No 1 Tamil Full Movie – Mahesh Babu, Kriti Sanon, Devi Sri Prasad

No 1 Tamil Full Movie  – Mahesh Babu, Kriti Sanon, Devi Sri Prasad

Subtitles By Nithin Prabhu Enjoy The Movie GuysSubtitles by Nithin Prabhu Stay on Gautam Now focus on him. I killed him Murder I’ve killed those three
people who killed my parents No…don’t kill me Three murders Just now you appeared
in the Live TV concert. How can you murder right now? I can get the promotion now No Sir, listen to me Hey Seenu, make the FIR.
Ok Sir Raju and Ravi…you go
and reover the body In half an hour media
must be right here We should in every channel Madam should get
mad watching this. Who are you?
Who are you? Sir he is a Rockstar.
Do you think he really did murder? He really did. Look at him. He seem as hot as gun
just after firing the bullet. Sir lets wait till the body is
recovered and then inform the media I’ll not be in TV till
the body is recovered. That SP will be there. I’ll be just watching
him drinking the tea Go and call the media.
Its my order. Do you accept that you murdered?
It that true…do you accept that? For you all, Gautum is a honest man.
He is a celebrity But from now onwards he is a murderer
Killer. Beyond the imagination,
Gautam became murderer. Everyone is shocked
knowing about the murder. Time has come for Gautam
to sit behind the bars. After he ran murdering
and I hunted him down what is the reason behind
Gautam becoming the murderer. Revenging his parents
murder Gautam killed… Inspector John Badshah
chased him and hunted him. This murder revealed
other two murders. Police said, other two murder
was done in Pune and Ireland. Lets go and see whats
happening in real. Its not only the success
of John Badshah… Venkat?
Sir. Every channel is telecasting the Gautam news…
Why is it not in our channel? Sameera has put Gautam
news in hold Sir. Where is Sameera?
She is in the news room Sir. Sameera?
Yes Sir. Why are you holding
the Rockstar news? Getting ready Sir. What’s the matter tell me I say? I’d shot the exclusive
visual relating to it. Please give me some time. Visual expert are you ready?
Ok mam. Breaking plates ready?
Ready mam. Videos should be played in live
as soon as after anchoring. 3..2..1…
Go. The talk relating to the
murder done by Rockstar Gautam its creating the sensations. What happened actually?
How did that murder happened? That whole murder is
shot by our news channel. Here is the exclusive visuals which
are beyond your expectations. Subtitles by Nithin Prabhu Don’t stare at me.
Look there.RAMHe seemed beating someone.
But no one was there. He fell as if someone beat him. But no one was beating him. All he was alone He was fighting with nobody.
He was beaten by nobody. He surrendered to police
saying he murdered him. Though Gautam didn’t murdered but police
created the sensation and made him murder. So without killing anyone
Gautam became a murderer. This is the Gautam’s reality Here is no any dead body Sir. What is the reason
behind doing this? This is the things
that we should know Who are you, son? What happened dear? What happened?
Tell me? Mother…
Mother? Mother…
what happened? Father…
Mother… They killed them Where? Here…
Mother… Here…
They killed my Mother here. Here…
They killed my father here. Did any murder happen here? Muder?
Nothing like that happened… Why are you saying that Sir? This boy is saying that his
parents were killed here This boy?
This boy is always like that Sir. Whatever bus stops here, he
immediately gets in and says “here they killed my
mother and here my father”. He’s little mentle Sir.
Don’t take it serious Sir. He doesnot have
father and mother. Without killing anyone,
Gautam became a murder He’s little mentle Sir.
Don’t take it serious Sir. This is called interrogation
disorder in medical terminology. Comparing to normal brain, gray matter
is 25% less in Gautam’s brain. Means it reduces the
strength to remember. They thinks those things as
real which are fictitious. Gautam doesn’t have his
parents since childhood He imagined them to
be there with him. Whatever he do, that won’t be ture.
That’s why he imagined they were killed by those three
who are right now trying to kill him. Revenging them, he feel
that he killed them. As a whole he created
a revenge story. Knowing that all as unreal
he got very disturbed. You don’t worry. I’ll treat him. Now I’m going to ask you
something relating to your past. Do you how does
your mother looks? Do you how does
your mother looks? I don’t know. Do you know how does
your father looks? You don’t know how was
your father and mother But somebody killed them. At least do you know the name
of your mother and father? You don’t know. Do you know the name of the killers?
You don’t know. You don’t know the name of
killers but you killed them. So you killed those who you don’t know
and where they are you don’t know. It may not be true
that I killed them But its true that they
killed my parents. Every patient always says that No one will accept that
they are wrong. I’ve seen such cases many times What I’m saying is the truth. I’ve the medical reports to prove
that what you are saying is not real. What to you have?
Do you have any proof? It this real? Ofcourse. Damn it How do you know? Pain.
It pains man. As much you feel that pain
and believe it as real I feel mine too and
believed it as real. Why?
Why am I not imagining you? Why I’m not imagining you?
Why I’m not imagining you? Why I’m imagining those three? Because…
Those… Those three killed my parents. Do you think a chance that people
Gautam imagining are real? Impossible. What if they are Real? IMPOSSIBLE. What truth comes from
what type of experiment? Which truth affect
the which company? You are the one who knows that. What is that? Don’t you know to
whom you dare will take your life? Do you think I stopped murdering
after entering to the politics? Nobody can dump the truth. Because of you company products,
the climate is polluting causing the different types of cancer.
People are dying. They don’t have any alternatives.
So they are dying. You know the truth that’s why
I’m giving you two choices. Do you need money?
Or do you want you life? How many will you kill? One…Two or Three…
Or will you kill all? As soon as I called you came without fear.
I thought you were here for the money. I understood that you
don’t need your life. My friend has the
information that I’m here. If you kill me, everyone
will know about it. Everyone says when I murder there
will be no any proof because When I thought of murdering, these
types of accedent will happen there. Subtitles by Mr. Kaji Tamang Sir, again Rockstar case… If anything
unusal happens then sure suspension. Shut up.
