Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard Steven Cantrell speaks about motorcycle safety

Hello everyone I’m Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard Steven Cantrell I’m here today ask for your help and
preventing a senseless loss of life involving our Coast Guard
members during the past two years 10 of our members have died in a
motorcycle accidents and many more have sustained serious and often life-changing injuries the
loss affects us all in some way and the fact that most of these mishaps could
have been prevented is something I cannot accept we operate in some of the most
hazardous environments in the world but by following policy executing proper
procedures conducting training wearing the correct
personal protective equipment and monitoring one another we enjoy an enviable safety record why
are we not applying the same attitude and practices to motorcycle riding? I know many have you find motorcycle riding to be an enjoyable and exhilarating experience but we must not
lose sight of the hazards and vulnerabilities it presents to the rider while some
motorcycle mishaps are of no fault of the rider the majority are due to lack of training
driving at unsafe speeds alcohol consumption failure to wear
safety gear and failure to comply with state or Coast
Guard safety requirements riding late at night or during early
morning hours is another causative factor in many accidents since doing so can
result in fatigue as well as decreased visibility for both
riders and motors May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month
whether you’re a rider or not we all have a role and responsibility
and preventing motorcycle mshaps the first up is to recognize and
understand the hazards of motorcycle riding today you’ll become familiar
with the risks associated with riding measures and strategies to reduce those
risks and state laws and commandant policy regarding motorcycle-riding throughout the year we will release motorcycle safety messages on coast guards All Hands blog that will
provide training opportunities lessons learned tools and strategies for
professional riders public service announcement and rider
testimonial we will maintain relentless pressure and
visibility on this the number one cause of motor vehicle
fatalities in our service wether you’re riding driving or walking these safety messages will provide valuable information to protect yourself and your family I
challenge each of you to become familiar with the hazards
presented in this training and the safety messages and to engage
your colleagues when you see behavior that could be considered unsafe don’t sit
idle or be intimidated by how the member will respond you may be the last chance to save someone’s life the time for action is now. together we can prevent this senseless loss of life Semper Paratus

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