Opelousas man dies in boating accident

tonight in Opelousas family is mourning the death of a loved one who died in an accident on the water in st. Martin parish it happened near the Beutler Rose boat landing just as Henderson reports on the investigation in our top story what started as a fun day out on the water ended in tragedy Amina’s companion had came back to the landing – at the end of the day to load the jet skis up he made a big wide circle was coming back to us a trailer fun own reasons he accelerated and fell off at a jetski the jetski went one direction and he never resurfaced other boaters in the area tried to help in the search and rescue but the man’s body was recovered shortly after the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is still investigating exactly what caused the 46 year old man to lose control he did not have a personal PFD personal floatation device on why he was doing this did he have a kill switch for a personal watercraft that was attached to family members gathered at the boat landing consoling one another as more and more family members receive the news it’s very important to have a life jacket in a bishop but it’s a personal watercraft or even a boat it’s a great thing to have on if you fall overboard you’re injured and personal floatation advice you can keep you above the water circles until help you is there to help you back into the boat we go back to land in Butte LaRose justice Henderson ke TC TV 3

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