Today I’ll get promotion. Hello…
Rockstar Who do you killed this time? Sorry. Whom do you
imagined to kill? They tried to kill me. Oh you imagined that?
It seems attacks did happen here. It appears to be realistic. But who are they to attack you? That one Sir.
Sir killed that one with the beer bottle, right? His men had came to attack him. But fearing him, they ran away. Lets go and catch
them who ran away. But we don’t know
how they looks. Sir what is he searching? What are you searching? Camera. What?
I’ve taken their photos. This time he is imagined
the camera too Sir. How long you search,
you won’t find that. You killed with the bottle,
but there won’t be the body. You take the photos, but
there won’t be the camera. You just will imagine that
and I’ll get the suspened. Once believing you
they called me a fool. Twice believing you they will call…
John Badshah… They’ll say that because only John
Badshah knows how this happened. How Sir?
How…? Means I’ll tell you Gautam broke like this.
Like this. Look it. John Badshah in Gautam’s
house with Gautam. They are telecasting
Jhon Badshah. Due to the suspension, John Badshah in
Gautam’s house breaking the things. Tell us.
What do you say? I haven’t broke anything. Everything
is done imagining by him. Go and ask Rockstar Gautam Tell us Gautam?
You did this all? Mr. Gautam can you prove that
really the attacks was real? Things doesnot always becomes unreal
when it doesn’t has any proof and vice versa There are also the truth
beyond the camera. Gautam.
Stop. Gautam stop the car.
Gautam. Real.
Fasity. This all might not be real But I don’t need any those reality which force
me to believe that my past is falsehood. Till now for what I
believed and lived After hearing that were not Real.
I became unable bear it. Thats why…. the people
they believe unreal which I believed it to be real.
I’m going near to that. Mother Mother Gautam…
Gautam… You’ll fall dear. Don’t run. Gautam… Stop dear Don’t run dear. Excuse me Sir. What’s your destination? How many flights are there? Mumbai 12:15, Goa12:20
and Delhi 12:50 I said stop… Where were you running? Due to use of seeds,
land is becoming infertile Animals are dying,
people are suffering Don’t make people busy with the interrogation
part, make them understand the matter directly Play next Side effects report due
to use of seeds Play the next scene Blood is coming from the mouth,
nose and other different parts Animals are dying. Nobody is taking interest.
God must come to save it. NGOS are saying about Hydrogen Cyanide
getting mixed in the seeds. This is the report.
Government should now… Its dangerous, right? Not only this, there
are many more truths. Everythings will come out. Guess what? We got the information about
the location of Gautam. Goa… Sea Rockstar I’m flying. At last. To meet you means I’ve to
come in a speed boat like James Bond. How did you know that I’m here? Your bad luck Sir. Media. They find
where ever you go. What do you want?
Just 10 minutes. Small interview. Don’t you know the
meaning of privacy? Where ever you go and disturb. Knowing the value of privacy, if I
hadn’t telecasted your footage in TV You’ll not be here but
relaxing in the jail. Just get out from here. Fine. I know the value of
privacy so I’m going right now. If you know the value of gratitude
then come for the interview. 5:30 Evening. Beatles Shop.
I’ll be waiting you. You don’t know about me. If you say no and neglect it
then I’ll jump in the sea. Why are you coming again? Don’t you understand
by saying once? How many times do I’ve to say? What coming again Sir? I came just right now. Its me Sameera. I played your footage in TV. You broked my cameera.
Do you remembered? Just now you came here?
And asked for the interview. That means you imagined
me coming here. Generally fans imagine about you. Superstar like you
imagined about me means… Urgently I should say this things
to my friends via facebook. Oh God
No network. Do you’ve wifi inside?
What’s the code. Wow…
So Superstar live like this? What a beautiful!!! What do you need? Don’t give the interview.
It seems you don’t like interview. Tell me… Tell me… What else do you imagined? What questions did I ask you?
What answers you gave? I didn’t have behave
harrased, right? If I don’t come to beatles at evening
5:30, you threatned to jump in the sea. Did I say that? So…thats my character.
My character. I too will be saying that. Lets do one thing.
Lets make your dream true. Evening 5:30. Come to the Beatles Shop. Not for interview.
Small treat for you. I’ll remember life long
coming to GOA for you. Please please Sir.
One coffee with you. Lets make your dream true.
Please Sir. One coffee Sir. Mr. Rockstar…
Remember it… A Star can live without AC but
can’t survive without fans. 5:30 Beatles. If not then
I’ll jump in the sea You came here? I can’t believe this. Actually I thought
you won’t come here. I’ve been egarly
waiting for this. I won’t take times. Just 10 minutes.
That’s all. Order for the coffee. Good idea. Lets take the interview
while drinkin the coffee. What interview?
You said about the treat. Generally people thinks
my interview as a treat. Are you playing the game? Because I said no
for the interview. So you are lying saying
about the treat. What treat? 5:30 Beatles. I thought you
came for the interview. If you want to have coffee with
me, then ask for the coffee? If you want the interview
then ask for the interview? But don’t act like this. Cheap media tricks. Look Mr. Gautam Don’t think that every girls from
India wants to have coffee with you We journalists come for the interviews.
Not for the coffee. So, thank you. You arrived earlier then me? You Rockstar shouldn’t
come earlier. The late the hero arrives,
the more will be the craze. What happened?
Why are you looking like that? Again did that
interview girl came? Did she again irratated you..? Again she tried to use you? I swear.
I’ll Kill her. Lets order the coffee. Lets have the coffee and
make your dream true. I feel like an angel. Actually… I don’t know…whether
we can find here coffee or not But in first meet, beer
won’t be good, right? That’s why I said coffee.
Sorry. Anyway I’ll try for it. I’m the real one.
You don’t have to test on me. But your touch is wonderful. What?
