People visit Mokpo Port to commemorate 5th anniversary of Sewol-ho ferry disaster

one of the two sewol-ho ferry disaster
memorial sites that the current administration has promised to keep as
the now up Bryce Harlow ferry and we’ll pull now far from the location of the
sinking and our reporter one Jang Hana is at the site to tell us why thousands
of people still come out to remember the victims of the tragedy
now Chunghwa first of all what’s the atmosphere like over there right now hygiene as you can see behind me you can
see a clear view of the 6,800 ton ferry which sank in the waters of Jindo
exactly five years ago of today and yes indeed
today it marks the fifth anniversary of the sewol-ho ferry disaster and to
commemorate such dark history people have come to pay their respects here at
the Mapo Newport as the yellow ribbons flutter near the ports people visit the
area and sigh as they look out at the ship’s hull there’s been a lot of tears
and heartbreak as a visitors recalled the incident and I got a chance to hear
from some of the people who are here for the victims who died five years ago as a
parent who has children it is just painful to think how much pain those
kids has to suffer it is a pain that cannot be erased and that is why I came
here to remember the tragedy I have a seven-year-old child and I feel so sad
when I think of those kids inside the ferry five years ago those parents would
have raised their kids with such efforts as I raised my child now all right now
Tom when we remember that the ferry was brought to the port on a recovery ship
some two years ago now since then the remains of four of the nine unrecovered
passengers were found over the course of the three subsequent searches and a
search is now finished right yes the search of the ferry is now complete but
the pain for the families and friends of those victims will continue much longer
than we can possibly imagine we can see a banner with photographs of the five
undiscovered victims and as well as that those who lost loved ones in the
disaster still feel core questions surrounding the disaster remain
unanswered what caused the sinking and why the government didn’t initiate the
rescue mission immediately let us hear the frustrations of those victims every
time I come here I think why the government didn’t tried to sing them
they had enough time to save them but why now the government’s role is some
build the truth 5 years have passed and the government needs to help the victims
to get over their traumas but some say the collective mourning and relief
lection on the disaster has changed Korean society the recent successful
tackling of the Wildfire in kasanga Sokcho is representative of such changes
indeed some could say the sewol-ho ferry sinking has left a legacy the citizens
lives and safety should come above anything else that’s all for me
from Mokpo back to you

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