How to Grow & Protect your Amazon Business in 2020: 7-Figure Sellers WILL & LAURA LAND

How to Grow & Protect your Amazon Business in 2020: 7-Figure Sellers WILL & LAURA LAND

– Brands in general, are so focused on
dominating that big spot. And look, I think we all
know that those spots convert the least, you know, the ACoS is high, the
cost per click is high, and it’s those long tails, medium tails, that really make us money, you know. They have the good ACoS, we can get good data out of it, and there’s a level beyond that, you know, what you’re going for
is eventually ranking for that high end key word. But the tails are being left wide open. – Yeah, that’s super interesting. I think, you know, that’s
I guess where we teach with ZonGuru, and with our customers, and the types of customers that we attract are those people who are looking to create differentiated products
in a niche within a niche. You know, it’s getting so competitive now that you need to be able to understand, okay, what’s a niche within a niche. If water bottle is taken, what is the white, ceramic,
sports drinking water bottle of this size, you know, it’s kind of looking for those niches, and our keywords, you know,
not to plug us too much here, but our keyword taller we just
developed, exactly does that. I think we have a way
of being able to look at that medium search volume
with low competition, and longer tail keywords that hopefully are relevant for your product, that you can convert on
getting your listing, convert on those, and then, hopefully, if you do well on that, it will then create a halo effect and
you can start to rank for some of those short
tail keywords, as well. And that’s the strategy, like,
go for those little nuggets, and then you start to rank
for the other ones after. – Yeah, that’s 100 percent
the right strategy. And I have two different
perspectives from two really large clients. One, they just got hit with, so they have a million
dollar PO coming in. I think they just got hit
with 160 thousand dollar tariff that they weren’t expecting. And they’re passing it on to the consumer. – Sure. – Kay, and they’re gonna ride it out. And, they said, well, that sucks, but oh well, I’ll pass it on. So, you know, we’ll definitely see Christmas lights this year, go up. It’s a big Christmas light company. But, you know, that’s
the game they’re playing. Now, I have another… – And all boats rise the same so, naturally they probably all, every competitor’s
pushing their prices up. – I think the only winner on this side is the people that have a
ton of stock from last year. You know, they can raise their prices, or they can stay
competitive and liquidate. You know, but that has a life on it. So, and then I have
another client that does a lot of garage door manufacturing, and manufactures parts
and things like that. And he’s choosing to
manufacture in the US. – Okay. – So he’s switching
manufacturing to the US. And, you know, it’s his belief that that his conversion will go up because the products are manufactured – It’s made in the US. – He can have that “Made
in the US” saleable. – I can see that, that niche. I can see that in the garage door niche. – Sure, yeah, absolutely. So, you know, I think those are the two you know, complete opposite
ends of the spectrum. I think for this year, honestly, watching out for the people
that have are heavy in stock. It’s already been imported,
they’ve already paid the taxes on that stuff and watch out. – Yeah, I and I think, if I can
borrow that a second, sorry. And I think on that, guys,
like one key piece is to, the more you can focus on
creating a quality product on Amazon that is differentiated, that can connect with your customer, and obviously have meaning to
them, the better off you are. You know, if you’re gonna
get into a game of cell phone accessories now, or something like that, or Christmas lights, you
know, you’re kind of playing, you’re probably not going to win. So, focus on these niche, differentiated, high
value, great products. And if you can launch those,
then you can start to focus not just on now, but the long term trend. And you can say, okay,
maybe the long term trend is to look at other
manufacturers, diversify my risk, look at ones in America, wherever, and you can start to focus
on where the trend is going rather than right in front of your feet. And that’s a really important piece when you’re looking to
launch your products, is to focus on that, yeah. – If you have a good customer base, and if you don’t have an
amazon storefront, yet, build one, and then use
banner ads, drive traffic. – [Audience Member] So those work, ’cause I just got brand registry. – Oh, perfect, yeah. – [Audience Member] So … top level. – And then, bundling, also,
bundle the products together, to create more SKU’s, also. So, like, even something
you wouldn’t start as a first product, you can still launch it using your brand. – Yeah, I would definitely,
if they’re complimentary products and they’re in
the same space, absolutely. – Yeah, and then you
can also do promotions. So, to get it a little
bit of a kick start, if you’re getting good traction
with your first product. You can set up maybe like
a 50 percent promotion if they buy the second product. And what eventually happens is Amazon starts pairing them up as
recommendations together, and you get free exposure
on your own pages. – [Audience Member] Thank you guys. – Of course. – What would be a key piece of advice that you would give to someone
who’s a product researcher. Someone who has launched
and had one or two products, or someone who is kind of the enterprise, they have all the big piece. Like, what’s one piece of advice for those three key audiences. – So, I think for someone who’s just coming into the market, and is excited about Amazon, excited about selling product. I think that excitement has to go over to what you’re gonna be selling. – Yes. – You know, if you’re a workout buff and you’re gonna do supplements, don’t go into knitting
equipment, you know, go into something in the field
that you’re passionate about. You’re going to invest a lot, you’re gonna put a lot of
heart and soul into it. Make sure it’s something that you love and you can stand to
be around all day long. There’s a lot of, you know,
you guys probably know trademark, trademark your
product, file for trademark. You can do it through legalzoom, you can get an attorney,
it’s not that expensive. Does take a little bit of process, but it opens up so many more gateways with Amazon, specifically, as far as the brand registry goes. If you’re an intermediate seller and I realize that’s kind
of an arbitrary thing ’cause it serves a huge range in there. Look at automation; look at tools. – I think expand to
the other marketplaces. – Expand to the other marketplaces, but there’s so much automation around, there’s so many tools to use that in 2002 we used, our tools were Excel. We used Excel files and copy
and paste for everything. So use all these tools, they’re fantastic. You know, they’re based on great research and we kind of live and die by
automation and efficiencies. – Like ZonGuru. – Exactly, yeah, exactly. For the enterprise. – Stop selling to vendors. – Yeah, don’t sell to vendor. No matter. And this kind of goes for everybody, watch Amazon’s policies,
watch their changes, make sure you’re compliant at all times. There’s nothing worse
than waking up one day and your account is
turned off because of XYZ, and trying to scramble to fix that. If you set your, your own company policies and your own standards
according to Amazon’s, you’ll sleep so much better at night. Amazon early review
program works fantastic. I’m a big believer in that. I think that’s the best review tool I’ve seen where
at least I can sleep at night. We launched a client about six months ago, and believe I do everything,
we do everything by the book. So, Amazon early review program, we went pretty heavy on
advertising, nothing crazy. They’re a smaller brand but they’re doing about maybe one to two
thousand dollars a month. 30 percent a month, A cost. And really, now we’re at 78, four point, I think I
looked at them today, 4.8 stars, 78 reviews. So, look, you made a good
product, you advertised, people bought it, they left you a review. That’s, I mean, it doesn’t
get more organic than that. You know, any black hat tricks they’re gonna get you 78
reviews in six months. In my opinion it’s just not
worth your seller account. (upbeat electronic music)

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