Norwegian Joy Cruise Vlog – Day 2 Sea Day – Alaska Cruise

Hey everyone, it’s day two on our cruise to Alaska on the Norwegian joy, and there’s so much to do today It’s a sea day. So check it out Hey everyone, I’m Ken from Northern Viking Explorer And this is my wife Andrea and we are on day two of our cruise on the Norwegian joy to Alaska So make sure you click the subscribe button. So you don’t miss out on our whole week of cruising. We’re gonna have so much fun Today we are trying to decide what we should do. We’ve got our Freestyle daily. They’ve got lots of activities planned that we can take part of but first we have to decide Where do you breakfast so let’s go So we decided on the American diner for breakfast this morning. It’s kind of an old-fashioned 50-60 style diner and it is free only for breakfast. If you do want to eat here for lunch or dinner It is a la carte So you do have to pay to eat here, but you get to sit in these cool booths that are inside of cars It’s just a really neat atmosphere. Now. They have a great selection of fruit some oatmeal They’ve got your breads and pastries as well as bacon sausage croissants and sausage muffins Mmm, that looks delicious Now the beverage station is Located close to the entrance of the restaurants where they have juice coffee a selection of tea and they have some milk there as well It’s a little chilly out here It’s definitely a little chilly this morning is It’s so beautiful out here this morning. This ship is really big We’re not noticing any waves at all but the seas are calm as well We’re somewhere off the coast of British Columbia right now You can also see there’s lots of people running around on this upper deck here This is where the running track is and it does a big loop around the pool area Then some crazy dude is gonna go on the ocean. Loops. It’s really cold. Yeah It’s cold there he goes It’s way too cold for this this morning So we want to go check out the Observation Lounge and Pleasently it is very quiet in here. It’s like people haven’t really discovered this part of the ship yet. It’s really nice There’s lots of seating available and we’d hate grab a coffee. Come in here It’s really nice, especially since it’s chilly outside It’s really nice up here and we’re crossing our fingers that we are gonna see some whales no whales yet? But also don’t forget there’s that Starbucks out here as well But if you want free breakfast, it’s also a great place for our Lite free breakfast. They’ve got the juices and coffees teas yogurt and fruit As well as a whole bunch of pastries and breads and if you really want to go simple You can grab some cereal here as well So Andrea really wants to win some jewelry and a raffle and there are not very many entries I’m going to make this box a little bit Why would I say it shake it everybody says shake I’m looking for First number is one six four eight Four nine I Didn’t win but hey, there’s another draw coming soon Oh perfect My favorite so we’re heading over to the atrium and the food republic is putting on a free cooking demonstration This is a paid restaurant, but they’re giving out free samples Here, what are they making today? Adria the action they’re giving us banana and marshmallow dipped in chocolate It’s delicious. That’s what it it was really good They’re also doing this cooking demonstration of how they make sushi they’re giving lots of tips and showing techniques on how to roll the sushi and which Ingredients to coorporate and the fun thing is they’ve pulled out an audience member to come join the show They’re giving her some guidance and allowing her to make her own creation in front of everybody Yeah, I think it was a custom creation. She got to make as well then you get to sample everything that’s made at the end It was tons of fun and you learn a lot being there. So I Appreciate them putting this on for us. Oh We are on our way to another draw but I did want to stop and show you this glass staircase It’s really beautiful as well as the chandelier is massive in this area Those three stories high, but we actually have to go watch a seminar on jewelry for 20 minutes for this draw I’m sorry. I’m really sorry last drop. It’s probably an expensive prize All women Can have you but Forget that your AHA’s let’s just go eat It’s just after 12 o’clock and we are in the savers We asked for a seat by the window and they gave this a nice little pointer spot and we can look out It’s really quiet in here right now and we’re gonna order some lunch and I think this might be a nice There are tons of options here I’m gonna have the popcorn shrimp And Adria is gonna have the chicken nachos and the stuffed potato skins and I’m gonna grab the Philly cheesesteak You can also have other things there’s a tuna salad sandwich Classic cheeseburgers they’ve got fish and chips Spanish frittatas roasted like a lamb fried chicken and a whole bunch more and it’s all complimentary except the alcohol I’m gonna have key lime pie as well for dessert Here are my popcorn shrimp and Andrea’s stuffed potato skins Delicious this is the chicken nachos and Here’s my Philly cheesesteak very scrumptious and the key lime for dessert It was really good as well While we are here, I’m gonna hide a duck and again, if you don’t know what cruising ducks are I’ll put a link below in the description so you can check that out. I’ve got a video on that It’s really fun thing that you can hide ducks on cruise ships for other passengers to find There are always lots of activities going on around the ship right now They’re playing a game with parents versus the kids and somehow they’ve allowed the parents to that It’s the kids of win this game. They will get a later bedtime. I don’t know about that I’m gonna go jump on the aqua racer waterslide Andrea says it’s way too cold for this but I’m gonna be a trooper and go