Moving on board our Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45.1 – Sailing A B Sea (Ep.013)

Okay, well that’s the final load of
washing done, I’ve got to get this packed because we’re leaving soon.
Hey Baz do you think you could pack up the office now cuz the guy’s coming soon
to take us down to the boat. Yeah, I’m just going to get this final edit done
and then I’ll pack everything up. It’s been great staying here, it’s been
really generous of Barry’s brother Phil so let us use his place in Spain
and we really do appreciate that and it’s been a really good place as well to
sort of… it’s like a transition place, you know, because we’ve just made this
massive change from living our lives in Australia in a house and everything and
and here we are just about to get on board a boat that was just bought and
you know like it’s a whole different lifestyle. We are living on board a boat
and sailing and so for me, you know this place being a sort of cocoon place,
where we can just, you know do all our stuff that goes on inside when you make
big changes like this. We’ve been able to get into a nice routine, so we’re kind of
you know learning how everything fits together in terms of, you know,
making our videos and like chatting to you guys and writing our blogs and
editing and and it’s been lovely, and it’s such a lovely town,
and it’s so pretty and you know it’s by the sea and we couldn’t have wished for a
nicer place really. We just got heaps of packing, I’ll be glad really when we’ve got all of this and we’ve gone down to Mar Menor and we’ve got it all on the boat, we’ve got the boat cleaned out and and then we
can just focus on the next phase, it’s really cool. So if you’re watching Phil,
thanks hun, you’re a great brother. Well the time has come to shut down the Javea office of Sailing A B Sea we’ve got to get all this stuff packed away ready for
when the guy comes to pick us up to take us down to the boat which is in Mar Menor, about two hours south of here. But at least this time we’re not restricted
by airline baggage allowances, we can pack everything into whatever we can fit
it in and we don’t have to worry about it making the 23 kilo weight limit. So I’ll get this stuff packed up and the next time you see the office it’ll be unpacked and on board our boat. Are you sure we’ve got everything? Ya… No…. We’re now on our final trip south and about 45 minutes away from where the boat is moored. Our whole lives are packed into the back of this minibus and it’s a good job it is a minibus, because it’s literally
packed to the rafters. Yep, yeah just enough room for me to sit
in. I’m just looking forward to unpacking all of this and having it actually in… in the boat and then it will feel like our home. Yeah. And here’s our wonderful driver Simoni. Ciao everybody! (laughter) We arrived at the marina at five past
two, but Jose have just left for lunch. Luckily Baz had his phone number and
gave him a ring and within 10 minutes Jose was round and showing us on to the
boat. Welcome to our humble abode. (laughter) All righty! Well let’s get some light on the situation down here. That’s it. Right excellent. OK we’ve done it, we’re on, We’re on! We’re on!! We’re on!!!! Hurray. (laughter) Happy dance! Happy dance! All right. Must tell you a joke about that,
one day! All right let’s go and have a look at the princess suite. Are you sorted in here now? Yeah that is the last cupboard to clean,
we’ve started hanging things up, made the princess suite bed, cuz Baz gets his own special place cuz he snores really badly. So we get both get a better night’s
sleep if we have separate cabins. Yeah. And I get the big one. Yeah. Thanks Baz. It’s all good. Oh it’s great though, like there’s heaps
of storage, we just found two massive big, well yeah, we found a massive big piece
of storage there. This has got the two water tanks and then there’s two big
storage areas there. So stuff that we aren’t going to be using a lot, we’ll be able to put in there. Really deep so, not 100% waterproof, so we’re gonna have to put it in plastic bags, So we’ll keep those big, you know things
that the pillows came in. Right. Anyway I’m happy. OK well let’s go and make up the man cave. So this is going to be my man cave,
I don’t care because I just go to bed and that’s it. Not interested in how good it
looks. After the chaos and madness that was yesterday, with moving in and
cleaning the boat and finding a home for everything, I did mention last time we
were in Javea, just before we left it, the next time you saw the office it
would be on board the boat. So this is the office, this is where it all happens.
That’s Aannsha’s computer and that’s my computer. As you can see from over there, the wiring is a bit temporary and dodgy at the moment, but we’ll get something sorted out for that. In the meantime I do hope you enjoyed the video and don’t forget to subscribe, leave a thumbs up and most importantly leave a comment and catch you next time. Yeah, it’s all good. First night on board. Time to turn the
light out. Can’t even reach that. (click)

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