How to Hang Boat Fenders for a Hurricane or Storm | BoatUS

How to Hang Boat Fenders for a Hurricane or Storm | BoatUS

Hi! Mark Corke here from BoatUS
Magazine. We all know that when a hurricane is forecast, the best place for
your boat is actually out of the water, tied down securely on the hard. But if
you can’t do that, and you have to leave it in a slip, we need to make sure that
the boat is securely tied and then have plenty of fenders out, so that if it does
contact the dock the boat is going to be well protected. So today, I’m going to
show you how we protect the boat using fenders. We need plenty of fenders, and we need to make sure that they’re placed at the widest part of the boat, which is
usually the midsection of the boat. We want lots on both sides. On this side
we’re worried about it contacting the dock, and I’ve got another boat on the
other side, and I want to make sure that if this boat moves over, it’s not going to
hit the other boat and do a lot of damage to there. So we want fenders on
both sides, and we have an equal amount on both sides. You can see I’ve got five
here, but I’ve still got a few more to hang down here yet. Ordinarily when the
weather’s settled and I come into a marina, it’s quite acceptable just to tie a
fender to the handrail. This is pretty solid; this is solid teak. And there’s a
fair bit of support for this. But when the weather is going to be bad, we can’t
do that. So, rather than attach it to the handrail where it could break, much better
to attach it to the base of the stanchion, or even better yet, a cleat if
you have it. I’ve just removed this from the handrail because as I just mentioned,
it’s not the best place for it. So I’m going to reposition this by tying it
to the base of this stanchion. And the knot I use for this is a clove hitch. And
we’ve got a separate video showing you how to tie this, so please go online to
our YouTube channel and you’ll get the full information. If we just leave
the fender, it’s liable to waggle around and it could bounce over the dock or the
rubrail of another boat, and it won’t do any good like that. So instead of that,
we extend the line out the bottom as I’ve done here, and then on the end of
that, I’ve got a gallon milk jug full of wet sand and it’ll keep the fender
hanging vertically even if it’s very windy. Fenders on their own often aren’t a
great solution because if there’s a piling in the way or some other obruction, the fender is just going to pop over and go around it. A much better idea
is something like this. I’ve just made a fender board that have some 6 by 2
and a couple lengths of rope. And we’re going to attach that to the boat. We also
have another video showing you how to make this, so I suggest that you go to
YouTube and check that out. Now that I’ve added fenders to both sides of the boat,
I know that my boat will be well protected when the bad weather does
arrive. Thanks for watching, and we hope to see you on the water!

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