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ladies and gentlemen welcome to the L
Z’s so good to see you again and it’s so good to be back in the creator’s sphere
and it’s been a joyous week for no man’s sky fans with a launch of version 2.30 a
further extension of no man’s sky beyond this week with the introduction of the
living ship update I’ve been playing it pretty heavily for the last few days and
I’ve got some thoughts that I want to share with you and of course anybody
that’s looking to pick up no man’s sky or pick up where they left off let’s go
through the pros and cons of the update generally and of course feature by
feature breakdown the positives and negatives of what we have with this
week’s updates first things first if you’re following me on Twitter at the LZ
tweets you know that since the launch of no man’s sky beyond last year I have
been sort of insufferably crying about the technical issues that I have been
having with no man’s sky predominantly with the core feature of the game at
being its terrain generation and formation I have been suffering with
endless bugs primarily in the way of falling through terrain and not being
able to land my ship on planet surfaces for up to full minutes while the terrain
loads beneath me and registers as a landable surface not sure if landable is
a word but it is now these issues existed all the way through the previous
update the synthesis updates and has made my no man sky playing experience
largely unenjoyable even though I did give synthesis a pretty good review
because it did one of the better things since even before Atlas rises no man sky
beyond was a pretty bad update for me which would probably explain my lack of
content creation upload here probably in the last couple of months well I’m happy
to report that largely my issues with terrain generation have been resolved
with this update I reach a hiccup here in there where it will take a couple of
seconds for me to be able to land my ship but it’s not even in the same zip
code as intolerable now of course grass locally to me still has problems loading
with a proper ordy and assets can take a few moments
to really pop in there with the new LOD specs and updates and whatever they came
with no man sky beyond as part of the optimization update to be a no man’s sky
2.0 but largely my issues have been resolved bug wise thank you so much
hello games that took you a very long time I want to say but thank you anyway
for resolving those now of course I don’t know if this resolved everyone’s
issues I’m still complying I’m still seeing complaints about terrain issues
on Twitter throw it in the comment section below if you’re still
experiencing bugs with terrain generation and asset loading but first
let’s get to the primary beef of the no man’s sky update called living ship and
that’s well the living ship I have to say that I’m really impressed with the
idea that came with the living ship it looks great the interior is phenomenal
the story mission that comes along with it is mostly good and I’m really glad to
see that hello games are expanding the ships of the game the game really
doesn’t have too many solid pillars when it comes to what its identity is right
it has its ships and then it has its planets right and then of course really
a third pillar being its potential which we’ll talk about here in a few moments
now after a few days of this update and even though I found some of the crying
about this particular thing on Twitter to be kind of annoying there’s a
particular element to this ship that is really really bothersome and it needs to
be addressed with most living things they require a time to grow and I think
that hello Games try to be witty with this particular feature in allowing each
piece of the living ship to grow and honestly it’s very bad execution how
they do that unless you’re finding a way to cheese the system somehow which I
know a lot of you probably did it will take you days to accomplish and even get
this ship as the game wants you to wait a full 24 hours in real time just to be
able to piece this ship together the unfortunate part about this feature is
is it’s not done in a particularly clever way here’s this
piece now you wait a full day that’s it this is particularly problematic because
it’s not really fun this doesn’t really engage the player in any meaningful way
and other than just saying hey you have to come back in 24 hours to accomplish
the next piece now I know there are any number of different ways that this could
be way worse than what it is but unfortunately having to wait a full day
in between increments for this is just fundamentally bad game design it’s not
egregious to any measure but it really isn’t very well thought out as far as
the player experience is concerned with all of the resources that this game has
at at this disposal with its inventory you think that they might have gone the
way of particularly trying to have you invest resources constantly into further
and maybe faster growing these particular pieces of this ship and you
really don’t get to see this in action either it just sort of happens so for a
ship to be this difficult to achieve and not very readily available and of course
I know that some will probably say that instant gratification isn’t a very good
game design either which I would agree but this has always been an issue with
no man’s sky in hello games that I’ve always criticized them for with
exception of the synthesis update hello games does particularly bad when it
