Maui Jim Canoes MJ208 Lens Replacement & Installation Instructions

– Hi, this is Jason with Revant Optics. Today I’m gonna show you how to remove and install lenses in your
Maui Jim Canoes frames. It’s a rap style frame.
They’re great on the water. And I want to show you
how easy it is to change the look and functionality
of these frames. To remove these lenses, you
go ahead and pull up on the top edge of the frame here,
pull down on the bottom edge, and then push through with
your fingers just like that. It’ll pop right out, and then
to install your new lenses, you’ll go ahead and place the
outside edge in the groove first to make sure it’s
in there nice and secure. And then use your thumbs to
push the rest of the lens into the frame just like that.
And then just use your thumb to make sure again it’s nice and secure. And that is how you
remove and install lenses in the Maui Jim Canoes frame. To ensure you’re getting the
most out of your experience outside, we recommend
replacing your lenses if you have any damage whatsoever;
scratches, abrasions, cracks. You can also customize the
look of your sunglasses or pick up different tints for different lighting conditions at Once you’ve replaced your
lenses, we’d love to see a picture of them so go ahead
and post them to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, at #RevantOptics. If you have any questions about
installation, your frames, or anything in general, feel
free to shoot us an email at [email protected] and
we’d be happy to help you out.

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