Jaws (1975) – Scars Scene (6/10) | Movieclips

Chief. Don’t you wory
about it, Chief. lt won’t be
permanent. Want to see something permanent,
boom, boom, boom ? Hey, Hoop, you wanna
feel something permanent ? Just put your hand
underneath my cap. Feel that
little lump ? Knocko Nolans,
St. Paddy’s Day, Boston. l got that beat. l got that beat. That’s a moray eel.
Bit right through
my wet suit. Hoop, now, listen,
l don’t know about that, but l entered
an arm wrestling contest… in an Okie bar
in San Francisco. l can’t extend that,
you know why ? l was in the semifinal,
celebratin’ my wife’s demise. Big Chinese fella
pulled me right over. Look at that. lt was
a bull shark. He scraped me when
l was takin’ samples. l got somethin’ forya.
There’s a thresher.
See that, Chief? Th resher’s ta i l.
Thresher ? lt’s a shark. You want a drink ?
Drink toyour leg ? l’ll drink
toyour leg.
Okay, we drink
to our legs. [ Hooper ]
l got the creme de la creme. Right here.
See that ? [ Brody ]
You’re wearin’
a sweater. Right there.
May Ellen Moffit. She broke my heart.
[ Laughing ] [ Laughing ] What’s that one ? That one there
on your arm. Oh, a tattoo.
l got that removed. Don’t tell me.
Don’t tell me. Mother. [ Laughing ] What is it ? Hooper, that’s
the USS Indianapolis. – You were on the Indianapolis ?
– What happened ?

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