It almost closed the boat show! Ep.19

It almost closed the boat show! Ep.19

last night I flew to Nice and then I
managed to catch the late-night train down to Cannes, I’m here for the Boat Show, a dealer we’re working with very kindly offered space on
their stand to display our electric jet boards – fantastic opportunity. Today is
setting up and the show starts tomorrow so I’ve just got to find where the
show is, down by the port by the marina and today we’re going to be setting up
and then the show starts tomorrow so it’s really exciting the shows across two marinas so I’m just
trying to find the first marina now and I’m gonna try and find our stand
space to see where we need to set up I’m just trying to find the stands they
haven’t given me a stand number or a pass yet so to sneak past security
and just looking around for the stand now so hopefully I can find it so we can
start setting up Out of the two harbours I was at the wrong one! I’ve just done a
quick power walk across Cannes and hopefully I’m gonna find the right
person I need now to set up the stand well that was super easy the guys in the
stand already set up my part for me so huge thanks to them for doing that, so
I had nothing to do, so I’m gonna head back and catch up on a bit of work this
evening and then the show starts tomorrow it’s the first morning of the show today
and it’s pretty wet it’s very very rainy so I’m not sure how good today is gonna
be our stand is is quite outdoors so I’m not sure how many people are gonna come
by today… tomorrow is looking like much better weather tomorrow’s gonna be sunny
so let’s see what we can do it today I’m not sure if you can see through the rain
but over there is where our stand is… just been to be the guys on the stand and
they said that the boat shows is cancelled for today because the weather is just so
bad it’s just driving rain and where the stand where our stand is positioned is
right out in the port, so I I’m not sure many people are going to visit the Boat
Show today or even if they do I don’t think they’ll make it out to our stands
so it’s the right decision so I’m gonna find somewhere hopefully
inside to sit down and work for the day and then come back tomorrow morning my trousers are sticking to my legs, my feet are soaking wet! tomorrow is gonna be my last day the
Boat Show so hopefully we’ll have some better weather and make some really good
contacts and meet some great people It’s a new day second day at the Boat Show
the weather is so much nicer today it’s like a different Beach here on the walk
to the show, so I think today’s gonna be a really really good day there’s a bit of excitement first thing
of the show today this yacht behind me has run aground has actually driven into
the Boat Show and they’re just trying to get it off the rocks now so we’re not
sure if it’s going to fall on the show or not
so this crane is trying to lift it out the water so I’m not sure what happens
here I’ve just been told that you can charter
this enormous blue yacht for 125,000 euros a week and that’s with 40%
discount so it’s normally nearly double that price per week… it’s incredible it’s 4:30 in the morning I’m at the
train station before it’s open because I need to catch the first train to Nice,
which is where I’ll get two flights to get back in time and set off the
Southampton boat show it’s great to be back
I’m straight on the road now to set up for Southampton Boat Show starts
tomorrow “This is a Code Red Announcement… …All persons must evacuate immediately by your nearest, safest exit” That was just a test! I’m done here set enough for today
already for the show tomorrow so it’s time for me to get some rest it’s been a
really long day for me traveling from Cannes to Southampton, so I’m gonna go home
get some rest and then tomorrow Southampton Boat Show there’s an incredible variety of boats
here… in the same view I can see a sailing boat a motorboat a lifeboat
pirate ship a rib and a ferry it’s so sunny today that our TV has overheated
it’s had the Sun on all day and it’s just not turning on now so I think I need to get
some kind of parasol to go over it luckily there’s an Ikea next door to the
show so I’m gonna pop there and try and find some kind of shade just on my way back to a really good
friend’s house I’m staying at tonight looking forward to the show tomorrow Morning!…Morning! oh is that is that the lyrics under there?
…No it’s a choice of songs Nice…what have you you got any Foo fighters?
oh no it’s not the right crowd Is some one getting the best, the best the best… see you later that’s my time in Southampton done, so
it’s time for me to head back to Nottingham go it’s been a really brilliant week
this week

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