P&O Britannia Cruise Ship – Full HD Tour of P&O Cruises Flagship Britannia

P&O Britannia Cruise Ship – Full HD Tour of P&O Cruises Flagship Britannia

Hi everybody it’s Chris Frame here I’m
in Southampton. It’s a cold and wet day out here but we’re going to go on board
Britannia and check out the P&O flagship. So come with me let’s take a
tour of Britannia. And if you enjoy videos like this I
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including tours of Oriana, Aurora, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary 2 – and many many
more. Welcome aboard Britannia. So let’s go and
have a look at the first thing you might be interested in when you board your
cruise ship and that is the cabins. I know I’m always interested to see what
my cabin looks like when I get on board the ship. Britannia is interesting
because she doesn’t have any standard outside cabins in fact they’re all
either inside cabins with no view or balcony cabins which you can see here.
And this is because of the ship’s design where all of the cabins with a view are
above the lifeboats, giving a great deal of space for the balconies. So there
are a variety of different cabin categories including the standard
balcony cabins which is configured in different layouts, some do come with a
sofa and some don’t. Britannia also has a selection of inside
cabins and these are cabins that are very similar in standards to the
balconies but a little bit smaller and don’t have a view. We head up to B-Deck
and the cabins start to get pretty special here. This is the superior deluxe balcony
cabin and it has a lot more space than the standard balcony cabins. It has a
separate seating area very spacious bedroom and a beautifully appointed
bathroom as well as a shower over bath, so whether you prefer to take a shower
prefer to take a bath you will be satisfied here, in the superior deluxe cabin and category. In terms of the Suites, well all of the suites have
names that are named after old P&O and Orient Line ships, famous ships such as
the Artemis, which you could see in this cabin. They do have more space than the
standard balcony cabins and the superior balcony cabins with a separate seating
area and the couch there. As well as this all of the cabins come with tea and
coffee making facilities with the espresso coffee machines in the Suites.
So embarkation to Britannia was down on Deck 5 on my visit to the ship and
this meant that we were entering near Explorers which is this shore tour office. Taking a turn from the entrance of the ship we can make our way into the Oasis Spa the
Oasis Spa is located on Deck 5 unlike many cruise ships which usually have the
spa up the front with a sweeping view over the forward end of the ship, Britannia utilizes a space down in the ship. There are still views from windows
that look out onto the ocean but the spa facility itself is extremely large and
has lots of different amenities including treatment rooms a small
lecture theatre and places for people to enjoy massages and other therapies. The
location in the ship means that they can utilize a lot of space and so it was
very spacious a very well-appointed area. Now let’s head up one of Britannia’s
many staircases to have a look at the dining options on board the ship… “What’s the food like?” is one of the most
common questions I get when I go cruising, particularly when I come home
and talk about that cruise experience with friends and family who might be
thinking about doing their own trip. P&O’s Britannia is not going to disappoint
there’s a number of different choices and what you can see here is a Peninsula
Dining Room which is one of her freedom dining options. This means that you turn
up when you’re ready for your meal within the restaurant opening times, and
you get seated at a table that’s available for you at that time. If you’re
after something more formal the Oriental Restaurant is another option. This is a
set seating option you will need to allocate yourself to this restaurant
when you make your booking by selecting the formal or ‘set seating’ option when
you make your reservation onboard Britannia. This space also is beautifully
decorated and both those restaurants Peninsular and Oriental are named after
the names that form the P and the O in P&O Cruises – Peninsular and Oriental
which date back to the early years of the Peninsular and Oriental Steam
Navigation Company. Another freedom dining option onboard Britannia is the
Meridian Restaurant and here again you can turn up to the restaurant when you
are ready for your meal and get allocated to a table that is available
for you at that time. At all the restaurants that we’ve shown so far have
a table service; it’s a ala carte service where you
choose off a detailed menu which includes some of P&O ‘s favorites from
its years of service as well as more contemporary cuisine as well. If you’re
looking for something more casual the Horizon Restaurant is Britannia’s al
fresco or buffet restaurant. This restaurant is located high atop the ship
with beautiful views from the large windows that allow you a fantastic vista
of the ocean and cruise ports that the Britannia will be visiting. Towards the aft end of Horizon a section
can be cordoned off to form the Beach House. The Beach House is an extra tariff
restaurant that opens in the evenings, it has its own unique menu and you can make a reservation here check out the menu options and enjoy an extra-special
dinner in this space again enjoying those views of the ocean from the large
window. Speaking of an extra-special experience in Sindhu is one of the most
famous restaurants for the P&O Cruises fleet, it is an extra tariff restaurant
that is housed on board all of the P&O vessels and it’s done to a great effect
on board Britannia. Located on Deck 7, it is a large and spacious place and
specializes in Indian cuisine. The interior is uniquely decorated in a
theme that isn’t found throughout the rest of the ship so it gives us the
restaurant a really good sense of space. There’s plenty of tables for two four
six and eight, so you can really enjoy an intimate dinner here or a larger
gathering if you have a larger group. Britannia offers a number of different
casual and our fresco dining experiences including the Lido Pool Grill which is
an open deck restaurant where you can get fresh to order grill food; including
burgers and other snacks that you might enjoy around the swimming pool. And then
we head down to Deck 7 where you’ll find another one of P&O’s
signature experiences. The Glass House is done to a great effect here on Britannia
being located near the ‘Atrium Well’ it gives a great central location, and this
restaurant specializes in pairing wines with a very delicious menu, to create
quite a nice experience. Now speaking of unique experiences onboard the ship the
Epicurean Restaurant is something that’s been added to Britannia, it was
originally on the deck plans as the ‘fine dining restaurant’ so it’s an extra
tariff space and it’s a formal experience here, in a very nice decor
