Magneto Attacks Shaw’s Ship Scene | X-Men First Class (2011) Movie Clip

Herr Doktor. Little Erik Lensherr. He’s here to kill you. What kind of
a greeting is that… …after all these years? Emma. We don’t harm our own kind. Ah, now it’s a party! This is the US Coast Guard. Do not attempt to move your vessel.
Stay where you are. They have a telepath. I’ve lost Shaw.
I’ve lost Shaw. There’s something blocking me. This has never
happened to me before. I think there’s someone
like me on that ship. Like you?
I’m sorry, a telepath. This is incredible. I could actually feel her inside my mind.
I’m very sorry, but I don’t think I’m gonna
be much help tonight. You’re on your own. – Oh, my God!
– Jesus! Get inside. Stop, stop, stop. Charles!
Are you okay? There’s someone else out there. There. Time to go.

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