Raavanan Full Movie HD

Raavanan Full Movie HD

Who are you?
– Go… Who are you guys?
– They are pouring petrol. No, please no… He’s coming to run over us. You’re hitting us!
Turn the boat!Named as Veera…
but hundred nick names…Warrior…braveheart…destroyer…He’s Rama if you say Rama…He’s Ravana if you say
he’s Ravana…If you say he’s both,
then he’s both…He’s both Rama and Ravana…If you were born like me…
If you chose my path…If you waged my war…You’re Rama and Ravana…
you’re both…go man…Sir, Hemant sir. Sir, Hemant here. Over. Tell me. Sir, l don’t know how to tell you… What’s it, tell me Hemanth? An accident happened here sir… Boat accident sir… ln that… When? Where? Just a while ago.
Near the old jetty. Your wife Ragini has
been kidnapped, sir. Who?
– Veera’s men, sir. They have taken her in boat
to Western mountains, sir. l’ve sent a search team, sir.
informed lG. He has assured to get STF. ls anyone here? ls anyone here? All are men, will not
show mercy on a woman too. Who is it? Who is it? Fresh chicken gravy,
want to taste it? What do you’ve to do with me? Who is it? Who is it? l’m not afraid of you. Unable to fight like a man, you’ve kidnapped a woman. Victory awaits you,
don’t get dejected heart… There’s liberation to this life
and an eternal place… Life is useful…
With devotion only… There’s strength of
my tribe in heart… No vengeance… Victory awaits you,
don’t get dejected heart… There’s liberation to this life
and an eternal place… This is your life’s biggest mistake.
– Life is useful… Kidnapping me. She may drown. No, she’ll not, still 14 hours
to blow the conch. Let her take three dips. Can’t you see it’s a police jeep? Why are you waving hands?
Speak! Open the gate. l swear l’m a police man…
– You fool! Why are you singing without
bothering who is here? Missed the beat, boy. On a bullock cart… Picking up the groom,
going through the forest, police man… On a bullock cart… Picking up the groom,
going through the forest… Go now and come back tomorrow. What’s that? Shut your gob and open the gate. Okay, first have this. lntelligent don’t win…
– Go man! Catch him! Useless police don’t have a gun. Catch him!
– Catch me? l swear l’m a police man…
– lf you don’t come down, l’ll kill you. Let me see it! Escape! There! He’s jumping over there. Gnanaprakasam, right?
– yes. Good morning sir. SP sir?
– Forest guard, right? Yes sir, since 28 years. DFO has good words for you.
– Yes sir. lt seems you’ve a record
in the department.- Yes sir. For highest number of suspensions. Now also l’m under suspension
for two months only, sir. lt’ll be over in a jiffy. You know this forest very well.
– Sir? Else know only to booze? ls all this monkeying because of liquor
or taking orders from someone? Sir…you’re a Government
servant…SP! 28 encounters! Number one encounter specialist. l’m also a government servant,
long service, number one…
A-one forest guard. l’ve been waiting
over 3 hours for you, sir. l’ll not let you enter forest alone. He’s not trustworthy sir, a drunkard,
l suspect he’s Veera’s man. l don’t think he knows
anything about the forest. l don’t trust this man,
he’s short tempered. Half baked man, he doesn’t know
anything about forest or anything. l’ll slap you. Slap me? From Tuticorin? l like that place. But l don’t like you,
l’ll get rid of you in the forest. l’ll kill you. Veera…Veeraiah! Born in Vikramasingapuram. FlR’s have been registered in all
police stations of Tirunelveli district. Totally 63 cases. l was specially transferred here
to put a check to him. Good evening sir. l’m Shankar, DSP,
Ambasamudram circle. Neither l’m here as welcome party
nor to escort you sir. l know you don’t like all that. l heard many don’t like
police in this region, is it true? l’m going to stay away
from such people, very far. Except one man! He has a nick name here…Ravanan. Ten headed Ravanan. lf the leader’s head rolls,
all the other heads will roll. Shall we aim the leader? Elder brother Singarasu,
Veera’s public face. he presides over the kangaroo courts, younger brother Chakran,
studied plus 2, to help elder brothers, people responsible for any brutal
attack, ten minutes prior to it, or within 5 minutes after it,
Veera will be there to seek revenge. You know so much,
why have you left him till now? We were waiting for such
a daring SP. lf top brass is shivering in fear,
what can we do? He’s protector God to half and
the other half are scared to fight him. According to law,
Veera is an extremist. Anti-social, terrorist.
