Michigan Conservation Officer: Marine Training

Michigan Conservation Officer: Marine Training

Conservation officers use patrol boats
because we can’t always reach people from ashore we patrol all areas of recreation
not just you know hunting and fishing we’re out on the water making sure boaters
are doing so safely In Michigan we’re lucky enough to be surrounded by
water and we have a lot of inland lakes so a lot of the stuff that we patrol
needs to be on that water once they get out of the Academy they come here and
they learn how to use the patrol boats and it’s going to be one of their pieces
of equipment they will use constantly for the rest of their career this is the
basic marine school and basic is the keyword we teach them all the basics on
how to operate how to trailer and and of course there’s the enforcement part of
it too but we start right from the ground and work up we bring them out
here and set up buoy courses so they can learn to operate these vessels to
proficiently build skills necessary to get to where they need to go and do the
job that they need to do many many years ago we were on the back waters of Houghton pile
it was pitch-black dark we had our nav lights on and then we’re
cruising along and all of a sudden out of the darkness here is this pontoon
boat that’s coming at us with no navigation lights where we had to make
an evasive maneuver and by going through these obstacles that’s what they’re
learning they’re learning how to function from a recreational boater to
now a professional on the water that uses the boat to get many things done
the most challenging part about Marine training is probably the backing up if
you don’t do it a lot with the trailer and the boat and docking and pulling it
in it can be hectic and stressful I think the biggest challenge I
experienced during Marine training was just inexperience I grew up more in the
woods some people grow up more on the water so I think that that was my
biggest personal challenge being on the water in this state doing this job is a
learning experience every day once they acquire these skills they can only build
on them and get them better that’s why Conservation Officers are
some of the best boat operators of any law enforcement agency in this state
this is our job and we will do it right you

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