India vs Pakistan 2020 Military / Army Comparison

it’s 2020 but just a few days in the
USA and Iran may have just launched world war 3 this is making people
freaked out but according to foreign policy calm the
two countries everyone should be looking at is India and Pakistan
that’s because apparently in 2020 they’re edging closer and closer to war
so today we’re going to compare the two countries militaries will look at their
arsenals manpower land and air forces as well as their nucular capacity and of
course try and work out who would win between India vs. Pakistan I’m Charlie
and today we’re going to look at India vs. Pakistan 2020 military army
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bell – so first off let’s look at the two countries India is one of the
largest countries in the world with the second largest population of China the
capital is New Delhi and it’s a very strong country then north west of India
is Pakistan the capital of Pakistan is Islamabad and it’s also a very very big
country but it’s nowhere near as big as India India’s population will be at 1.3
billion in 2020 whereas the population of Pakistan will be around 200 million
of course meaning India has 1.1 billion more people than Pakistan Indy’s also
much larger when it comes to land being 3.3 million kilometers squared Pakistan
is about 800,000 kilometers squared and when it comes to military’s size matters
the military budget of India is 55 point nine billion dollars this is around 2.5
percent of their GDP but Pakistan actually invests more of their GDP into
their military they put in 2.9 percent of their GDP and this rounds up to about
ten point eight billion dollars in India there’s no conscription into the army
this means that you’re not forced into it but if you’re 16 to 18 years old you
can sign up for voluntary military service women may also join India’s
military but only for non-combat roles Pakistan is the same when it comes to
not having conscription if you’re 16 to 23 years old you can volunteer for the
military service the Pakistan Air Force and Navy also have female pilots and say
and you can even become an airforce technician at the age of just 15 so now
let’s look at the military manpower of these two countries India have an active
personnel of 2 point 1 4 million people these are people who are actively in the
army fighting but they also have a reserve personnel of 1.1 million these
are people who can be brought out if they ever need more soldiers and India
also have an available 319 million additional people who are ready for the
military if needed despite Pakistan being much smaller than
India they have very impressive military numbers they have nearly 700,000 active
personnel and reserves of half a million people they also have another 50 million
people available for the military but as al Jazeera says despite its larger army
the capability of India’s conventional forces is limited this is due to
inadequate logistics maintenance and shortages of ammo in spare parts but now
let’s look up to the skies and analyze their Air Forces India has a total of
2216 aircrafts in their Air Force this is made up of 323 fighter jets they also
have 329 multi-role aircraft 220 attack aircraft and 725 helicopters now this
may sound like a lot but many officials are concerned India does not have enough
fighter jets Pakistan has a total of 1000 143 aircraft this is made up of 186
fighter aircraft 225 multi-role aircraft 90 attack aircrafts and 323 helicopters
so despite India being way large within Pakistan it has less than double their
Air Force Pakistan has 7 airborne early warning and control aircraft which is 3
more than India has and Pakistan is continuing to modernize its inventory
and improve its precision strike and is our thoughts now let’s go back down to
the ground and check out the land forces of these armies when it comes to land
forces both countries are very strong India has 4426 tanks they also have five
thousand six hundred and eighty one armored fighting vehicles and when it
comes to their artillery meaning weapons to launch munitions that makes up five
thousand and sixty-seven 290 of these are self-propelled artillery and 292 are
rocket artillery now when it comes to Pakistan they have less tanks they
actually have two thousand seven hundred and thirty five but they do have lots of
armored fighting vehicles 3066 to be exact and they also have a very
impressive artillery or 3745 three hundred and twenty-five of these are
self-propelled artillery and 134 of these are rocket artillery but one
crucial part of these countries is protecting their seas that’s because one
way to get between them is by crossing via the sea
so let’s look in on the naval capacity of India and Pakistan surprisingly
despite them being a smaller country Pakistan has more of a Navy than India
but India’s Navy is more varied the number of India’s naval is 214 this is
made up of two aircraft carriers eleven destroyer warships fifteen frigates
twenty-four Corvettes and fifteen submarines when it comes to Pakistan
their naval is bigger at 231 but unlike India they have no aircraft
carriers and no warship destroyers they also have zero Corvettes but they do
have nine frigates and five submarines but as many people point out a lot of
these don’t matter too much remember if we have World War three it may get
nucular and if that happens then no amount of soldiers could ever stop a
nuclear weapon so let’s check out the new HeLa capacity of India and Pakistan
well when it comes to India things are kind of complicated officially India
says they don’t have any nuclear weapons but recent estimates suggest India has
130 to 140 nuclear weapons and apparently they’ve produced enough
weapons-grade plutonium to make up to 150 to 200 years and they’ve produced
enough weapons-grade plutonium for up to 150 to 200 years but what about Pakistan
well they’re one of the few countries not part of the nuclear
non-proliferation treaty however it’s believed that the government does have
nuclear warheads it’s estimated that Pakistan has
to a hundred years but when it comes to nucular weapons everything is very
secretive so we can’t say the exact number so there we go that’s how these
two countries militaries and armies compare of course
India’s is a lot bigger but remember Pakistan and India both have news and
because the countries are so close to each other if any one country used these
it would be a loss for both countries so let’s hope in 2020 world war 3 does not
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