That’s it. You’ve been given this uniform
to protect us from such men. Why are you silent? Why don’t you gun him down? l got an opportunity
to pin down Ravanan. l missed it. But l’ll not miss this time. l’ll not come back without
putting an end to Veera’s life. Till then, be brave Ragini. Sir…sir…stop the jeep.
Please…stop…please… Sir, one minute…
one minute. You don’t just see with eyes
in forest, see with your ears too. Don’t search in water, come here. Who tied you up? Gagged too.
Were you the boatman? Unable to breath? Can’t speak?
Get me some water. You will come…
– What? You will come and…
– We’ll come and… …will untie me. He said we’ll come to untie him. What? What? Tell me…tell me… ..if you’ve sense… ..without wasting time…
– Without wasting time… On the eastern side…
– On the eastern side… Come to the hill top of Meghamalai.
– Come to the hill top of Meghamalai. Did you see he tied and gagged him
and told him the place too? Are we searching Veera
or is he taking us to him? Are you telling the truth? Hill top of Meghamalai. Sir, he has asked us to come
to the hill top of Meghamalai. Tell sir about it. Did you see her? How was she? ls she hurt? Was she crying? Leave me…don’t come. Leave me! Leave me! No…no…leave me. You’ll ruin.
– We’ll get ruined and you enjoy life. Our people’s curse will
not spare you. You’ll get ruined,
you’ll never come good in life. l’m cursing you to get crucified
for your husband’s sins. Who are you to kill me? Who gave you that right? Why do you pull women
into men’s fight? My life is mine.
lt’s mine only. Will you stop it?
l hate sound. l hear ten voices in my head. Veera, don’t think,
gun her down immediately. Fire at her!
– l’ll not die. My foot! Can’t escape fate. Let your husband,
and this world know it. You can’t kill me. There’s commotion in head,
forest cries, ferocious dance, a question on one side and
an answer on the other side, philosophy, anger, accusation,
laugh, patience, myriad of emotions. You can’t kill me. lf you die with a smile, next 7 births
you’ll take birth with a smile. l’ll not die. ls it in your hands, 7 births…
– My death is not in your hands. You silly woman!When did you come into this world?
When did you spark fire in my mind?Teak forest is very large…
A match stick is very small…A falling match stick
is enough to catch fire…Won’t entire teak forest
be reduced to ashes?l lost my life seeing
those shivering lips…l’m going away forlorn…
return back my heart O maiden…Though you’re beyond my reach,
come into my arms…Enough, my ears are bursting. Stop it. l’m not crying. Will you stop crying or not? Stop crying. Come with me. Find another woman for it,
aren’t you ashamed of it? Like a coward,
you abducted a woman. l think all the bad words
were coined for you only. Excellent Veera! You’ve stopped crying, right? Can tolerate a woman
using bad words, but can’t bear a woman’s cries, right?Sun and moon are coming
in the same path…Truth and vows have gone
to the wind…l lost my life seeing
those shivering lips…Your beau is yearning
and seeking you…Give me your heart, my dear…Though you’re beyond my reach,
my fingers wish to touch you…Though l know you’re a ball of fire,
l want to play with it…This is not new to the old world…
Few defy the morals…ln this heart…There’s no fate that can’t be defied…Even sheep won’t dare jump,
why did you take the plunge? Why did you save me like a fool? Even crows won’t get body
to feed on. Why did you then try to shoot me? You were fated to die in my hands. But some fool altered it. Pray, if you trust in God. You’ll die because of me. That’s the destiny of fate. Nobody…what did you say? Nobody can wipe me out.The love that has sprouted in you
doesn’t care for anything…Poor Veera, you can’t
find the difference…Though it’s a snake,
there’s no fear…With fires of death engulfing me…
lt’s you in my heart and soul…Though l’m buried,
you’ll still be in my heart…Sun and moon are coming in a path…Truth and vows have gone to the wind…l lost my life seeing
those shivering lips…Your beau is yearning
and seeking you…Give me your heart, my dear…Though you’re beyond my reach,
my fingers wish to touch you…Though l know you’re a ball of fire,
l want to play with it…Here’s come our leader!
– Bless me. – Bless you son. Greetings.
