How to Buy Speed Boats : Speed Boat Prices

People are kind of intimidated about going
out first of all of the cost of spending on the upwards of 70 plus thousand dollars on
a boat that’s 24 and bigger so if they’re not for sure they’re going to love it, like
it, it’s tough to make that kind of commitment on price and payment until you know that’s
something you want to continue doing in your family. Not only that. Size, some people are
intimidated about towing a 25 or driving a 25, 27 foot boat. Where you look at an 18
foot boat it just seems practical and seems more affordable and it seems less intimidating
than the bigger ones. When you are going to be looking into a speed boat some of the prices
you’re going to come across is an 18 foot boat is obviously going to be on the lower
end of the price structure. Some of the low quality boats are anywhere from $10 to $15
thousand. The upper quality boats something you’re going to want to look for that’s going
to hold on to its value. You’re probably going to spend anywhere from 20 to 25 thousand dollars.
Now that’s the entry level. When you start going into the 20 to 23 foot range you’re
going to start seeing pricing anywhere from 40 to 55 thousand dollars. When you go into
the 26 to 28 foot range you’re going to see pricing from 70 on up to 100 thousand dollars.
Then you can get into the bigger cruisers and the high performance boats and on up from
there. But typically most of the boats we sell that are speed boats/family boats they
vary from anywhere from 20 thousand dollars all the way up to 100 thousand dollars.

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