comes to adding depth in their gameplay elements a lot of no man’s sky is pretty
much foundational material without a whole lot of things built on top of
those foundation if you’ve been following the channel you know that I
probably said that a lot synthesis accomplished this even just a
little bit with its ship scrapping and ship customization it’s the first time
in a long long time that I haven’t been able to put the game down even despite
the fact that I was having technical issues with planets it was engaging it
was fun it gave me the carrot at the end of the stick to chase so the living ship
aspect of the game while very clever and really cool
it’s just kind of mundane in its execution unfortunately now speaking of
mundane there’s also another primary feature that was added to this update
that’s definitely worthy of discussion and that is encounters in space one of
the biggest things that I know that fans have been asking for for no man sky has
been a space update a lot of things have gotten certain amount of attention over
the last few years but unfortunately space has not been it the living ship
update does that kinda with this new feature while your pulse Drive traveling
between planets or just within a solar system there’s this sort of random
encounter that can happen that you can optionally stop for or continue going
the choice is up to you what’s really cool with this is that it adds sort of a
functionality and a surprise that’s really nice and there’s many different
kinds of encounters that you can have with this new feature of note is the
ability to encounter encounter NPCs in space which isn’t particularly that
useful because they offer you the option to trade but rarely offer you things
that are worthy of trading for incidentally I have found it more useful
to simply just kill the NPC because it gives you man i’ts which actually is
something I have a bigger need for yeah whatever don’t judge me but about a year
ago one of the things that I called for in my no man’s sky 2.0 video before we
even knew no man’s sky 2.0 was a thing I called four structures to be added to
the game with varying degrees of exploration and interest this update
feature does that halfway it adds the interest but not the exploration I’m
kind of wondering if this is something that they sort of added as a fine enough
as a foundation for them to come back and revisit with the next update to
really flush it out which is fine I guess but it also leaves a lot to be
desired most often you can happen upon like gek relics and derelict freighters
floating alien species pirate bases and what-have-you but the unfortunate
realization that you quickly find out what this feature is that an
overwhelming majority of these items that you can
counter have almost completely no use one of the things that you run upon the
most is derelict freighters which have zero functionality to them you can’t
blow them up you can’t search them there they’re purely for aesthetic effects
this is a huge huge missed opportunity there are some items that you can come
across large cool sci-fi looking structures that you can destroy that
will net you certain useful items which is certainly better than nothing but
most disappointingly arriving upon something like a pirate station where
literally the only functionality there is is to destroy it and I have heard
that you can actually be invaded by pirates by doing this which is kind of
cool but I would have definitely preferred to have the functionality to
land on these bases and do whatever I please so while the new additions are
kind of good they definitely come with their own caveats and definitely they
should definitely look at something like the synthesis update is a better beacon
for the type of content that they should be adding in future updates the content
of the living ship is is great the opportunity that comes with the content
however is still very nebulous very underserved one thing that I will say
that I absolutely love about living ship and synthesis and I’ve said this before
but personally I absolutely do not want hello games to go back to the long wait
structure between updates it’s all well and good but the pros way outweigh the
cons of awaiting such a long time for an update versus getting an update every 60
to 90 days the communication structure is definitely better the content is more
themed and more interesting and every single time without fail with a new
update launched the game is riddled with bugs and thankfully after the end of
each smaller update like synthesis or living ship the bugs are generally
crunched much faster and much more efficiently than they are with a larger
update like beyond which took the better part of two months to sort out and never
got fully resolved I absolutely love the more regular updates from hello games
and no man’s sky and I can’t wait to see more I hope they take this constructive
feedback about living ship think about adding more depth and playability to
features like the new living ship and to continue to expand on the foundations
that the game already offers don’t forget to let me know how you feel about
living ship and synthesis updates has your issues been fixed did you enjoy the
new content of the new update put that down in the comment section below if you
thought this video was useful and informational to your no man’s sky
experience please do like and consider subscribing to the LZ as always thank
you for stopping by and we’ll see you in the next one

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