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Bonjour, bonjour, r r r r Today Welcome back again *********** 🙂 We have a great news for you! We are going to Corsica, we will sail
from Nice do Bastia With Corsica Ferries Who thanks to their kindness invited us there and sponsored the tickets There is always lot of people travelling with their ferries I think, at the gate There will be preliminary check… tickets, IDs And then we will queue Waiting for the ship’s arrival The returning passengers From Corsica will drive out, and then we will drive in the ferry We will leave the car at garage deck And we’ll go to our cabin We sail with a ferry called Mega Express Two And this a regular Corsica Ferries line That sails almost every second day Or several times a week, from Nice to Corsica And Corsica is not that far away So the sailing time is around 5 hours It is still early morning We haven’t had our breakfast yet But Corsica Ferries has offered us a free meals on board All the cars are out of the ferry And now it’s our turn
Let’s go And how is driving on board? It’s fantastic I have never drove on board ship…
So, done! We’ve made it! We are on board Parked our car on the deck And now going to look for Reception To ask for the key to the cabin And we’ll relax in the sea On our way to Corsica We’re walking around, trying to find our cabin Which actually we cannot find It turns our our cabin is not ready yet The ship has just entered the port So the Hotel Crew needs to get everything ready
After passengers who have left For the next guests This is why most of the passengers Instead of waiting at the cabin door They go to eat And Corsica Ferries Sponsored our meals on board We’re going now to see, what goods things they have We eat now or what?
The ship departs in 25 minutes We have time to eat breakfast I don’t want these fruits Just some orange juice And we’ve already settled for a delicious breakfast,
we still have 20 mins, so enough time Later we’ll go to the open deck
To record our departure From the continent to the island We are at the open deck The temperature is very nice so far,
The ship is not underway, so it’s not windy But when she leaves, it will be windy as **** Already in full sun, I’m wrinkling We are leaving Nice, we left the port The ship is speeding up and in 5 hours we’ll be in Bastia, Corsica But you have such a great shadow here again There’s even a pets toilet on the deck Bonjour, bonjour [Oh, it very nice in here] We are at our cabin We have beautiful cabin with a giant porthole It’s true that we only sail for 5 hours, but … We sail We can even take a shower, there are towels, there is a gel Here you have, everything is available In 15 minutes they open the restaurant,
we’ll get some delicious lunch at the ship’s restaurant And we’ll see what good things they serve We’ve already got a table by the window, so We eat and sail looking at the Mediterranean We just got a menu And we will choose something soon.
I think I’ve decided I’ll take a Risotto with seafood And maybe a glass of white wine Yummy yummy
It will be good And what are you having? I will take penne with shrimp It’s gonna be good I do not know what to drink, but probably Coke, because then I drive Although theoretically I could drink a glass of wine
Even two probably [what is it for an appetizer?] Kind of cottage cheese with vegetables and croutons
Very good It’s strange that in a restaurant, on a ferry They serve so good food It was really tasty.
Now we are slowly moving to the cabin Collect our things,
Maybe some more video shooting we’ll do outside, we’re already at the height of Cap Corse
the northern peninsula of Corsica And at its base lies Bastia, which is the city we sail to There are various accommodation options on the ferry,
So if someone wants, he can take the cabin Is someone wants does not need to take anything and just sit on the floor,
or somewhere in on-boaard cafe And the third option are Pullman Seats Like plane seats We just released our cabin And now we wait For the garage decks to open,
And once it’s open, we jump into our car And leave the ferry directly in Bastia [the crew will show us the way] So funny, never seen something like this before It’s a bit scary Ok, we are in the car already Waiting to exit the ship I do not know what it will look like, because there is a lot of cars here Side by side, densely packed But we’ll see, somehow it will work
they will guide us Not to mention, that here In this parking deck, it’s like +30 degrees Celsius We are out, there was very hot inside And now we go to explore Bastia Bonjour, bonjour, we have parked our car in Corsica It took us a little time, but we are in Bastia now The cruise was very good And now we’re going to a meeting With a representative of Corsica Ferries,
thanks to whom We are here today And later we’ll Go probably directly to our hotel Or… Have a walk in Bastia, we’ll see The first thing that you notice after You arrive from Nice,
Although the temperature is more or less the same Is a high humidity
Especially now, today And feel like it was much warmer than on the continent We are already after meeting with a gentleman
Who is responsible for the promotion of Corsica Ferries It was very nice, he told us a bit about history How it all works He told us what we can go to see,
and we are just strolling through now the newer part, towards the old town of Bastia Obviously, an obligatory visit to the tourist office We got nice maps with attractions,
what and where you can see here And we go to explore Flamingos are also here Close to our hotel Everything is here as I see, we will see it live soon We are at the main city square St. Nicholas’ Square, which is a very large square And Napoleon stands in the middle of it On the one side, there is a port, and on the other, plane trees Under which there are cafes in the shade And now it’s time for a moment of relax
For a small rest Some small coffee We sit, look at people
And we are going further to explore the old city Bastia is the largest industrial and commercial
center throughout Corsica But looking at the… Facades of some buildings
I would rather say that …. It breaks apart Now Through the gardens of Romieu By old stairs We enter the citadel
And the stairs are terribly long and very steep And here is so warm and humid… You can give up a ghost As you can see In Corsica Often the inscription are in two languages
In French And I local Corsican language Corsicans are very proud people 😉 We are at the museum now We’re going to the fifth floor
Gardens and terraces The battery in the gimbal does not work
I have to record everything “from hand” Bastia consists of two parts One part is called Terra Nova
So this is the part at the port that you can see there And the second is Terra Vecchia
That is new earth and old earth It’s already quite late, it’s 18 o’clock
We walked half a day around Bastia Very cool place You can see that it is all old, from centuries ago Now, in some places, buildings are being renovated
In others, terribly run down But overall, the impression is positive Now we go back to the car, we parked it on the other side of the city
So we have quite a long way to go And we are off to our hotel

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