– Go…go… Now l know why didn’t shoot her. l was foolish not to realise it. With one bullet it would be over, either me or he would’ve
gone to jail for few years. the problem would’ve been over. You too would’ve left her
thinking about future. Why do you think l left her? For 14 hours torture, SP has come
with 5 truck loads of police men. lf we keep him on toes for 14 days,
your idea is great. l was pointing a pistol at her,
a minute or two she would’ve died, she was standing fearless
like a dead body. Not a faint of fear, brother. How can l kill a fearless woman? Brother, would you’ve pulled the
trigger if you were in my place? l can’t think so much. You want me to cut a goat
and prepare a soup. lt’ll rock you. lf any boys here misbehave,
l can thrash or send them to jail, tell me, l’ll do it in minutes. Women, fear are beyond me, brother. She’s the new sister. What are you looking at?
Clear out. You won’t get clothes here,
l found a leaf of my size, stitches it and
drape yourself in it. Uncle…
– Clear out kids! You won’t laugh for a joke,
don’t fear at a pointed gun, what sort of a life is it? Food!
Will you atleast respect this? Throw into the dustbin.
Am l a dog? To tie and feed me. We are struggling for
generations for a meal only. So proud? Arrogance of rich. ls what you’re doing good? Women are women. Feeling pity at your plight,
are you arguing with me? Look, my wife too never
shouted at me. Eat it or if you think
we are enemies, leave it. As you wish. ls salt okay?
Be loyal to us all your life. For my size. That’s a pistol. Yes, it’s a gun. Guiding us to their hideout. You talk to them sir. Where is Veeraiah? Where is Veeraiah? Where is Veeraiah? Veeraiah is a great man.
He never speaks loudly, sir. What’s that language?
Great man? Crook, you’re wrong, go. He’s brave as his name,
he fights like a real warrior. He hacks anyone. These men don’t know anything,
he’s very kind hearted man, he’s lovable than a mother, he’s straightforward and
so gets into trouble easily. With outsiders too, like with us. He’s a poet, he says anything
in shortest terms. ls he Thiruvalluvar? Girls swoon over him, sir. Not for all girls, go now. Not praising him too much,
but he’s great in any role, very good drama actor.
Folk artiste too. When starts talking,
he’ll make you laugh to tears. Your intestines will burn, go away. Very dangerous man, sir. A goon, a loafer, hacking people,
womanizer, he does everything. When he starts playing drums… He’s God of Death in flesh.
Death is inevitable, sir. Enough of it, ten people have told
ten different things and confused us. l’m feeling giddy. ls it hand? Very hard.
Tough. Matched horoscopes
and 7 compatibilities, but failed to check if hands
and legs are soft. Your mother-in-law. My dear dancer,
this is a policeman’s hand. Roguish hands. ls it fired or non-fired hands? Touch heart and say. l’ll tell my dear.
– Go away.Oh thief who barged into my eyes…Will you see with your hands?Will you join me with your eyes…Will you teach me your art?Our silent eyes won’t sleep
thinking about me…Do you know my heart?
Will you bless me?The heaviness keeps growing through
the week it never dissipates…Will you undress and
wear me like an ornament…Will l ever disclose my desires?If you discover my desires
l will acknowledge them with my eyes…Wherever the lips go..
the heart follows..Oh dear…l will ask you to rule me…Tamil knows the parts that
pain and those that don’t…Oh dear…
do you know those parts?l didn’t try to escape hearing
Veera’s name, l came with you. Why are you lamenting? Come. l’m scared…
Goddess Chotanikkarai Amme! Come out. Come out…come.
Stand like a man. l’m innocent. l swear l’m not responsible for it. l’m innocent.
– Tell the truth. Had a nice journey? What is this? Watch? Presented by me? l gave you my sister too. Where is she now? Where is she? l don’t know.
– Did you lose her? Answer him.
– But still wearing the watch? You lost my sister but
keeping the watch safely. Please don’t kill me,
l’m innocent. Where is my sister?
– Trust me. Singarasu, tell him to spare me. Veeraiah, l’m telling truth,
l’m innocent. All of you give poses like real villains,
the photo must scare them. Don’t act smart,
take a photo quickly. Will you take a photo
or shall l take your head? l’ll take it. lf you stand still,
l’ll take a photo. One punch, she’ll keep quiet. lt’s a scarecrow. Even crows will not get scared of it. Don’t take a step further. Where’s the nearest hospital?
– Get the truck here. l want first aid box,
and pain killers. Blood is still bleeding, immediate
hospitalisation can save hand. Leave us for alone
for few minutes. Aren’t you Veera’s sister’s husband? He cut my hand, sir.
– Didn’t spare brother-in-law too? He’s not a man but beast. He’s a beast.