Yet you don’t believe me? Wait… Am I hot? Did you see that? They don’t
even want to disturb us. I feel like an angel. Where are you going? So you are imagining swimming? Please Please Please imagine
both of us swimming together… It would be good. Lets make that too true. What? Ok? First drink the coffee. What the hell? Bloody bastard. Are
you blind or what? Are you driving drinking
alchol or what? Bloody dog.
Stupid Jackass Do you think this beach as
your father’s property? Bloody drunkard. Oh shit. My coffe is gone. Shall I bring another coffee? What Sameera? Suddenly you
claim yourself too be hot. Do you know I
became like a dumb. Looking at the hot girls you boys become dumb.
That’s why I asked you. How’s my double acting? I did well, right? Journalist looks general but
Angel looks mindblowing. What is this? I thought you getting Rockstar
is hard but he is easily fell on you. What are you watching? How does Angel changes her
dress, I’m looking that. What?
-Dress change??? Why did you record this? To increase the TRP for
your double acting. Why are you beating me? Did TRP increase now? Stupid. What’s the Gautam
program tomorrow? What Sir? After seeing me too
why are walking so silently? Rather than staying free,
can’t you give the interview? It’s me Angel. You believed me that I’m
interview girl, right? Last time you missed
the coffe, right? This Angel will go and bring the coffee.
Till then you watch them and enjoy. I forgot something. I think I didn’t come to
GOA just to have only coffe with you, right? Then why I’m here for? What? It means I Love You
in Kokani language. I really like you. If you catch me right now then
its means NO from your side. If not then it means
YES from your side. If you don’t catch me now then this
Angel will not leave you forever. No. What “No”? Right now you said that… Awww Tuzo Moh Karta
(I Love You). What do you mean? As you said I Love
you in Konkani. Excuse me.
Will you leave my hands please? I’m saying to you? Mr. Gautam. Why do you
visualize so cheap about me? When I call for the treat,
you presuppose it as treat You presume saying me I Love
You when I walk near by you. What is your next plan? Will you visualize
our dating or what? Anyway you won’t give
me the interview. At least I want to cover it from a distant.
Won’t you let me to do that too peacefully? Mr. Gautam don’t visualize that every girls from
India will express their love to Rockstars like you We journalists come for
interviews not for dates. Actually I really
expressed my love to you But I can’t tolerate no from you so
acted right now as interview girl. Grils coming and expressing their
love to a Rockstar like you And you rejecting them
may common to you. But for normal girl like
me its a major issue. I really like you. At least give me a chance to
become your one day girl friend. I’ll keep it for my
life long memory. You are not real. You are just fictional. No no no. I’m genuine. You want me to prove it? Everybody will envision me as mentle
if I keep talking with you. I know you are not really here. I’m just imagining you.
That’s all. Go. Go. How do you know that
I’m just fictional? If you were real then you
won’t be here bringing coffee. You’ll be talking angrily. What? You all men are alike. They think our love as
fictitiuos and anger as real. Is this angerness enough
to prove me as real? Or do I’ve murder someone? Just…just 2 minutes… I’m giving you 120 seconds time. I’ll go and jump into the sea if you don’t
take me as your one day girl friend. Is there… Is there a girl? White dress?
-Ya Yes, she is there. One minute?
-Yes. Are there two old
peoples in the table? Yaa they are having biscuits. They are there, right?
-Yes You’ll die if you jump. I’m just fictitiuos.
How’ll I die? No. You are in real.
I know it. Really? How did you know? The two old people
sitting there told me. Who? No one is there. Rockstar Gautam interestingly
looking at rubbish. What Sir? Are you imagining
something in here? He is in Real. He is right somewhere here?
-Who? Oh! The one you
killed in Hyderbad? He too came GOA along with you? I’ve seen him throwing this CAN.
This is enough to prove him real. Excuse me. This one is also real. This is GOA Sir. Its very
common to have such CAN. This CAN might be common
but he’s not common. He has Mongolian face
with pony tail hair. He is apprearing in same pony
tail hair since my childhood. Thats not his hair style
but Mongolian cutom. Russian Mafia. No need to search
him all around. Just GOA is enough to find him. Instead of thinking him and wasting
time, you can give your interview??? One day girl friend? Interview? One day girl friend?
Interview? One day girl friend… Subtitles by yourRAMRAM KUMAR TAMANGThat means “How am I?”
in Mongolian language. Sit down. Whenever you find others,
“How are you?” is asked. But I ask “How am I?” How am I? Same? Do I look exactly
as you imagined? Who am I? Funny. Instead of asking who am I,
you asking me who are you? You too do joke. I’ve seen my killing
episode in TV. The anger in your eyes… Thank God… I was not there, so its ok. If not, you’ve killed me so brutely. Thinking that too makes
me so scared. Who are my parents? Why do you killed them? I thought of killing you
before you aks me that. The dash in the
beach…the boat… These are not the accidents. These are my plans to kill you. But… missed. As like your childhood. This time without any plans Get ready to die from my hands… Hello Rockstar… Are you here?
I’m searching you all over the market. Are you angry with me coz
I sang song in your tune. What a timing your
girl friend has? That time she appread
while you killing me. Now she is coming while
I’m going to kill you. Is she recording this too? No… no no no… I don’t like to
have proof system. I don’t leave any proofs. What? Will you kill me? Will you kill me if I want to be
your girl friend for one day? Its me… Looking good
scene around I came here. How many hours does it works? One bottle cap works for an
hour and full for whole day. Despite Tsunami too, the one
drinking this, will not woke. The relations value
between you and me…RAMSubtitles by KAJI TAMANGRamSorry Sir.
They escaped. Ok. Where will they go?
Maximum there are 10 Island. Go and search. Gautam… How come we here? What happened to the yatch? Gautam What happened to your yatch? Somebody put fire in the yatch. They again attacked us.
We excaped from the boat. Due to fire in that
too, we came here. Who saw the men putting
fire in the yatch? Its me. Who chase them?
