Malaysia Fishing Trip: Kong Kong River Boating | FishingAdvNHF

It is 20th April 2008 7 am on the Kong Kong River, Masai, Malaysia A fishing trip on a small boat was made We headed out early in the morning Beautiful scenery everywhere Our first stop is at this floating fish farm We buy some live prawn as bait here After getting the bait we heading out to our first fishing spot We can see at the far side the Senai-Desaru Bridge is still under construction This reef area located at Johor River is our spot A Quuenfish is caught here within minute Next we landed a Marked Snapper A small Malay Eating House along the river here is where we had our lunch When our stomach is full we headed to the mangrove at Kong Kong River Captain Xiao Lee suggested to come here for some cheap mud crab This is a floating village for the Indigenous Native on the river Our vessel is a fifteen footer small raft with a Yamaha 30 horsepower outboard motor The Native caught these mud crabs and sold them at low price We bought five kilogram for our dinner later After the shopping we continue into the mangrove area Our targeted species is Barramundi aka Kim Bak Loh aka Siakap The style we used is spinning the live prawn and luring the fish out to take the bait Great place and peaceful enviroment Although we didn’t manage to land any fish here As the tide retreat the river become shallow and we might get stuck inside We shifted out towards the river mouth The spot produced some excitement as a Barramundi was hooked Too bad due to human error the fish broke free The Kong Kong River is a fascinating place for many anglers across the causeway It is also the favorite for anglers from Johor, Malaysia The place produced countless fighting species And it is so close to Singapore which the journey to there is less than an hour

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