with views over the side of the ship thanks those large windows. So let’s check out some of the
entertainment options onboard the Britannia, and no cruise would be the
same without all the entertainment that’s available for passengers to enjoy. Britannia’s signature entertainment space is the Headliners Theater it can
hold 936 people and is where you’ll find all of the high-quality production shows.
There’s also The Studio which is a multifunctional multi-purpose venue. This
can be used for smaller entertainment options smaller shows as well as cooking
and meal demonstrations and is also an alternate lecture venue for Britannia’s
lecture program. If cabaret shows or live comedy are more
your style then you’ll enjoy the Live Lounge, located at the aft end of
Deck 7. This is one of Britannia’s main evening entertainment venues, and you’ll
find an intimate space even though the room is very large, and this is made possible thanks to the split-level arrangement that they’ve created here, with the
seating are placed throughout the room. The back-lit wall panels and lighting
gives it the sense of ‘something specials about to happen here’, and you’ll get
drinks service from the nearby bar or a table service before the show start. The
Limelight Club is a really great idea, it combines a live music entertainment
venue with a meals and drinks servers, so you can sit down enjoy the entertainment
and have not only a drink but also something to eat. It’s a very popular
place on board Britannia. Now if you’re into dancing head to The Crystal Room,
the large dance floor here is extremely popular on the sea days, particularly in
the evenings and there’s a drink service as well and lots of tables and chairs
for you to sit down at. Now let’s head up on deck and have a look at some of
Britannia’s on deck amenities. This includes a series of swimming pools such
as the Lido Pool which is located near the Lido Grill and here you can also
find afternoon tea served when the ship is sailing in pleasant weather. Like all
P&O ships, Britannia has an ice-cream bar and it’s served by Jude’s
ice cream. Another one of the large swimming pools
on board the ship is a Riviera Pool and here it’s located just aft of the Lido
Pool with a view of Britannia’s giant blue funnel – in fact Britannia has two
funnels both of them painted blue and she was the first ship to be designed
for P&O with the blue funnel color in mind. This of course replaced the buff
color funnels that had been famous for P&O – let me know which you prefer in the
comments below… The Reef is the kids entertainment area and children and
teens will really enjoy the amenities here, not only is there a great deal of
outdoor entertainment space on board the ship for the children to enjoy but
there’s also indoor entertainment spaces and cruise staff who are specially trained
to look after the kids. Now although Britannia is the largest ship in the P&O
Cruises fleet she also has the smallest swimming pool in the P&O cruises fleet –
this is the Terrace Pool and it’s the smallest swimming pool I have ever seen
on the passenger ship, but not to worry Britannia has a lot of other swimming
pools for you to choose from so you won’t miss out. There’s another pool
called The Serenity Pool it’s also got its own bar and this is located in the
adults-only part of the ship near the Retreat, on the top decks of Britannia
towards the bow. And here’s the Retreat it’s again an adult’s only area and
you’ll enjoy some quiet and peace away from the kids as well as having access
to whirlpool spas. Moving back inside the ship and there are a number of smaller
function rooms that you can also enjoy/ The Ivory Suite is used for renewal of
vows ceremonies as Britannia being registered in Southampton cannot host
weddings onboard. The other small functional room on board
the ship is the Marlow Suite and is named after former P&O cruises leader, Carol Marlow. It’s used to hold small functions, small
events as part of the enrichment program as well as card games. I was really happy
to see a reference to Brodie Magee Wilcox in the name of Brodie’s Bar on board
Britannia. Brodie Magee Wilcox was one of the two founders of the P&O Steam
Navigation Company; he along with Arthur Andersen formed P&O and were able to
span the company across the British Empire. Arthur Andersen is referenced on
many of the P&O ships with the Andersons Bar but on Britannia it’s nice
to see a reference to Brodie Magee Wilcox with Brodies. Brodies leads through two
Britannia’s casino which is smaller than you might think for a ship of this size
but it does seem to be a trait on board the P&O cruises ships, another really
popular location on Britannia is the Crow’s Nest Bar the forward facing
observation bar. This is a trait of P&O Cruises ships and it was found on board
P&O’s Canberra – one of the most famous ships of the P&O cruises fleet. The
Crow’s Nest on board Britannia is beautifully decorated in a nautical
theme. It has magnificent views over the bow of the ship as well as the port and
starboard sides and there’s attentive bar service a comfortable seating
throughout this space. Perhaps the most talked about and definitely one of the
most photographed areas of Britannia is the atrium. And that’s thanks to this
fantastic spire which goes down the center of the room and creates a great
focal point. This three-story atrium spans from Deck 7 to Deck 5 and it’s connected by this spiral staircase. Throughout the atrium area you’ll find a
variety of different dining options including the Java Cafe which has a view
over the Atrium Well and coffee thanks to Costa Coffee. The cafe also offers a
view over a small decking area which forms part of Britannia’s promenade.
Unlike most cruise ships Britannia does not have a proper promenade deck or a
boat deck of any kind. On the Deck Five level of the atrium you’ll find the art
gallery which has on display art from a number of different artists. If you make a
purchase on board the ship the art will be shipped to your home. The Blue Bar is another one of
Britannia’s atrium locations and this is a funky cocktail bar; it’s very popular
in the evenings onboard the ship. And the final room we’ll look at in today’s
video is the Market Cafe; this is located near the embarkation and disembarkation
port on the ship and as a result of this it’s very popular when you embark the
ship for the first coffee of your cruise and also as a place to wait when you’re
leaving Britanni. So there she is The P&O flagship Britannia the largest
ship of the P&O cruises fleet – what did you think of Britannia from this video
please let me know in the comments below. Have you sailed onboard Britannia? Is
there anything that I’ve missed or would you like to share your thoughts of the
ship please do in the comments. If you did like this video please don’t forget
to give it a thumbs up and I invite you to subscribe to my channel for more
content like this on cruise ships, ocean liners, maritime history and aviation. So
thanks so much for watching and until next time I hope to see you onboard. (music)

