Inflatable Lifejackets: Manual and Auto Demonstration | ABC Sydney

Three, two, one… Hi guys, Adam from ABC here. Today I’m going to show you how
to wear, and what happens when you use one of these Inflatable Lifejackets. One of the most commonly asked
questions we have is… Do I need to be able to swim
to do a Boat Licence Course with you? The answer to that is no. Anyone who comes on the boat
who’s not a strong swimmer We’ll give them one of these fantastic
Crewsaver Inflatable Lifejackets to wear while they’re on the boat with us,
to keep them safe. The first thing we’re gonna do is put this one on. They’re easy to put on, almost like putting on a jacket. You’re gonna put an arm through this side, arm through the other side, up over the shoulders, connect the buckle, pull the strap nice and tight,
and you’re good to go. There’s the Manual Inflate ones like this one here with the red tag, And there’s the Automatic Inflate ones
which will inflate themselves. All I need to do when I’m in the water is to pull firmly
on the red tab and it’ll inflate and keep me safe. The important thing with this one is that I’ve got it on, I’ve got it nice and tight around my chest,
and I’m good to go. There are many different brands of Lifejacket
on the market. The big thing to keep in mind is whether you’re buying
a Manual or an Automatic Inflate Lifejacket. But the next thing to do of course is to fall in the water! Then if anything happens and you find yourself in the water for whatever reason, this is how it’s going to work to keep you safe. Ah-ha-ha!
*popping sound* Powie! It’s cold, but I’m safe! So the Lifejacket doesn’t stop the water from being cold, But it did get me up to the surface
without any effort at all. For this time, I’ve got an Automatic Inflate Lifejacket on. So inside here there’s a little tablet that dissolves, and makes the jacket fire off automatically
when I go into the water. Don’t need to a pull a string, I just need
to wait for it to inflate. One more important thing with all these Lifejackets
is to make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s service instructions. So that it works when you need it. That’s it! So now, I’m going to show you actually
how it works by jumping in the water. Three, two, one, go! They’re not easy to swim in, but they save your life! Ah, there’s my rope. There’s the ladder. All right! Safe as houses, no strings pulled! So thanks for watching!
If you’ve got any questions, please feel free to get in touch
with us on the 1-800 number Thanks for watching!

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