MMC Takes Part in US Coast Guard Training Drill

MMC Takes Part in US Coast Guard Training Drill

Part of the safety screening in the helipad
lobby by the security staff is looking for stretchers, medical supplies, ear protection
and eye protection prior to the arrival of the helicopter. They’ll come out, scan the deck for any type
of foreign objects or debris and then secure the helipad landing area for their arrival. [helicopter noise] For large birds, such as the Coast Guard or
Blackhawk, security staff will search in between vehicles and in the back of pickup trucks
to make sure that there’s no objects that could become airborne and cause damage. [helicopter noise] There’s two types of arrivals that we’ll have.
Typical helicopter arrivals will shut down and before the officer can approach the aircraft,
they’ll need to make sure that the blades have stopped spinning and that the aircraft
crew have waved them out on to the helipad. Military aircraft will actually continue to
run. It’s what we call a hot landing. They’ll wait for the instruction by the crew on how
to approach the helicopter and follow their safety instructions. [helicopter noise] When we’re approaching the pad, the biggest
thing is safety. Stay inside those doors. If anything, myself or the flight mechanic
can come out, give a rap on the door or if you guys are peeking through, to be able to
bring you guys in, once we’re in, settled and the chocks are in and we know that the
pilots up front have the plane secured, and down to the deck. Optimally, we never want to shut down on a
pad like this. Obviously, you guys have flights coming in and out all the time. At a minimum,
we can come down to idle, which will bring the rotor blade spin to about half-speed. You’re going to come and stick to the very
far outside of the pad and approach the plane at a 90-degree angle and we’re going to stay
completely away from the tail section of the aircraft. 9 times out of 10, you guys are going to see
patients come out in a rescue litter. All a litter is, it’s a big backboard, a big birdcage
backboard with floats on it. It fits on a gurney nice and we like to take it back with
us. We’re EMT level. We don’t push drugs, we don’t
do IV’s. Our main premise and our main goal is load and go and get them here to you guys
as fast as we can, as safe as we can.

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  • July 13, 2017 at 2:37 pm

    A ch-53e super stallion landing would be cool but I like the Jayhawk and the aw109 in this video. 🙂


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