-Its me. Who cut the rope? That too is you. Do I tell you what happened? You imagined someone
putting fire in the yatch. You cut the rope and
made me fly in the air. After that you imagined
someone chasing us. At last, you imagined
boat to be in fire and came here. Mr. Gautam. We didn’t came here
because somebody attacked us We are here coz you
imagined that. What I’m saying is true. What you are saying is not real.
And me too is not real. Sameera. Sameera is not here. You are
just imagining her. Thats all. Don’t you know the
meaning of privacy? Where ever you go
and disturb us. You arrived so soon. Actually I didn’t
expect you to come. Its me shouting for you. Won’t you talk with me? Will you just stay right here? That boat too left. Passing boats will
not care about us. Fishing boats will
be here tomorrow. Just stay one day
in this Island. You and me. I seems your “one day girl friend”
wish will be fulfilled today. Seriously. Will you accept me
as your one day girl friend? But you are fictitious, right? Who said that?
-You…yourself No..No.. I’m in real. Sit down. Stand up. Run in the water. That it. Whatever I’m imagining,
you are doing the same. You are fictitious. No.. I’m just doing
what you’re saying me to do. Exactly I thought of
saying that and you did. No… If you want then say again. I’ll prove me as real. Kiss me. Hug me. You are not doing as I said. That means I’m imagining
that interview girl. One day girl friend will’ve
done whatever I said. Tightly. I thought that looking at
the romantic scene. Sorry. I’m imagining you. I’m fictitious.
I accept that. Will you accept me as
your one day girl friend? I’m so happy. I didn’t thought you will
express your love to me. You wantonly played
with me, right? You know I’m in real, right? I know you are real. But I had to know interview
girl as fictitious, right? Then what should we do? Then I’ve to take your interview. It that so? Ok ok. Rockstar
interviewing a jorunalist. Amazing. Nice TRP item. come on. What’s your name? You know that. Its interview. Sameera. What do you do?
-I’m a journalist. What’s your covered best news? Best news… to record
your murder scene. Sorry. Recording
Gautam murder news. I got famous from that. I lost my name(fame). Do Gautam has the past?
-No. He’s just presumming it. What else did he assume? Many things. He is imagining
the interview girl too. That means interview girl is not real?
-Yeah This camera says that interview
girl is not fictitious. How much are they giving you? For telecasting this news. You are the first person
so close to my life. I thought you loved me? It would’ve been good
if your love was true. Don’t play with me onwards. I have my past and
that’s the reality. No one can make it
fasify. You too can’t. You acted loving me. But don’t
act like being in pain. It would’ve been good if
you’re really fictitious. I’m the first person to
believe you having your past. I searched for your past. Nearly 20 years back, Inspector Maule
joined that boy here. I too don’t remember properly I found alone him in the forest. He used to cry saying his
parents were murdered. After inquiring, nothing like that. He is first boy to run away
from our orpanage home. Thats why I remembered him. But I didn’t any proof. Why I did this all, you know? He strongly believes
that he has his past. He just keep on imagining
only those three. Not others. We can’t do anything about that. Then what can we do doctor? I’ll tell you one If we can prove that he
imagine other people too then we can treat him. But thats impossible. Thats impossible. No Doctor…
Its possible. Thats why I acted as two people. Whatever happened between us, if that
were real then how happy would I’ve been But in proving your reality
my love, became a lie. Which I couldn’t bear. So, its a recored
failure love story. Whatever happened between us in real,
turned to be fictional would’ve been good Sorry Gautam.
Good Bye. Sameera… Is this real?
-What happened? Is this in real or not?
-Yes Gautam. So what? That means attack too is real. Gautam. Listen to me? You don’t have any past.
You are just presumming that. As long as you don’t believe that,
attacks on you keep on happening. That is what I’m saying too. That attack was not
for me but for you. They are trying to kill you.
-So you are imagining like that now. Car accident, boat
accident, yatch attack… That too happened when
you where there… What they want is you not me. Why do they want to kill me?
I don’t have any enemy. They woul’ve killed
me if they wanted to. They wouldn’t have left me. They are coming for you Sameera. Its not safe to stay here.
Come. You know what? Real or Fictitious,
thats not your problem. Untrust. You’ll have believed
me, if you’d loved me. I Love You. I Love You. Enough? Do you believe me now? I believe you Gautam.
I Love You too. Two minutes… I’ll just change
my dress and come.RamSubtitles by Mr.RAM KUMAR TAMANGKAJI TAMANGRAMWhat are you doing?
They are my friends. Rahul, are you ok? Happy Birthday Sameera. We came to give you surprise
but Gautam gave us surprise. I didn’t thought they
were your friends. I thought they were
there to attack you. Sorry Sameera.
This won’t repeat again. Sameera…
I’m saying Sorry. Happy Birthday Sammera. Please Gautam leave me. Just go away from here. What you said is
correct Sameera. Nobody attacked you.
All were my imaginations. Sameera…
I’ll change…Sameera. Sameera… I’ll change. Who cares if you change or not? Whats the relationship between us? Sameera I Love You. Is this the reality?
Do you know what you are saying real? Sameera… that is… I can’t trust you Gautam.
You won’t change. Stop Sameera. What should I say to
make you trust me? How can I make you believe me? Fine. Your past fictitious.
You don’t have your parents. All is that your imagination.
Do you accept that? I accept that Sameera. I don’t have my past nor
do I’ve my parents. If I don’t come out now
from this falsity then I can’t ever come out from this. In the sorrow of having no one,
I pressumed them to be killed. In the fear of losing you, I’m pressuming
someone trying to attack you right now too… That all is fictional. All is just created only by me. Gautam… Right now too, I’m imagining someone
trying to stab knife in your neck Sameera. Look I’m not reacting anymore. They are staring at me Sameera. There are other people
behind him too Sameera. I’m scared they might kill you. Look I’m not doing anything.
