018 at 10:40 pm

    I ordered 3 of the books – map was always ripped out.. my first Alaskan cruise this weekend – inside cabin with a friend- thanks for tips . Hope the ear plugs work!

  • May 26, 2018 at 9:25 pm

    Easy way to remember what side of ship you are on with Princess – even,port, and left all have the same number of even numbered cabins are on the port side which is the left side of the ship. Excellent video as always.

  • May 31, 2018 at 8:23 pm

    My tip is don’t bring too much stuff. I like packing everything in one carry on and a back pack or tote bag. I bring a white kitchen trash bag for my laundry I do my laundry near the end of the cruise if there is a laundry area if not I’ll had wash using tide hand wash packets. I also learned quick that hairspray is not a good idea for inside rooms so my hair is only brushed and put up or left down. Minimal makeup small travel size everything or smaller shampoo the size of a quarter and not washing my hair everyday means less needed just enough to fit in a small container ((sample jars from lush)). Less to pack less to carry less space needed more peace of mind

  • June 5, 2018 at 3:38 pm

    Thanks for the great videos.

  • June 9, 2018 at 10:46 pm

    Hi Sheri, great info, thanks! I have to disagree with what you said about not needing 2 curling irons….yes you do! My roomie had one and I had two and would you believe all 3 died one at a time and we were left with our impossible straight hair.! We both NEED to curl our hair and there was 2 wks left of our cruise. It was like an EMERGENCY!   The ship shops didn't have any and the ports we went to didn't have any shops that carried them. Fortunately I had some small tools and my roomie was able to fix one of them so we survived. Of course we could have gone to the hair salon but the price would have been ridiculous for me needing to curl at least twice a day. Since then I always take 2 irons with me. Having said that i'm now thinking maybe they sell them in the ships salon?

  • June 27, 2018 at 2:43 am

    We always bring a hanging shoe organizer with clear pockets for the back of the closet or bathroom door and use it for all sorts of tiny stuff that can quickly clutter a room! I totally have the same super-strong hook magnets, and now those same magnets come in a clip style! You can ditch the dry-erase board and use the marker on the mirror 🙂
    you'll never guess my occupation when you click the link to the magnet clips:

  • July 3, 2018 at 4:03 am

    Good tips. Very organized. I was thinking, if there are 2 top beds, you could fold the other one down and store things up there as well. If you dont mind the bed being down. Just a thought. I've never been on a cruise, but it's something I'm wanting to do more and more. Hopefully one day soon.

  • July 18, 2018 at 1:59 am

    You are a joy to watch! I’m going on a 10 day cruise on Norwegian Cruise lines “The Epic” I am going in a group of about 20 people with my sister & her hubby! Inside cabin for me single occupancy! I’m very excited any in put you may I would love to hear!

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    Where did you get the magnetic hooks by the door?

  • September 13, 2018 at 12:17 am

    great ideas!

  • October 6, 2018 at 1:25 am

    I'm here to say that I love an inside cabin for the fact it is dark..even on my very first cruise and i was in a cabin on my own cause of an upgrade..I wasn,t worried at all..No night light for siree.. i love it and if you need to rest cause of a headache or something can.. I dont nap either.. I want to experience every minute of the cruise.. Bedtime for me too ( i go on music cruises in australia) isnt till well after 3am and then up again at 8.30.. Oh thx .. the vid as always is brilliant..thankyou both xx

  • November 4, 2018 at 5:04 am

    you're beautiful and has a very pleasant personality. pleasure to watch thanks !

  • April 12, 2019 at 1:09 am

    For the tiny closet issue…Shower curtain hangers would work. Use them to stack the hangers (pack some extra between a layer of your clothes; they take up no room for several extra hangers. Since they are already opened or you can open them, you just slide them around the hangers. Plus they are strong enough to handle heavy clothes. Sometimes I've had to put several pair of pants or entire outfits on one hanger to make additional room, when traveling. They can also handle the weight of a shoe organizer, or you can hang that on the original hanger and then cascade down with outfits, etc. Taking our first cruise in May 25th. So glad you have this channel. Blessings to you all.

  • July 6, 2019 at 2:56 am

    I especially like your suggestion about not getting locked into your routine.

  • August 7, 2019 at 2:25 am

    Great Video. Boxed cubes, from Target,that fold flat are key. We always book an Inside cabin. These are 1/2 price or less of a balcony cabin. We book “off season” or “non peak” cruise times. ie Sept – Nov. or right after New Years Eve,, between Thanksgiving & Christmas,,, or when kids are in school. These times means that the ship will not be sold out, providing opportunity to deal or negotiate for an upgrade.


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