– ls it? What’s the message by sending
brother-in-law with a hand cut? l can’t bear this pain,
take me to the hospital. What’s he trying to say with
a scarecrow in sari and you behind it? What is he trying to say? No…sir…no… Why did he send you? lt’s paining sir…
– Trying to scare me? Will he cut my hand too? Where are you? lf you don’t come quickly,
he’ll kill me. Are you testing your wife’s courage? l’m not brave. l’m just acting brave. l’m shouting. Wearing a mask. You’re here, aren’t you?
You didn’t go away, did you? Answer me. When will you come? Madam. How much ever you may cry,
no God will come to save you. Your husband will also not come. Rice and onions, have it. Eat and sleep,
atleast your anger will ease. You come, she’ll eat. Tape is on, speak. ls it running?
– Speak. SP sir, greetings. Are you fine, sir? l expect you’re not. We are not fine because
of officers like you. l’m Veeraiah, a poor man,
illiterate, not born like you in high society,
but still l’m your enemy. Villain to you. Did you see the photo?
Did you recognise her? l shot the photograph
in day light for you only. Keep it safely in your purse,
you may not get it again, right? lf your wife doesn’t return,
atleast the photo will be with you. Why are you getting angry? ls it paining you now? ls it hurting your heart severely? For kidnapping your wife,
you wrecked havoc with men and might. Your women are diamonds and
our women are just stones, right? SP sir, pray to God. That your wife shouldn’t face
what my sister had faced. Be careful with the photo. lsn’t anyone there? Stop! Where are you going? Be a good girl and
sleep silently in one place. Did you hear me?Who is this lady in the forest?Will she give me rain, or
thunder or just magically vanish?The universe vanished when the girl
with a flower on her head lay down…The open sky gasps looking at hear face…lt is thundering outside and
the wet porch is beckoning…Who is she?Lost my life on her lips…Demons inside are hungry
and want you as food…Let me go! Rajakka, come up.
– Veera is here. Move it…move it… Faster… lsn’t she like our Muthamma
and Guruvamma in this sari? Yes. Hey Guruvamma… Send me back or tie me up. Walk with us in hot sun for few days,
you’ll become dark like us. Veera, see how angrily
she’s looking at you. Guruvamma! Why don’t you
stay back here only? Why don’t you stay with us? Why are you leaving silently? Answer me and go. Will you stay or not? Where’s your gun? Take it out…shoot me. That’s better than these questions. Okay, l mustn’t ask like this. SP shouldn’t have met you,
he shouldn’t have married you, he shouldn’t have come here, he shouldn’t have done
what he did here, l shouldn’t have kidnapped
you in anger, l shouldn’t have thought
of killing you, you shouldn’t have jumped
down from the hill, l shouldn’t have followed you. When you opened your eyes,
my life shouldn’t have come back to me. Everything has happened,
can’t change anything now. l can’t change the path
my heart has taken. Can’t change what l asked you. Will you stay? Had you not been married? Would you’ve stayed with me? Forest food? Rice and tubers? Can’t arrange for feast. Make with what’s available.
lsn’t it, Akash? You can’t leave it behind also, the leftover food may
lead them to us. But Veeraiah knows
every step we take here. A forest bird is taking
messages to Veera. SP is coming, he’s coming
towards east with STF. Anyone of you seen the bird? Did you see Ranjan? How long it’s going on? How many messages
have you sent him? l didn’t get you, sir. Which side we are coming?
How many in the squad? Sir, l didn’t… Tell me now. How dare you manhandle
a police lnspector? Aren’t you ashamed to call
yourself a police man? l’ll not care even if you’re
my senior officer. Don’t see. Where is Veera?
– l don’t know sir. Take me to Veeraiah. ln 6 months or a year,
you’ll get transferred, we’ve to live here only. My brothers and sisters
have to study here, who will protect them? He’s right sir.
– Will you work for Veera for that? He too is right. l know the way but don’t know
if Veera will be there or not. Just show us the way,
we’ll find Veera. Check what happened… The tank is open here. Move…move…move… Sugar! Sugar in diesel tank. ln all three trucks, how could
they do it while on move? l don’t know sir. Villagers from neighbouring
hamlet, shepherds. Seeking permission to
cross the camp. This is SP’s tent. We’ve a problem here. They have sabotaged the trucks.The meat is in the stove…Pour me a glass of liquor…The girl looks at you and yearns…Oh man…
exchange garlands with the bride…What shall l cut?