Believe me. Look they are
beating me Sameera. Yet I’m not doing anything. Whether its reality or not… I can’t bear if anything
happens to you Sameera. Sorry Gautam…RamWho are you? Why are you trying
to kill Sameera? Why are you trying to kill her? Tell me. Tell me. Tell me… Gautam… Leave him. I know who they are. What is that you urgently
want to talk with me? Some one is trying
to kill me Sir. There are attacks
happening on me. Are you sure?
-Yes Sir. Do you remember that? 2 months before I did a program to prove the
effects of seeds from A-Jeevan’s company Actually my friends who proved Hydrogen
Cyanide in that seeds is a GOA’s best INGOs active member. Recently when I called him when I
were in GOA but he didn’t answer After that, it came to news that
he died in some boat accident. But before his death,
he’d called me Saying A-Jeevan cheif called him
to discuss about this matter. I’m the only one person to
know that he went there. When he died the day after
calling me, I got the doubt and inquired about the A-Jeevan chief. Correctly after that attacks
are happening on me. That means that’s not
an accident Sir. It was a pre-plan murder Sir. Fearing about the truth coming
out, he too is trying to kill me. Its his photo Sir.
His name is Antonio Rosarios. Have a look. Did anyone come with you? Gautam Sir. He is waiting
in the lobby outside. Do Gautam know this?
-No Sir. I thought informing you 1st as this
is related to the channel subjects. I lied him saying that this is due to
the investigate that I did in the old city Don’t tell… Not only
to Gautam but to anyone. What are you saying Sir? The same person Antonio Rosarios who
was a criminal in GOA Now he is a A-Jeevan Seeds
company’s chief, mafia king 5 minutes before, he came here. Armani Suit Ray ban glass Pony tail. cut in the face… Again he came. He is fearing that his political career
might get destroy because of this. Its for the news and reporter.
50 cores for me. He said he’ll let you to live. what if I go against him? You’ll die and I too will die. Seynore Seynoria
(“How am I”? in Mongolian langugage) Are you shocked? This is the advantages
of pressuming. Every time you taking out the gun…
its becoming boring. Small change… How is it? Sit down. Right now I’m not pressumig
any chair for you. Sit down. Fictitious I know you are not in real. Sameera told me that. She proved that I
don’t have any past. My past is falsity means you
too is not real, right? Shhhh… don’t talk.
Stay calm. I’ll believe you to
be real if you talk. I only talk. But Sameera don’t like talking
with you in my imagination. She has started believing
me thinking I’m changing. For her to believe that I
totally has changed then I’ve to stop pressuming you. I’ve to kill you. Doctor gave me this tablets. Said you’ll disappear
if I take this. that I won’t see you again. But I feel pain if you dissappear. You are here means my
parents too were there. I’ll have my past. If you are not then
I’ll become orphan. It would’ve been good
if you were real. But you are not… Just die. You don’t know why I’m
trying to kill you, right? Then I’ve to tell you my story. 20 years back in GOA It says me with my parents
travelling in the bus. Story says three villians came. One them, it says
you were the one. Says you killed my parents. Says I ran from there. Till then, story says you
have been trying to kill me Before I come and kill you, you
want to kill me, Says my story. This is my story. Revenge Story. How is it? This all is not
necessary for us. Doctor says, if take this tablets, you’ll disapper. What I say is, before taking this tablets,
I want to kill you by this bullets. Revenge Story, Right? It would
get the commercial ending. What do you say? Why are you taking the breath? You are not alive coz you are breathing.
You are alive coz I’m imagining you. Ok. Last choice?
Do you want to say anything? Its ok, you can tell. I’m
giving you the permission. Tell me. I’m in real. I’m Real. That what I’m saying to everyone
but nobody is believing me. Anyway you believed
that you are Real. What happened?
I heard some sound. I Killed him. I killed that pony tail. Now he’ll not dare
to come in my dream. Sond shouldn’t have come? Is he in reality?
Sameera is he in reality? Is he in reality?
Sameera is he in reality? He is real Sameera. If he is real means
I’ve my past Sameera. I do had my parents Sameera. If he is real means remaining
two are also real Sameera. He knows me Sameera. Wake up…wake up… Who am I? Who are my mother and father? Why did you kill my parents?
Get up..get up…get up… Tell me…
He had told me he was real Sameera. Its me who didn’t listen to him. who are the other two?
Wake up… WAKE UP… He died Sameera…
He didn’t say anything to me Sammera. He died Sameera.
He died saying nothing Sameera. He died without saying
anything Sameera. I’ve killed him Sameera. What shall we do now? Now two of them are remaining. After catching
them, the reality of my past will come out. What if its a coincidence?
I mean… The one you imagined and
him might looked same… May be he has no
connection with your past. Those three killed my parents. He is one of them.
I know it. How can you say that?
We don’t have any proofs. Do you remember the attack
before the night I went to Goa? Thats fictitious, right? From today onwards there won’t be
any fictitious in my life Sameera. everything is real. The attacks is real. That day I took their photos. Got it. The photos are not clear.
Its difficult to identify them. Go back. Zoom at the cell phone. Zoom at the screen. May be exposal problem. Zoom it. Total how many photos are there? How many cell phone
photos are there? May be 12. Save it. Play them at a time. Play it again. 9..1…8…5…4 6…4…8…5…7 9185464857 Pick up that phone. Hello…who are you? Thats what I’m
asking, “Who am I”? Who are my mother and father? Why did you killed them? What is the relations
between you and other two? Who is that third one? Just listen to me? Why are you trying to kill me? Why are you trying to kill me? If we had come to kill you then,
we would’ve come silently. had we came to kill you, why
would we come empty handed… we would’ve attacked you
not only got beaten. Yes Gautam. I sent
them to talk with you. They are not the goons, they
are my company’s cab drivers. After seeing your
story in the TV I understood you looking
me too as villian. Thats why I sent them to
tell the truths about you. If you’d wanted that then
you’d had directly come. I didn’t came thinking
you’d react like this. One who wasn’t there, you
killed imagining him. If I had come, thinking reality
you might have killed me. Anyway I did come
for you next day. But you left thinking
me as fictitious. Stop the car Gautam. 20 years ago… I was a cab driver. Driver?
