P&O Arcadia Ship Tour – A full ship tour of Arcadia

P&O Arcadia Ship Tour – A full ship tour of Arcadia

hi everyone and welcome to our full ship
tour of Pinot cruises Arcadia. This tour was filmed during a 14 night Norwegian
fjords Iceland and Island cruise in July 2019. Entering service in 2005 and weighing in
at around 84 thousand tons, in modern teams Arcadia is classed as a midsize
ship – however it has to be said what Arcadia lacks in scale she
certainly makes up for in style. As always we’re going to begin our tour
in the main atrium. Arcadia’s main atrium spans of a three decks and it has to be said
this is probably one of the most underwhelming aitriums in the P&O fleet,
probably due to his enclosed cylindrical design – however on a more positive note
the atrium has a beautiful glass ceiling feature which we really admired. On the first level of the atrium down on
deck 1 you’ll find the main reception here the friendly staff will take care
of any questions or queries you might have. Those looking to purchase a future
cruise should look no further than the future cruise sales office – you’ll find
two of these desks either side of the atrium. Opposite the main reception just tucked
in the corner we have the tour office this is a place to go to book your shore
excursions and find out more about your upcoming ports of call. Heading up to deck 2 you will find
Intermezzo, a great place to people watch bring a coffee and admire the view out
to see all at the same time. Not wandering off too far we take a
look at Ocean Grill. Ocean Grill is one of Arcadia’s select
dining options, here for a small additional fee you can enjoy sumptuous
meals created by Marco Pierre White. We recommend you book here early as this
restaurant is very popular and we don’t you to miss out. We dined here once and
really enjoyed it the service was fabulous as was the food –
we were lucky enough to have a window table meaning we could admire the ocean
whilst enjoying our meal. The piano bar is found on deck three, the
uppermost level of the main atrium. Here you can enjoy some live entertainment during
the evening and grab some pre dinner drinks – this is the perfect bar to meet up
with friends and people watch while soaking up the atmosphere. We’re now going to work our way up
through the ship deck-by-deck. Starting forward down on deck 1 we have
the Palladium Theatre. The Palladium Theatre has 736 seats
spread out over three decks and various arrangements even private boxes are
available. With all these seating choices you have various angles to admire
westend-style production shows, local artists brought on from your ports of
call and many other performances. Heading aft, next up we have the monte
carlo casino. There’s plenty of ways to test your luck with a number of machines
and a selection of tables -will it be black or red? Right next door the casino
we have the Rising Sun. The Rising Sun is your local at sea.Serving range of drinks
including a large selection of beers and beer flights this is definitely
somewhere you will want to visit. Look out for the pork scratchings they are
very Moorish and worth the minimal extra supplement. The Rising Sun is also home
to various quizzes daily bingo and everyone’s favorite karaoke! If you fancy admiring or expanding your
own collection of artwork look no further than Arcadia’s white wall gallery
found on deck 2 just next to the casino. During our cruise you could purchase
pieces by Philip Gray who was also on board showcasing his work and doing
talks. Just off the art gallery we have the
globe. The globe is Arcadia’s late-night entertainment venue that transforms into
a nightclub afterwards. As we’ve already covered
Intermezzo an ocean grill we’re now going to skip past these and onto the
spinnaker bar. The spinnaker bar is a comfortable and relaxing bar and lounge
area featuring a number of interesting ship models. This is the ideal place to
sit back and relax with a good book. Heading further aft on deck 2, we find
ourselves at the Meridian restaurant. The Meridian restaurant is Arcadia’s main
dining room which spans over two decks, connected by a staircase located in the
center.. The lower level is used for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and fixed
dining during the evening – those lucky enough to be sitting all the way aft
will be treated to fantastic panoramic views of Arcadia’s wake and out to sea. The upper level on deck the three is encompassed by Arcadia’s promenade deck – this level is used for freedom dining. This allows you to choose your time and
table size – don’t worry if there isn’t a table available when you arrive as
you’ll be given a pager and called when one becomes available. Heading up to deck 3 forward you’ll find
the Palladium Theatre which we’ve already covered so we’re now going to
show you the screening room. This is Arcadia’s cinema. You can collect tickets
for this from the library – just get there early as seating is limited. Next up we
have the ocean room and bay room which are multi-purpose rooms used host
activities such as arts and crafts card games and other recreational activities.
Serving costa coffee and a wide selection of tea pigs tea, cafe vivo can
be found right next door to the screening room – don’t forget to ask for
cake with your order as it’s all included. Next to Cafe vivo you will find
the well used library. Shopaholics will be pleased to find a
wide variety of watches, handbags, fragrances and clothing available in the
various shops on board – there is also the P&O shop for P&O branded items and
souvenirs. Heading past the piano bar and atrium we
make our way through the gin emporium and on to the photo gallery. During your
cruise the ship’s photographers would be out and about taking photos of you –
you’re under no obligation to buy to be sure to give them a smile! You can browse
and purchase your photographs here at the photo gallery. Arcadia has a full
wraparound promenade on deck 3, it’s the perfect place to stretch your legs and
admire the scenery. Panoramic glass lifts will take you from deck 1 up to deck 11
and are a nice touch often spectacular views out to sea.
Decks four to eight a passenger cabin decks. Our inside cabin was on deck six. To see a more in-depth tour of our cabin check out our inside cabin tour video. All the way forward on Dec 6 you’ll find
the forward viewing balcony open to all guests and port days it’s a handy spot
to get some fresh air and admire any port of call. Arcadia has wide variety of
dining options so overindulging is easy to do, but don’t worry as you’ll find a
fully equipped gym up on deck 9. A number of free and paid for classes are
available – an instructor is usually on hand if you need more information about
these. Just outside the gym you’ll find an
observation deck, this is the ideal place to cool off after your workout and
admire the scenery, The Oasis spa and salon offers an escape from the everyday
strains and stresses of life, recharge and unwind here by either having a massage a
soak in the hydrotherapy pool or why not indulge in some of the beauty treatments
on offer – don’t just look good feel good too!
Just be sure to book early to avoid disappointment. Right outside the spire entrance you’ll
find a sauna that all guests can use at no additional cost. Next up we have the Neptune pool, we’re
going to skip this area for now we’ll come back here when we tour Arcadia’s
open Sun decks later on. You will never go hungry on Arcadia, the belvedere
buffet is open 19 hours a day from 6:30 a.m. Here you can get breakfast, lunch,
dinner and other snacks throughout the day. You will find plenty of seating but
our peak times it can get very busy however provided the weather’s on your
side you can sit out at the Aquarius pool just aft of the belvedere buffet. The Crowsnest is a favorite bar on board Arcadia. Up Here large panoramic windows offer
spectacular views ahead and out to sea, in the evening you’ll find live
musicians playing giving the bar a relaxed ambience – a perfect place to sit back
relax and what a world go by with a cocktail in hand. Just off the Crowsnest on the starboard
side you’ll find the Viceroy room, a multi-purpose function room used to
presentations and ceremonies at sea. The retreat and like its namesake on
other P&O ships is a multi-purpose room used for dance classes and other
indoor functions found on deck 10 midship just beneath each restaurant and
bar. Heading up to deck 11 we have the East
bar and restaurant. The East bar is the ideal place to go and get some
pre-dinner drinks before heading in the restaurant next door.
Large forward-facing windows overlook the neptune pool as well as offering views
ahead and out to sea. Next to the East bar we have The Sindhu at
East restaurant. Sindhu is our favorite select dining
restaurant on any P&O ship and it certainly didn’t disappoint us on
Arcadia. Here you will find authentic Indian cuisine with a British twist,
perfectly balanced spices combined with opulent deco in this popular select
dining venue, open for breakfast for suite guests, a Tiffin lunch on sea days
and offeing a popular evening menu – but booking early is essential. Let’s take a look
at Arcadia’s open decks. Acadia has ample amounts of open deck
space ideal for sun worshippers or those who just want to sit back and relax.
There’s a large sunbathing area forward just beneath the mast, next up we have the Neptune pool. The Neptune pool features a retractable
glass roof so can be used in any weather rain or shine. Here you also find three whirl pools, a
Neptune bar and Neptune grill. The bar serves refreshments and ice creams and
the grill serves a range of burgers, hot dogs and tasty snacks. Heading up you find another Sun Deck, this
area can be found above the East restaurant and just forward of Arcadia’s funnel. Continuing out along deck 10, on either
side of the funnel you win deck games such as deck quoits and shuffleboard –
but if you feel a little more energetic you’ll be pleased to know there’s a
sports court and golf nets availablable tucked up just behind the funnel. Right at the back of the ship on Dec 9
you’ll find the Aquarius pool and bar. The Aquarius pool is deeper than the
Neptune pill and also features two whirl pools, alongside the bar on opposite
you’ll find some sheltered seat in ideal if you want to escape the Sun – however
there’s also plenty of sun loungers available too! We hope you’ve enjoyed
this tour and found it really useful – if you did, please give the video a like and
remember to subscribe to our channel so you can stay up to date with our latest
videos. Enjoy your cruise!