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  • August 6, 2019 at 6:36 am

    Hey everyone! Thanks so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this tour of Britannia. Have you cruised on Britannia before? What did you think of the ship? Also my apologies for the typo on ‘Tariff’ – never copy & paste a caption as it can make a typo so much worse and I hope it doesn’t bother you too much! Britannia is a pretty big ship, but felt really nicely laid out – though I do think all ships should have a promenade / boat deck! Thanks again for watching.

  • August 6, 2019 at 9:41 am

    Not having a proper promenade deck has made this ship a non-starter..we do love them!

  • August 6, 2019 at 2:16 pm

    Many thanks am due back on Britannia soon and got me in the mood remembering all the lovely places to eat but you didn’t show the hydrotherapy suite how come ?

  • August 6, 2019 at 6:16 pm

    Thanks to Carnival, P&O lost it's unique cruising experience some years ago! A great pity seeing all of their great ships slowly going the same way and losing their identity.
    The buff funnel's were a famous sight to see in many far away places but this has been stripped away for a rather dull paint job!
    The Union Jack plastered all over the bow of the fleet is also a little cheap and embarrassing. Cruising used to be an adventure but now 'valued passengers' (guests) are mainly cash processed whilst on board which is another american idea! I have cruised with P&O and Princess for many years and loved it dearly but sadly, in my opinion, things have not improved.
    The ships are now getting too big, carrying too many people, although I would say the interior design of many public spaces on board are excellent, along with the wider choice of entertainment and eating venues. A P&O cruise used to be a perfect holiday, with the chance to dress up some nights – where else can you do that? The emphasis is now very much casual. However, I am so very pleased that I cruised when I did as I will not be doing it anymore! Sorry! Dedicated cruiser from 1974 -2010.

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    My next joining is on Britannia

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    My 🛳 home for 10 months….

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    I was hired last june 25 2019 by my manning agency.. P&O uk. Im waiting for my appearance of my us visa hopefully this year or January 2020 will join this big ship…

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    Is there a gym?

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    Hi, I think you missed the gym area, something i always interested in.
    Although, I think you ticked all the other boxes.

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    It's a shame that P&O have moved away from the design of graceful ships such as the Oriana (now Pianoland), Aurora. Their latest offerings (Britannia, Ventura, Azura etc.) are not, in my view, handsome vessels. Functional no doubt, beautiful they are not. A far cry from the SS Orotava that my Great Grandfather worked on in the 1890s as a Quartermaster (something that I only recently discovered) https://uk.images.search.yahoo.com/search/images?p=ss+orotava&fr=yfp-t&imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.naval-history.net%2FPhotoWW1-08amcOrotava1PS.JPG#id=2&iurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.naval-history.net%2FPhotoWW1-08amcOrotava1PS.JPG&action=click

  • August 24, 2019 at 5:48 pm

    Not going for 15 months but this video has made me even more excited

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    Went on canaries cruise three years ago , it seemed a bit dingy inside with a lot of brown and magnolia, Food wasn't great like pub grub, strange small atrium with what looked like a cornetto chandelier ! The entertainment was good, we chose a balcony cabin which was lovely would look for some other cruise line next time , although carnival owns P& O as well as many other cruise company's !

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    Chris, do you travel alone? I am likely to travel alone but the price is almost as much as for 2 people. Any advice please?

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    Thanks Chris, a really good taste of Britannia. I have been on board and it’s a very good representation xxx

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    Can I take a bottle of water onboard?


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