-Where do you want to go Sir? Follow that bus. Where are you from Sir?
-London. London is my dream Sir. Its said almost all cab drivers
Indian there, right Sir? I’m trying for the Visa. If you
help me then my life’ll be settled. ok ok…lets see…
Follow the bus. Not you Sir. Your stop is yet to come.
Sit down Sir. I’ll be waiting you
in the car Sir. Gautam run…. Run Gautam…
Shot him. Kill that boy too. What happened Sir? Gautam… Don’t leave him. Sir..Sir…don’t kill him Sir.
He is just a kid Sir. Who are you son? Son Here…They killed
my mother here. Here…they killed
my father here. This boy is always
like that Sir. He immediately gets into
whatever the bus stops here. and says “here they killed
my mother and here father”. Driver and Conductor
there, was intellegent. They asked both when we asked for
them what they want, money or life. So what about you? He too is intellegent. This is mine. My
mom gave me this. How many times do I’ve to say you that you don’t
have your parents. You’re just imagining them. Go from here. This boy is always like that Sir. He immediately gets into
whatever the bus stops here. and says “here they killed
my mother and here father”. I’ve medical reports to prove
what you’re saying is unreal. what do you have with you? why were you in the orphange
if you’d you parents? Don’t cry. Your mother is not in the village.
She’ll come soon. I want my mother.
-Don’t cry. She’ll come. Don’t cry. What are you saying? He’s crying for his mother.
What can I say for the kid. Don’t tell lie to children. If you then, he’ll end up like me trying
differentiating the truth and falsity. mother… What’s your name dear?
-Chinna. Look at me Chinna.
Your mother is dead. She is gone forever. You’ve to live your whole
life believing this truth. Onwards you’ve to play
without your mom. you’ve to eat without your mom you’ve to grow on your own. sleep on your own. you’ve to do everything
without mom. mother… Mother… This is a belief that a
dying father gave to me. He wanted me to give
this to his son. I took it as my
resposibilit to handle you. Now I’m at peace. Its just a key. No any clues are here. British coin…
1992 Another is Rubik’s cubes. I used to play with
this in my childhood. There is nothing
importance in this. Where are you Sir? I tried so many times
to contact you. Are you ok?
I need to talk about one thing. I’m coming to London. Why so suddenly?
Right now here is no any concert too. I’ll come there and talk with you.
-Ok Gautam. Who is Michael? My concert manager of London. Whenever I go Lodon, he
used to take care of me. Looking at the coin of your father,
will you just go for London? I can’t leave even a small things
that are related to my past. As per the cab driver, the third
one too came from London. He is there Sameera. I too will come with you. No Sameera. I can’t loose you too. You are leaving me behind only because
of the love you’ve on me, right? Ok. Before you leave, I want
to kiss you as a remeberence. I want to hug just once. Again one more hug. Thank you. What are you doing Sameera? I’m talking with you. You can imagine talking
with me but I can’t. Right? Now onwards I’ve to live
without you, right? That’s why I’m practicing
to imagine you. Come… Lets do again. I’ll just hug once. Just again one kiss. Again one kiss.Subtitles by Nithin PrabhuSorry Gautam. I couldn’t
come right now. I got in an important meeting. I’ve sent cab to the airport and
arranged everthing for you. Hey Gautam. Driver’s
name is Gulab Singh. Gulab Singh. Mr. Gulab Singh.
-Morning Madam. Are you here for Gautam?
-It’s me Madam. Why is there your name
instead of Gautam’s? Madam, Gautam Sir is a Rockstar.
Anyone will recongise him. But Gautam Sir donot
recognise me, right? That’s why I put my name. Mam, where is Gautam Sir? Gautam Sir. Sir, me Gulab Singh.
Your’s cab driver. Sir, did you recognise me? Gautam Sir. Are you…??? Its you. I can’t believe this. Actually I’m your
songs crazy fan. I’ve been trying for you
autograph for so long time Boss. For that I came in your
concert in Hyderbad. Are you here for concert?
We’ll create sensation Boss. Actually to meet you is
my life time dream Boss. Where are you going Boss?
I’ll drop you in my car. Please. Come with me Boss. Don’t say anything Boss. Please. I won’t get this chance again. Dudu…whose bag is in the lift? That’s mine.
-Go then. Hey. My bag. Lets escape. Did you see that Mam?
How many Sir’s fans are there in London. You’re lucky madam. You
didn’t see ladies fans there. If then, they would’ve bite
Sir’s check like an apple. If you want to live then you’ve to
live like a star like our Sir, madam. Madam, its all coz of his
parents good deeds. They put guitar in our Sir’s hand. But mine put stiring in my hands. That’s why Dudu became
Rockstar and I ended as Rodstar. I just play with stiring. Hey Dad Mangal Singh,
I’ll not forgive you. Gulab Singh, do uoy have FM? Madam, are you saying to shut up and drive? But impossible. Dudu always sing and I talk. where can I find guns here?
-Guns? I got it Dude. This time you’re
using bullet sounds in the music. I don’t know the music
but too I’ll sing. This what I like doing
in my duty time.RAM KUMAR TAMANGI’m scared Gautam. I’m afraid if anything
may happens to you. Lets go away from here. Please Gautam.
Please. They did right thing by
trying to kill me, Sameera. It’s now confirmed that
the third one is here. Till now I kept on
searching them. But now they are searching for me. We both are standing in
the same way. Face to face. I’ll get him Sameera. Dudu. I called Michael
but is switched off. No any number is working Dudu. Whats the relation
between you and Michael? I don’t have any
connection with him Dudu. He is just my regular cutomer.
Keep calling only for the cab. Do you know where is he? He is out of my connection.
I don’t know where he went. That means do he have
connection with the attack? Only Michael know
that we came here. He didn’t come to the airport.