9 thoughts on “P&O Arcadia Ship Tour – A full ship tour of Arcadia

  • September 20, 2019 at 9:55 pm

    We had an amazing cruise on Arcadia to Norway, Iceland and Ireland, if you have any questions, please drop them below and we’ll be more than happy to help.

  • September 21, 2019 at 7:05 pm

    Fantastic video, you're getting better and better. This is our favourite ship in the P&O fleet so it was great to see it after the recent refurbishment. Time to book on her again 😀

  • September 22, 2019 at 9:49 pm

    Fab video guys! Arcadia is the only P&O ship we haven’t been on yet. Maybe one day soon 🤞😊

  • September 28, 2019 at 12:47 pm

    Hey guys! Great video. I’ve always wondered what P&O ships look like and have inside. Seems like a cross between Carnival and Princess mixed together. I love it 🙂

  • October 12, 2019 at 6:23 pm

    Excellent tour! Not sure what’s worse though, white chocolate or the gym (don’t care for either 😆).

    I think my wife would find me in the Crows Nest… I really like that place.

  • October 20, 2019 at 4:30 am

    Guys, why the need for constant panning? For me, it spoilt an otherwise good video

  • November 3, 2019 at 8:32 pm

    Done two cruises on Arcadia both 24 day duration, in general not a bad ship BUT the Belvedere restaurant is just a wind tunnel very difficult to get somewhere comfortable to eat away from a really bad and I mean bad draught many complaints about it from fellow passengers. What to say about the Palladium theatre think it was designed by two drunks on the back of a fag packet, massive columns in front of some seats, silly swivel chairs and couches down the front which took up additional space, if they showed a film in there as they did on both our trips DONT sit too far back as you will only see half the screen because the upper deck is so low it obstructs the view. On our first cruise there was a very strong smell of sewage on the starboard side by the art gallery both inside and on deck, think this was caused by the inside toilet by the gallery unbelievably the same problem is still there three years later. Would we sail on her again? No definitely not , a shame because as I said earlier she is or could be a nice ship.

  • November 5, 2019 at 8:27 pm

    Nice video, Just got off Aurora and waiting now for July 5th for Arcadia. Counting the days down already 🙂

  • November 14, 2019 at 10:55 pm

    Loving all your updates fellas, my good lady wife and myself are going on our first cruise in less than two weeks on J918 and all your videos have been most helpful in what to expect. Cheers. 🙂


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