Tongue or nose? How about ear? Catch him…tonsure his head. No brother…
l beg you, please leave me. Tonsure his head. Chakkare lost the challenge
with Singanna. He challenged we can’t come
back alive from police camps. Tonsure! l saw your SP’s tent. He keeps…a photo. Not yours but mine. ln a villain’s pose,
like old screen villain MN Nambiar. Boys! A demon’s photo in SP’s tent. Take him on a donkey. Catch him!Chop them if they draw a line…Break it when they put a fence…Until yesterday the law was in your
hands from today it will be ours…We were bending down like a bow…Now we will stand straight
like an arrow…If they ask for a share of your food,
serve it in plates…If they ask for a share of your fortune,
roll down their heads…The land will never bow down
to the rules of it’s neighbours…The sky will not listen when the
cloud comes and makes noise…No one can take away the
land of our ancestors…We belong to a race that tames
a snake and feed it cow’s milk…Try doing a wrong, and
you will know our other side…We are warriors
born in the jungles…ln a bull fight, the intestine that
hangs out is our garland of victory…The only fortune left by
the old man is bravery…Our air will smell of fried fish…Our stream water will give you
the kick of a country liquor…A married man will
live a barren life…A cactus plant does
not require rain…No one becomes poor
by loosing a penny..If our pride goes,
you lose everything…Our land is as much
our pride as our women…If you dig the forest,
even the red sands are our blood…Look at me! Can you hear me? Open your eyes. Great! You can’t escape
but helping him! What are you planning
to do with him? We’ll send him to hell on a bull. Won’t you see anyone as human? When will you people
stop taking vengeance? When will you rich people
stop your atrocities? You can see only
his uniform and his job. He has a heart and
good characters. He loves his mother
and fears her too. Why are you torturing him? Kill him instantly. Kill him…kill him…
shoot him… Don’t think, shoot him. You want to know the reason, right? Answer her. A brave man, afraid of mother. A fool who respects women. What did you with Vennila?
Tell her. Who is Vennila? The girl who changed your fate. Who is Vennila? lsn’t she asking you? Who is Vennila? My father’s offspring. But not of my mother. My father’s second wife’s daughter. Clever and brave girl. The only one who isn’t
afraid of Veera. She fell in love with a boy. He too is from
a rich family like you. Veera arranged their marriage
after much pleas and cajoling. That was the first marriage
in our family. You know how happy she was?When lightning struck…
eyes are fluttering…The sinful mind yearns
for the girl…The dot on her forehead
has stuck to my heart…Sister! Another sister is here
to put henna. You look great in sari
and blouse. You wanted to see the lion,
so here l am. You came like a coward dancing
as a girl among women. So you managed. Had my brothers seen you,
you’ll be dead. l know Judo and Karate,
learnt it in school. White belt holder,
no man can beat me. No man can beat you? What do you say now? What’s this?
Have you gone mad? You said no man can
dare touch you. Close the door,
someone may see me. lf your folks see me, l’m dead. Show your Karate prowess. Mad girl!
Don’t open the door. Why? ls the groom afraid? She-devil! Listen to me. Shouldn’t the world know
that you’re a wrestler? Bloody! Why are you using bad words?
– Shouldn’t l? Hide!
– Why? My brother.
– Where? Hide l say. Where do you want me to go? Should your brother come now? l’m dead. Open the door.
– Hide l say. No, l can’t open the door now.
– Where’s the back door? Who is inside? Who else will be there?
l and my shadow. Someone came to apply henna,
l know it. l’m changing.
– How can you change with henna? That’s him!
– Oh my God! Brother-in-law!
What are you doing here? lt’s not his fault,
l asked him to come. He came running here. l challenged him to dare come here. So, you’ve come in skirt
and half sari. What are you doing among women? Just like that…
– He held my hand. Who? Come down. Come. With which hand you
held my sister’s hand? Don’t harm him. Singarasu brother promised
to buy a bike as dowry. lt’ll be like circus if he rides
bike with one hand. Should’ve thought about it earlier? Which hand? Which hand? Open your eyes. See the watch. Still 48 hours for the marriage. Till then keep your hand safely
with yourself. lf not you may have to
tie the knot with one hand. Go now. Go! Tell him, if not l think
he’ll stay here only. Coward! Garland the goat!