Switched off the mobile after the attack. That means he and that third
guy has the connections. First we’ve to find Michael. I don’t know where he is Dudu.
But I know where he goes.Subtitles by Nithin Prabhu.RAMBest Acting Movie of Superstar
Prince Mahesh Babu.
Enjoying the Movie Guys?Mother Mother Mother Fear is greater
then Love Sameera. They’ve been hunting
me since my childhood. I keep on remembering them in the
fear that they might kill me. But I forgot how my
parents look like. I remember the touch
of my Mother I don’t remember her. I remember the
Love of my Father. I don’t remember him. I don’t even remember their memory
having them with me in my past Sameera. I kept on trying. I kept on trying
since my childhood. When I’ll get the murderers…
when will I kill them… I killed them.
But all that became fictional. That’s not fictional Dudu.
You’ll really kill them Dudu. You’ll definitely know
about your parents. Dudu, though my parents
were always around me I’m that bloody who walked
without caring them. But, for the parents who you
don’t even remember you’re struggling so
much for them means… Its sure that you’ll know your parents
and you’ll surely revenge them. I became unable to catch
the one whom I found. Though I’m near to catch them but
feel I’m going far from that. I’m not finding anything. Though in the verge of dying,
your father left you this means it may have chance to
got some informations. Its only a cube Sameera. Only useful for playing. Its of no use. We are the oldest storage bank. Customers don’t comrpomise with us
to store their things in our bank. These lockers are also for storing. But the
size of main storage site is unlimited. You can put anything things here
from Toy car to Toyota car. We are very lucky gentleman. If you hadn’t come, then in
near future we would’ve to take out your things. That time you might would’ve been
upset for taking your things out. your key please. There you go Sir. What happened?
Did you get any informations? No.
Any information relating to the account? Number based account.
No personal detail. Then what was in the bank?
-Just a rice grain. Rice?
Rice grain? Why did you father
kept it here? might have some importance. Where is Singh? He went other side. Give me the gun. Gun? Attacks is going to happen.
Give me the the gun.RamSameera is missing. I’ve to go back there. Sameera. They tried to kill us. Sameera. She has to be in
one of these cars. Sameera… I took the wrong car. What happened Dudu?
-Sameera is missing. Who is Sameera Dudu? Oh that girl. You always used
to keep on talking to her. But you were always talking alone.
Actually there is no any such girl. Do you know his girl friend? No Sir. He in reality doesn’t
have any girl friend. What? No girl friend Sir. But he
imagine her to be with him. What? Self talking Sir always. Calling calling Sameera.
But there is no Sameera. Don’t lie.
-Its true Dudu. You’ve disorder problem, right? That’s why I ingored when you
kept talking yourself, Dudu. You were all alone
in airport, Dudu. Actually girl called Sammera
didn’t came to London. Don’t you know who is Sameera? Attack happened here.
They took Sameera. Attacks happened here? It doesnot seems here like that. Everything is normal. My name is Naveen.
Its my card. Do you know what you are doing? The man you arrested, Mr. Gautam.
Do you know who is he? What’s the problem? He is a very famous
artist in India. People are so crazy about him. He is a Rockstar. If the Indians
finds that you arrested him then in an hour, they’ll all
be around your station. Trust me…that’ll happen here. Sorry Sir. He seems to have
some psychological problems. Psychological problems?
What are you saying? What? she didn’t came? She did came to UK. I saw her in the
airport that day. This is a big misunderstanding.
I’ve the proof officer. This is a picture, I
took at the airport. Look at that. Now you understoodd?
So please release him. No inspector. He has many
chances to got release. What if we replaced your vehicle
with another brand new vehicle? That too beyond the security camera. My car is there Boss.
Lets go. Boss. Cool Boss.
You don’t have to take any tensions. I’ll help you finding
your girl friend. Come with me. No Gautam.
Come with me. I’ve many connections here.
I can help you. Just give me a
chance to help you. I got you released. You
see I can do anything. Come Boss. Give me your phone.
-Sure. Hi Dudu.
How are you? Is Sameera safe? Super safe.
She is right with me. She is taking the
photos of titanic. Dudu. Did our plan worked out?
Did anyone come there? Not only one but two came here. That means Sameera… I wantonly missed her. Who are you? How did you find me before
I knew where I was? You can’t kill me. Because he wants me alive. I need him.
Drop your gun. Who are you? Who sent you? Where is he? Gautam get in the car. I don’t even know the name
of person who attacked me. Get in the car Gautam.
Just wait one minute. Who is he? Who is he?
Tell me. Who sent you? I’ll tell you Boss. No. Don’t tell him. You’ll die if you tell him. This is the place where
you can find your answer. I killed those three
who killed my parents. When everyone is chasing
you, why are you after me? What did I do… Gautam, what’s this? Why did you killed my parents? 20 years ago.
-What are you saying? In Goa You were with other two.
Why did you killed? What Boss?
Do you remembered? Among the three murders you thought
to be fictional, one was Real. You killed him Boss. You really killed him. Do you know whom you killed? My father, Boss. My life Boss. My Father was my life Boss. I too is crazy about you.
About your song. Look at this Boss.
Look. I still kept your symbol with me
though I knew you killed my father. You killed such fan’s father. That’s why Boss, I
wanted to kill you. I came there in you Hyderbad concert
to kill you but got missed. Till then I searched you. Then I knew, you coming here. I followed you. I planned to kill you in bridge
when you were coming from airport. But again missed you. Today too I came in police
station to kill you Its paining Boss. Its paining that I might
die before killing you. Kill me. Kill me.
-Boss? I know the pain of
loosing parents. Whom I wanted to
kill, I killed them. My revenge is finished. Now remaining is yours revenge. But one thing before killing. Why did you kill Michael?
-Who is Michael, Boss? That means you
didn’t kill Michael? Why do I kill him? That means you
didn’t come to bank? That means you don’t
want the box? Pick up the phone. 20 years back, what’s your
father’s occupation in Goa? Taxi driver. Where are you from Sir?