do this you ride to Singles or doubles down there. Check out the guy working here. He’s wearing a hood. It is really cool Hey, here’s another look at the ocean. Loops waterslide You get a good view of it from up here, but I’ll jump on the slide. Here we go single on a tube He sharks, baby Shark dudududu there’s some pretty cool like see-through sides on this enclosed slide that you can go down. It’s gonna Psychedelic feel the water is pretty warm and the ride is calm but still really fun Was it a pretty decent speed when you’re riding in the tube? It’s a lot of fun Let’s also pop into the galaxy Pavilion on the Norwegian joy This is kind of their 3d 4d arcade that they got onboard and they go up this really cool Formula one racer that you can drive with these screens in front of you Great views on that as well. If you want to do it for the hand liner you can hop on that and Soar over the mountains as well You can race your buddies on these simulated race cars where the seats are moving around and if you want to be chased by dinosaurs You can jump in this Jurassic simulator where you’re going to be chased by dinosaurs driving around in the Jeep It looks like a ton of fun. I have excellent news Tonight there’s going to be a time change and we get to put our clocks back an hour One extra power You do know that that’s gonna come back to haunt you in a few days I think it’s time to go get an ice cream cone for an afternoon snack They’ve got a ton of flavors here including blueberry sherbert Kiwi sherbert No sugar added chocolate butter pecan strawberry rum and raisin Vanilla and chocolate and you can have it on my cone or in a bowl width often Peewee sherbert ice cream. It’s really delicious and we’ll whole bunch of flavors to choose from This little guy And after all that ice cream, I think we need to try and burn some of it off Wow Watching TV and staring off into the ocean trying to spot those whales that we’ve been looking for. No whales yet? I think it’ll make us feel a little bit better if we at least Try to work out in here. Let’s see. You’re pumping some iron I’m pretending and definitely no to the body fat scanner, especially after all this food and ice cream That is a big no-no Today, I’m just gonna stick to the treadmill and stay away from that machine over there So tonight is the Formal night, it’s dress-up if you want or not We made reservations for the Manhattan We’ll be headed there but also tonight is the big seafood buffet in the buffet tonight as well so maybe we’ll check that out and Show you what that looks like. I were on deck 7 just outside And if you go past the life raft, you’ll find this nice little area Very quiet and there’s not too much wind a nice place to get some photos before dinner and it’s quiet So we’re headed into the Manhattan for dinner We got our seat by the window And lo and behold the whales have come out that is right where we were just standing where all these people are you can see Whales off in the distance blowing air up into the sky. There’s one there Everybody is super excited. There’s another one over on the right-hand side and we were really excited to see these whales this afternoon it made for a very Special night and if you happen to get all dressed up tonight, it’s a great opportunity to get some photos done the photographers are out and all set up and ready to take your picture and It got warm. It’s now warm in the evening and the seas are calm So it’s a great night to hang out on the deck Okay, we wanted to take you up to the buffet the Garden Cafe and show you what they had in the seafood buffet So they had all sorts of shrimps and mussels different sauces to go with that as well as different salads and pastas Full of shrimp or different fish and different things. It looked really delicious. We were just so full from dinner as well They had your typical buffet. So the meats and pizzas and things going on as well So if you didn’t want seafood you can do that and they have this really cool ice sculpture as well for you to check out We just had an amazing meal at the Manhattan. It was delicious But the really cool thing was and I’m so thankful that Ken asked the bonus points there yes for a window seat and we actually got there a couple minutes early we had reservations for five and they open the door about five – and They seated us right next to the window and a couple into our dinner The captain went over the intercom and announced that there were whales on both sides of the ship And we probably saw 20 whale yeah while we were eating dinner. It was really cool and fun to watch and that dinner was amazing I have the steak your chicken when taken on it. It was a bourbon bacon chicken with sweet potatoes on the side It looked really good. It was really good. And what did we never dessert? we both had Boston cream pies, but yeah also gave us really good and know that Coffee it’s not on the menu They have like espresso and the Starbucks drinks But if you would like free coffee free coffee regular free coffee or decaf you can order it Yeah, we’re also lemonade we had lemonade and it’s not on the menu and that’s free as well So an iced tea iced tea yet. So if you’re into those you can order them up while you’re there and tomorrow What are we up to? We are headed to Ketchikan first thing in the morning, but that’ll be a really fun day where they’re quite early at 7:00 a.m I don’t know if we’ll be off the ship at 7:00, but we’ll be up pretty early going in there And so make sure you subscribe to Northern Viking Explorer. So you don’t miss out on tomorrow’s adventures in Ketchikan it’s gonna be a ton of fun and Yeah, I’ll check back in with you tomorrow. We’re off to but ladies. This is the music hole So we’re gonna have a great night tonight, and we’ll see you tomorrow You

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