– 101st man!The meat is in the stove…
Pour me a glass of liquor…The girl looks at you and yearns…Oh man…
exchange garlands with the bride…The decked up girl is red
like an apple…And the guy is dark like
a blackberry…Oh girl, first exchange your garland…
And then change your attire…When you look at her
she seems like Janaki…But she is of Soorpanaka
descent in the bed…The girl looks small like a lemon
but she is very talkative…Let’s the drums beat…
Let this flower blossom…As his sisters-in-law hold the
umbrella, the groom arrives…As her sister-in-law holds
the saree, the bride arrives…Let the marriage band play…Father told me to seek
your blessings. No cries and melodrama please. As if you’re great Sivaji Ganesan,
to make every girl cry on seeing brother. Brother-in-law knows it, right? Once given goods will
not be taken back. Brother. Please come. People like you’re not allowed. Your kinsman invited us,
we came to bless the couple. Bless them?Son-in-law…new son-in-law…
our son-in-law…Move…give way.Play the band…clap your hands…
sing and dance…make merry…l beg you sir, please don’t do it. We beg you sir, spare them. Leave them sir. Brother!! Dev will never shoot without
a valid reason. l’m sure the mistake
will not be his. lt was all my mistake. Eight people were pulling me. But still l shouldn’t have
left Vennila alone. lt should’ve struck to my mind. l should’ve known it. l didn’t expect her husband will
escape on seeing the police. The man who’s afraid of mother
took my sister to police station. You can’t go out from here till you
tell the whereabouts of your brother. Will you tell on your own?
l’ll not show mercy on girl too. Open your mouth.
Tell me. You’re a police man, aren’t you?
Sniff and find him. l’ll cut it. He dragged her to the station.
Wasn’t it you who took her to station? You took her, right? Are you hurt seriously? Aren’t you able to talk? No problem,
you can’t argue with me. l can say anything,
you can’t answer me. Did you see my new husband,
sister-in-law? He ran away in fear. He ran away leaving me behind. Who wants such an husband, brother? Why did l wish to marry? l should’ve remained
unmarried like you. Who are these police bastards? Who are they to ruin my life? l wasn’t scared. Your new husband has run away, they asked who would l wish to
spend the first night with, brother? l used all bad words. l begged them saying it’s sin. l couldn’t take it anymore, brother. l thought it was just a dream,
l could go home after waking up. But they didn’t leave me. l shouted…l begged them… l cried…they didn’t leave me. They avenged me all the night. Everything is ruined, brother. Everything is gone. l am ruined, brother. Slowly…slowly… Get a rug.
– Getting it sir. Nothing…nothing is on. Nothing…nothing is on. No hair, no clothes, no honour.
They took everything. Hemant, you’re breathing…
you’re talking… You still have feeling of touch.
Hair will grow again. You don’t worry.
– l asked for a rug. Are you deaf?
– Bringing it sir. Can you hear me? lf we take him to camp and
give a peg he’ll regain. Take him He’s in this shape for
few hours of custody. Madam is with them for 8 days now.
– Stop it l say. That’s what l’m also saying, sir. Enough sir.
– Take him to base camp. lf entire battalion goes to forest,
even insects will know. This will be the result,
he’ll take each one of us and kill. Have you got any other idea? l do have sir. lf you permit me. Give me courage. Don’t let my anger subside. Only that is protecting me. Don’t let them be affectionate
towards me. l’m praying you. Show bad in bad light. Don’t show it as good. Give me strength to fight. Strength to get angry. lt’s not difficult to you. Did l disturb your prayers? What sort of man is he?
Your SP. ls he a good man? Very good man? He’s God like man.
Satisfied? God means…real God? lncarnation of God? ls he a flawless man? Even ten heads can’t stand
against him, right? Nobody can dare go near him. How does he look like?
Fair and tall? l’m sure he would be handsome. Anyway he’s God!
How can he be ugly? l want to see him.
Once…somehow. l want to see how God will look like. l must ask him,
why did he hurry so fast? ls he affectionate? Does he laugh and make you laugh? You…like him? l’m jealous. Unable to digest it. Did your God feel jealous
at anytime? Only Veeraiah will feel jealous. l’m a beast..tough guy. A villager…
belong to deprived class. l thought l’m no compare
to you, and your God. But the jealous has made me
greater than you all. O God! This demon, has he become greater than mother,
father, desire and everything else? Madam, l’m a forest guard…
– You’ll eat gooseberries, right? Bite the onion and
gulp the gooseberry. Enjoy like a feast. SP sir, your husband sent
me to locate you. l searched the entire forest,
SP’s wife is safe, he gave me something,
l kept it in my pocket. What’s that noise? Madam…here…up!
