Jet Bou 2013 DVD and Holiday Promo

Jet Bou 2013 DVD and Holiday Promo

I’ve brought the kids, I’ve come here on my own people come here with babies it’s a good all round holiday! There’s nothing to worry about. It’s absolutely brilliant, even if the weather is rubbish there is still great sea out there, great fun big waves, no waves – it doesn’t matter as it’s just fantastic! Pretty much everything I love about a holiday, my jetski, the water, waterskiing snorkeling, trips some of the best clubs in the world food is fantasic it’s clean the locals are great fun and really friendly It’s as good as it gets! The perfect jetski holiday really as you’d expect, lovely sandy beaches everywhere, be chilled out for the day beers! and… it’s been brilliant! it’s a brilliant experience, and I’m deffinately coming back next year!

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  • September 24, 2014 at 5:22 pm

    Geordie Dave !!


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