-London. London is my dream Sir. Follow that bus.
Ok Sir. Kill him too. Don’t kill him Sir. he is just a kid. You need Visa.
You need Vis, right? He wants Visa, right? Who told you that I
killed your father? That day in the concert, my
father met his old friend. You are always my boss.
Come Sir. He too was in the car when
you followed my father. I started a new bussiness. He saw you creating
trouble with my father. 20 years back. In Goa.
You were with other two. He said that you killed my father. Why you killed them? I’m not the one who killed your father.
your father’s old friend. Due to the SINTO-1 company,
sides effects are seen Land is polluting and many are dying. This is not the problem. Climate temperature
is increasing. Fertile lands are
turning to infertile. In many countries there
is the scarcity of foods. World is going to face a
big food crisis problems. Golden rice with C4 mechanism. whatever the climate,
it can grow massively. The property that can
fullfill the world’s need. That property is
invented by SINTO-1. From now onwards, every types of
countries(rich or poor,having food crisis) have to beg before
SINTO-1 for the food. Sir, Gautam knew the truth.RAMHe can’t kill me nither do I. My Golden rice is with him
and I’ve his past with me. We need eachother. Your father and I was
Co-Scientists in same company. Not only that but
a good friends. Your father always used to think about
the welfare of peoples and farmers He wanted to do
something for them. After that we started this
SINTO-1 seeds hybrid company. But your father involved in preparing
golden seed in a traditional way. which I said impossible. Suddenly he came to the
lab to test the seeds. I got surprised
seeing the results. That was Golden Rice. Cores and cores of money was invested in the project
whose result was in you father’s hand. I said him to give
it for the company. He said no and wanted
to give people freely. For that he went to the Goa
International Rice Convention. I thought of getting seeds
killing your father. Joining Antonio there,
I killed your parents. After that I found, the seeds your
father gave me was of no use. There he put the
terminator gene. We got the information that
he hided seeds somewhere and put its locations secretly in the Rubik’s cube from the cab driver. your father wants you to
have that Rubik’s means you know about finding the clue. I sent my people behind you. But you were too clever.
You ran from there. The magic that father hided 20
years back, now son has got that. I got doubt when the bullet that killed
Michael didn’t wanted to kill me the one whom I’m searching is
expecting something from me. At that time I got the
clue and went to bank. In bank, I found the box
that my father hided. But there was no
seed in the box. Whats that there is
no seed in the box? There must be seed. There should also be the
details of my father in your story. I know that you are eagarly waiting
to know about your parents. Your father’s name is Raghu Ram. This is not original
golden rice. My father name is
also not Raghu Ram. How can you say that? You won’t kill me untill and unless I
say the truths about your parents. That means that
file is not real. Tell me where is seed? I’ll tell truths
about your parents. Finally what I understood is you won’t tell me until
I give you the seed. I won’t give you seed until
you tell me about my parents. The other truth that
you and I know is As soon as I give you
seed, you’ll kill me. I too will kill you as soon
as you tell me the truths. Never Ending Process. There is only one
solution for this one of us has to compromise. I’ll compromise. I don’t need my past. Means?
-I’ll kill you. Gautam I’m the only one to know
about your parents. If you kill me then there
won’t be your any past. If I don’t kill you then my
fathers wish will not come true. Till now I thought knowing
my parents was my life Now I decided to fulfill my
fathers wish is correct for me. Your father’s name
is Krishna Murthy. He is a Scientist
from Philipines. Ravindra.
Your father’s name is Ravindra. He used to work in Texas. not Krishna Murthy. I’l listen whatever
the stories you tell. Coz in there is my parents
in every stories. You’d killed him in every story. The end of story is always same that I’ll kill you. You won’t kill me. If you wanted then you’ll
shot here and not in other places. You won’t me. you want your past about your parents.
You won’t kill me. Its not new for me to kill you. I have killed you many times. I know what happens
when you die. But you don’t know what
happens when I kill you. That’s true. What you said is correct. I can’t kill you. I want my parents. I want to know who they are. I just remember my
mother feeding me. I remember sitting
in my fathers lap. Suddenly they said
I had no parents. All was fictitious. I cried. Till now I kept on crying. Tell me who were my parents. At least tell me how they look? How does my mother looked like? How does my father looked like? Do he looked like me? You had seen them, right? Tell me please. Tell me something please. Ok.
I’ll tell. First lets go to hospital, ok? I’m dying. You’ll always be keep
on crying if I die. I’ll tell every damn thing. Every damn thing. Where is… Golden Rice? Where is it? I’m sorry for everything Boss. You are the ONE. You’ll always be ONE for me. Sorry Dudu.
I’ve only one pain. You are returning without
knowing your parents. It would be good if
you’d known them. Stop the car. What dear?
Do you forgot the way to your house? I’ll sing you a song for you. Then you won’t forget your way. Ok? Bye bye bye to the
Peter’s statue. Hi to the white
swan in the river. There’s the road in
between the trees. Run Run Run In the field, there’s tower. Its so high. There’s a bridge in the way. Fly Fly Fly Then comes beautiful fields. Green Green GreenRamI’m coming mom. Gautam?
-I’m coming father Gautam?
-Coming. We are civilized. We are mordernized. We are globalized. Civilization is a great failure. People dying of hunger. Every 3 of seconds, human
being is dying of hunger. A man thought no one
should die of hunger. He was not a farmer, not a
biologist and not a scientist. In the desire to fulfilling
the hunger of every people It made him a biologist, a
farmer and a scientist. At every cost of
fullfilling his wish He kept on trying continuously. On the verge of trying,
he lost his life. But he achieved what
he has dreamed for. The Golden Rice. A Second Green Revolution. From now onwards, no people
will die of hunger. Today his dream is fulfilled. His name is Chandra Shekhar. He is my Father.Thank you everyone for watching the movie.Subtitles ByMr.RAM KUMAR TAMANG

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