Look up! Trust me. lf you say yes, l’ll carry you
to SP sir on my shoulders. Why didn’t he come? He’s just 5 kms away. Special team is very large,
very noisy team. Forest people can hear them. What are you thinking? They are tough guys,
brainless fellows. Just say yes, let’s cheat them
and escape from here. Bloody fool! Don’t harm him.
l’m still here only, right? l’ll cut you like a goat,
will you cheat me? Veera, l can hear funeral band,
l’m hearing sounds that l shouldn’t. l can hear SP’s foot sounds,
he’s coming. l’m warning you to be careful. Yes, l’m SP’s man
but l support you. Did you see them?
Did you see their faces? They will do anything for you.
They will die for you. Will you do it? They must.
Because you gave them life. l’m asking you only one thing,
why are you taking back their lives? You’re the one to die now.
One more bottle and you’ll die. Send back SP’s wife,
stop this fight here. l’ll see all the cases are dropped. lf l don’t send her back. Keep quiet.
Coming back to square one. Do you want me to say it? End of you, total destruction,
annihilation. Everything will be over. Can’t you advice him, elder brother? He’s talking about destruction
and annihilation, should l get scared? Are you scared, Azhagu?
l’m shivering. Are you scared?
– l’m scared. You scared?
No…nobody here is scared. What do you want me to do? lf you hit a silent dog with a stone,
it’s bound to bite you. That tall tree, pull a branch down
and leave, it’ll rebound. Are threats new to us?
You’ve been doing it since ages. They hit us and we fought back. They raised sticks on us
and we too raised. Now they picked up guns. We’ll nip their heads.
Got me, Forest? Veera, l’ll not go without SP’s wife. Who said you’ll go from here? Brother, his days are numbered,
give him two more bottles. Take him to the hill top.
He’ll kill himself. Veera, you’re committing
a mistake. He’s not our enemy and
what he says is right. Do one thing, join them, wear police uniform,
they’ll give you a gun, don’t search anywhere,
come straight and kill me. He’s here for a compromise, right?
Why are you refusing it? Ten trucks of guns and bullets.
Are they here for a compromise? He’s here to check on us. He’s here to know our strength.
– What’s our strength? May l tell?
You’re our strength. Our strength is weakening. l’ve been watching you,
you’re going overboard. Cool down brother,
l’m asking you also, tell me. Did anything go fine
ever since she came here? We are going down. l think this lady will
take us all down. You said 14 hours only
but 14 days have passed. Watch my words, he’ll not leave
her even after 14 years. Will you stop it or not?
Harping on the same thing. Beat me…
l’m telling you to beat me. You’ve courage to beat me
but can’t dare ask him. You don’t do anything,
send me with forest officer. Don’t talk… Brother, tell him not to go there. lt’s madness to go there.
– lt’s wrong to send him alone. l’ll also go with him.
l’ll go with him. No, you may use bad words
that may not go down well, brother, l’m not a kid,
l’ve studied plus 2, l know all the laws
they speak about. Just for once, trust and send me.
l’ll not spoil your name. Hey l saw…l saw…
where is sir? l found…went to unreachable
place and met the person. Give me a medal sir, gold, silver
or bronze, anything will do. Did you come with Veera? His brother for a compromise. But your wife must give the medal.
– Where is his brother? He’s outside. Where is his brother?
– He’s outside. l’ve discussed all the
issues clearly. lf you say yes…it’ll be over. Where’s the bottle? Who is it? Chakkare? Come out bravely. l’m alone. l’m alone. Look! l’ve emptied my gun. Two conditions. Must withdraw all the cases,
special team must go back. You’re talking tough
like a police man. Your wife is still with us.
She’s still alive. You’re still warning us.
You must be in police force. l’m here for a compromise. l too wish that only. No more fights. Send Ragini to me,
l’ll guaranty your brother’s life. lf you want to talk to me, come out. l’ll be in my tent. Shall l tell my brother that
you’re ready for the compromise? Shall l tell my brother that
you’re ready for the compromise? This time it’s like this only.
Next time l’ll not miss it. Don’t run.This is a no-holds-barred war…Challenging with blasts all around…Furious raging battle…When enemy attacks,
take on him with all might…Win the battle…lf you step on the bridge,
l can’t guaranty for your life. He’s coming…the officer
is coming…if you win… Where is Ragini?
Where is Ragini? Where is my sister?
Where is my sister? Where is my sister? You can’t survive today,
pray to your God. Come….come…. No gun, no uniform, no troops. Got caught alone. Come…come… Leave my hand.
