Knowing your regulations (part 8)

Knowing your regulations (part 8)

(upbeat guitar music) – Hey guys, how ya doing today? – Good thanks. – Been out lobstering? Alright, great day for it. How did you guys make out? – We did pretty well actually. – You did alright? – First time out
and caught a few. – Alright, well the first
thing that caught my eye, any chance you have a display
buoy or display colors? – Yeah actually we do. I just took it down when, – There it is. – we go into the slip. Put that up right there. – That’s what I am looking for. Alright, and do you have
any lobsters onboard? – I do actually, I have three. – Before I take a look at those, if I could just take
a look at a permit. – Yep I got it right here. – And what’s your name? – Jeffery. – Where were you out lobstering? – Cape Cod Bay. – Alright so the Gulf
of Maine recreational. Do you have any
lobsters on board? I do actually we did
pretty well today. Caught a couple of
eggers and let those go. And then we got a couple
just to take home tonight. – Alright, do you mind if I
hope aboard and take a look? – Absolutely, please do. – Do you guys have a gauge? – We do actually. We dd catch a couple of eggers,
but throw them right back. – Alright, no eggs, no v-notch. – Those look good to go, so you can cover those
back up if you’d like. – How many of these
can I keep a day? – 15 per day. – 15 per day. Awesome, well there’s
only a few of us so we’re going to
enjoy these ourselves. – And do you mind if I
take a look at your gear? – Yeah please do. – I see you have
a tag on the trap. Showing that it is yours. Get in here. Buoy, same colors
as the display. Your number is on it. – Yeah I got that off my
license that I got from DMF. – Nice commercial weak
link, making it easier. And some sinking line. Alright, that looks good. – How about the escape
panel, is that right? – Yep escape vent triangle,
rectangle inch at 15/16. And are you familiar with
what a ghost panel is? – I heard a little bit about
’em, but not 100% sure. – Alright it’s when
if the trap is lost. Cutoff and you can’t
get the trap back, eventually there is a part
of the trap that is going to open up so lobsters can escape. And in this case you
have your escape vent is set up with these
bioferrous hog rings that after sometime they will
rust and that will just flap in the breeze and any
trapped in there can get out. So that’s configured right. – So that makes sure that this
trap doesn’t keep trapping and killing things
even if it’s abandoned. – Correct. Any other questions for me? – Not right now,
I appreciate it. – Alright, have a good day. – Thank sir. (upbeat music)

3 thoughts on “Knowing your regulations (part 8)

  • July 27, 2017 at 4:54 am

    He stole his gauge lol

  • April 8, 2019 at 1:14 pm

    Thank you for creating this series, super helpful!

  • May 5, 2019 at 1:12 pm

    know your overtime LOL


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