How to Buy Speed Boats : Speed Boat Sizes

Some of the different sizes of product in
boats that are out there in the speed boats is generally a standard speedboat is about
eighteen foot to nineteen foot is the standard. And you?re finding younger people that are
just starting out in the vacation scene theme of boating and what’s going to happen is they’re
going to buy an eighteen, nineteen foot boat. They’re going to go to the river, they’re
going to use it for two to three years. They’re going to go to the local lakes and they’re
going to like it tremendously. So typically what happens after a two to five year span
is they’ll upgrade to a twenty-one to twenty three foot class. Then after that we get some
families that have been boating for ten, fifteen years are actually buying twenty five to twenty
eight foot boats now. And the reason why they’re upgrading is because the small boat, when
you go to the lakes and there’s a lot of people out there you’re going to get bounced around
quite a bit more. You’re going to get thrown around, you?re going to outgrow it. A lot
of people on a nineteen foot boat outgrow them three to five years on average because
they realize that their needs and their wants have even increased even more. And the more
your around boats and the more you use them you find out what works best for you.

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