How to Make DIY Sailboats | Craft for Kids | Fun Summer Activity

How to Make DIY Sailboats | Craft for Kids | Fun Summer Activity

[Captions by Judy V. at Y Translator]
Boy, the waves are sure rough. Hello! I’m Danielle. The author and illustrator
of Moose Mischief. A pancake surprise. And on the Moose Mischief channel,
I teach you about our amazing world through art, science,
and crafts projects. Today, we’re gonna make sailboats. I think it’s ready for the high seas. Here’s what you need. A ruler, craft sticks,
a pencil, scrapbook paper. I did a sea theme so I pick
anchors and crab for mine. Glue, cork, an outdoor adhesive glue. So when you put your boat
in the water, it doesn’t fall apart. You will also need scissors. Today, I will make two sailboats. The first step is to grab
your scrapbook paper, flip it upside down and draw a triangle. Make sure you draw your sail
on the left side of the paper so you have room to draw
another one on the right side. Place the ruler onto the paper, and measure out five inches. Then we will find the center of our line which is 2 and 1/2
inches and make a mark. Place the ruler right onto that mark, and measure out five inches. Now, you will connect the two lines. So you have a triangle. Which is also the sail of your boat. Now, you will cut it out. Since I’m making two sails,
I layered the paper so that I only had to draw the sail once. They look so cute. I love the crabs. Set your sails aside and select 10 pieces
of cork, the craft stick, and some glue. Take the craft stick
and two pieces of cork, and glue them together like this. This will become the center of your boat. Now, we will glue two more
pieces of cork to our boat. Then we will put two
more on the other side. Go ahead and glue together
the remaining pieces of cork. Set it aside to dry. If you would like two boats,
follow the steps that we just did. Now, that your boats are dry,
let’s glue on the sails. Let’s glue down the other
side of our sail. So match it up as best you
can and then press down. So that it’s nice and even. There it is. I think that looks really good. What a beautiful sail. Now let’s do the other boat. So line it up the best
you can and press it down. Should we go test them out? Let’s find out if our boat
is sea-worthy. Here we go. Oh! It floats! Yey! Oh what fun. Now you can take your boat and
see if it floats in the pond or a river. But it’s also fun just to
play with it in a bowl. I had so much fun making
these sailboats with you. If you had fun too,
like the video below, share it with a friend, and subscribe to my YouTube channel. I would love to see your sailboats. So please take a picture of them, and post it to Facebook
or Instagram hashtag it MooseMischief. And please check out my book,
Moose Mischief: A Pancake Surprise. In the book, the moose claims
he’s the best chef in Alaska. But is that simply ridiculous? Buy the book to find out!

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    Awesome sailboat craft diy!

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    Hey there, new to ur channel. You are so creative, really enjoyed watching this and will give this sailboat a go. Thanks for sharing, hope u can visit us sometime.

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    Such a wonderful way to re-purpose wine corks. I'm going to start saving my wine corks so I can build this adorable sailboat.

  • September 26, 2018 at 4:28 pm

    Thats a cool idea. We have plenty of wine corks we could use too.


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