How to Buy Speed Boats : Speed Boat Maintenance

Servicing your boat and the maintenance of
your boat is definitely very important, whether you buy a new or used boat. And the reasons
why are the longevity of your boat. This is something that’s under a lot of stress and
a lot of pressure when it’s in the water, so the more times that you change the oil–which
is recommended once a year–change the lower end fluid which is over here by the way. If
you actually look on the out-drive, this is what makes the boat go. So when the props
are actually spinning when you give it gas, that’s actually what’s going to make the boat
pull. Now, changing the drive oil in this is done annually, changing spark plugs, changing
seals, changing water pumps and pillars is something you’re going to want to do every
other year. So, this is definitely very important because if you do decide not to do those things,
you’re going to find out in three to four years that if you do overheat this drive you’re
going to end up spending anywhere from five to eight thousand dollars in repairs, where
you could have paid a hundred to three hundred dollars in services. So you can see holding
and trying to save the money on servicing and maintenance what it can end up costing
you down the road. Not only that, if you leave your boat in saltwater, there are some things
called zincs. Now, if you leave your boat in saltwater you need to make sure these are
changed every six months. Also you’ll probably want to get the boat bottom painted. What
they’ll do is actually paint the boat bottom black, white, gray, whatever you prefer, but
what it allows them to do is actually scrape all the barnacles off the boat and keep the
fiberglass nice and clean from the saltwater from eating it away.

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