I hope we don’t SINK, new to boating!

I hope we don’t SINK, new to boating!

all right guys
we bought a boat getting ready for our first shakedown cruise from Anacortes to
Seattle and Steven and Brandi are helping us get underway pretty exciting how exciting. First cruise doing well gauges seem appropriate good oil pressure temperature is running about 190 on both engines don’t know if that’s high I read 180-190 is
good, so I’m going to trust that yeah a lot of fun man, the northwest is absolutely beautiful today this is gorgeous How’s it going Serin? Good. First time piloting a boat. Woo! Exhilarating. And a little nerve wracking. But fun, for sure. We’re doing about 15 knots. Trying to get us to 174 magnetic. all right while we’re underway
I am already repairing the seat all right it is now 3:47 and we’ve got Shilshole Marina in our sights Yeah, we’re probably about 30 minutes away and we’re going to stop there briefly to
pick up my brother before we go through the locks We had to slow down a little bit, do some maneuvering due to some ferry traffic Ferries are big, ferries are fast
always always give way And we’re going about 13 knots And anything else? it’s a lot of fun Our toilet works. That’s good. now we’re heading towards the Ballard
Locks. Look like there’s a line already and we will get in line and hopefully have a smooth time locking through This is our first time. Richard is manning the ship Brandi is on deck ready to go And there is Steven Okay. We were told to wait. So we are not part of the first wave here How are you doing, Richard? Uh good I just I just don’t know where
to wait after he said no more I think I just sit here until I get direction (Voice from loudspeaker: We have one boat coming out. Once he’s clear…) (indecipherable voice over loud speaker) so I’m going to wait behind the bigger
boats because the bigger boats have priority He’s piloting like a champ close-quarters backwards
all that training paid off yes, Thank You captain Tom We did it. Well we’re rafted successfully It was a little harrowing, um, this big boat is against the wall didn’t
have their fenders deployed yet so we kind of had to be in a little holding
pattern until they had that done and but however there were definitely the
more experienced boaters so they gave us assistance for sure
and now we are at the locks Waiting for the water to come
through and be on our way And here everyone is at the Ballad Locks the locks are open pretty exciting check out this current that comes in
here that’s why it’s important to have all your lines secured This is pretty strong alright friends we made it back Viola
had to pick us up So we got through the locks fine that was that was fun, I mean, it
was good, it was educational, it was our first time doing it, we did it well, and, but
getting into our slip, which we’ve never been to before, the slip we’re supposed
to be in, there’s actually a boat that has never left, so she assigned us a
temporary slip and oh my gosh, it was tight. And we needed help so we
had myself, Serin, Steven and Brandi and then two other people who happen to be
live-aboards who were watching us struggle, but the great thing is that
folks at marinas are very helpful and are more than willing to help you out. Viola’s laughing at me. But yeah, so this marina everyone seems pretty friendly, and, uh, Whoa. Bumpy. (Viola: Sorry) And I’m going to owe them a beer. Okay, here’s an addendum. So when you’re at the locks and you’re locking through, and you’re heading from the
Sound to Lake Washington or to Lake Union, and if you’re waiting just tie up
to the south side of the channel. Just tie up there
it’s the best thing to do they’re already boats tied up there when we were
there so we’re kind of drifting out in the middle and it is on a sunny day on a
weekend it is mayhem. It is mayhem. Seems like every man for himself, little boats
zipping around everywhere and big boats kind of drifting
some inexperienced pilots so in short tie up to the wall. Make your life easier.

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  • June 20, 2018 at 7:41 am

    The woman looks familiar to me. Did she appear in a Ranger Tugs video tour recently? One with Andrew Custis showing her how the forward berth converts to a dinette?

    Congratulations on the new (to you) boat! If you haven't done so already, be sure to take a boating safety class; you'll learn more than you can imagine in a short time. In addition to hands-on classes by the Coast Guard Auxiliary and the US Power Squadrons, there are also online self-paced classes, including one by the BoatUS Foundation, the completion of which can get you your Washington State Boater Education Card (required for anyone born in 1955 or later).

    See: https://www.boat-ed.com/washington/


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