Leave my hand, die! Where is he? What happened? He’s Lord Rama and
l’m 10 headed Ravanan, right? He’s alright, isn’t he? l can’t beg more than this. Answer me. Tell me. Hold this. ls he alive? Last time l saw him,
he was hale and healthy, Hanging to the bridge on one hand. Angry…furious…like a hero. Hold it tightly. You may leave it. Wait, l’ll check and tell. Where are you man?
l’m asking you, right? You won’t believe but he’s
crawling up like a snake. Will you please do me a favour? Only God grants boons,
l’m a demon. Don’t kill my husband. lf you come up, only one will survive. l can leave this rope. Only one will live.
– l can shoot you. The challenge you made… Do you think l’ll give you
a loaded gun? l was waiting all these years
who would kill me. Fire at me. lf you fire, just ten minutes. The bad intentions and
thoughts in my heart… lt’ll die along with me. But if you shoot here,
just a moment, memories, desires, love, breath,
all will go at a time. No pain. Looking at you happily… With a smile on my face…
l’ll die. lf l stay here…
will you spare his life? Will you stay? Really? What are you doing? Stub? 14 day old stub? Shouldn’t you’ve taken me
in 14 minutes? l was scared. l’ve come back, Dev.
l’m with you. Where is he? Who? Why? l’m back, right?
What else you want? Where is he hiding? Did you come for me or for him? He escaped hiding
behind a woman. Forget about him, Dev.
– l’ll come back for you. Let’s go home. Shall we go home? Did he beat you? Did he scare you? No. Did he touch you? lf anything had happened… He kept you in captive
for 14 days. 14 days and 14 nights. l can understand
what you’re asking. Look at me.
Can’t you see it yourself? Are you ready for
a lie detector test? Machine will find the lie. Aren’t you ashamed to ask like that? When you’re speaking truth,
why are you scared of a machine? l somehow managed to hold
my life for 14 days, but your mean words
are killing me. Truth sometimes is very mean. What is truth?
How would you know it is truth? He told me. Who? What? My hand is sleazy hand,
but your wife is not chaste. He said you’re not pure. No…l don’t believe it. He wouldn’t have told that. He told me a lot more things. Shall l give all details?
– Stop it. Pull the chain, l’ll get down. Don’t threaten me. You’re literally throwing me out. You’re lying and l don’t like it. l’m not lying.
– You’re lying. Lie is written all over your face. Epitome of lies. l can see it in your eyes. You shouldn’t have come back. l shouldn’t take you
to Veera’s hideout. But you want to meet him. l don’t know why you’re here. lf you’ve revenge in heart,
please go away. The respect and affection he has
for you will remain intact. Don’t know when he’ll come
and how long you’ve to wait. l’ve kept food and water. You’ve come back. What did you tell him about me? l’m breathless, ears are numbed.
l can’t hear anything. Am l the weapon to win over him? l’m feeling dizzy with happiness. Don’t get angry on me. What did you tell Dev? What did you tell him?
Tell me. Leave my hand.
Leave my hand…die. Left him to die. Hold firmly. l can kill you for your wife. For the same wife’s sake
l can spare your life too. Leave you or save you? Leave you or save you? Leave you or save you?
Shall l leave you? Did you say anything
bad about me? A good wife for a tough man. Through the test of fire… …pure gold. We are sleazy men but never allowed
even wind to touch the pure gold. Told him nothing else? Go…take her away before
l change my mind. Hold on to me…come up.
That’s it. Veera is happy, why are you sad? Held you in captive for
14 days to scare him. Just 14 days only? Are 14 days so long? Didn’t feel so much when
l left you blindfolded? But why am l so happy
on your coming back? Please don’t cry.
Stop! l don’t like women crying. My life has come alive. lt has started breathing. Dev told me wrong. He never listened to me. Why did SP speak bad about you? Without any reason? Suspected me. Suspected you? SP? Great…excellent!
– Dev is not here. You’re very smart. He doesn’t know l’ve come for you. You know very well
who can lead you to me. Come out. Come… l told you l’ll come back for you. SP! Shoot me. Shoot me….shoot me… Shoot me! Not just one shot, fire ten times. Spray hundreds of bullets. Shoot me….shoot me… Ragini, move aside. You can’t kill my happiness. Move! You can’t kill. Move!l’ll come back…l’ll come back again…l’ll follow you…ls life nothing but the
scribbling of an infant..ls learning the meaning of it,
the quest of life?Life changes when we
understand its meaning…The meaning changes
as our life changes…A dream still floats in the air…And smiling at me as it floats…

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