Paddling with Kids | What Age Can Kids Start Canoeing?

With the appropriate safety gear and
trip plan, you can start your kids canoeing at almost any age. When we talk about appropriate safety gear, this really means everyone is wearing a
properly fitted, Coast Guard approved lifejacket. As for an appropriate trip
plan, this involves choosing a calm body of water that’s protected from wind and
waves and staying within easy swimming reach of shore. A large canoe can easily
accommodate two to three kids, plus the adults. Kids 7 years old or younger are
usually best off in the middle of the canoe or in front of the bow paddler. To
help make the trip more comfortable and fun, bring something to cushion the floor
of the canoe for the kids to sit on, along with some toys and the
ever-important snacks. By the time kids are 8 years old, they’re often ready to assume the bow position of the canoe and to learn some
actual paddling skills. Something to keep in mind is that they’ll need a kid-sized
paddle to use. Learn more about how to make your paddling trips as safe and fun
as possible at PaddleTV on YouTube

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