Refueling for the first time and a sail to Ibiza – Sailing A B sea (Ep.030)

Refueling for the first time and a sail to Ibiza – Sailing A B sea (Ep.030)

This morning we’re gonna do another
first, it’ll be our first time pulling into a fuel dock. We’re at Formentera in
the Balearic Islands in Spain and this fuel dock we’ve actually scoped out from
land and it looks fairly straightforward. It doesn’t open till 9 o’clock but we’re
gonna get in there first so we’re first in the queue and also we can get out
before the big ferries start really rolling in. So we’re just gonna bring the
anchor up and head over there. OK just dropped that down a little bit
and let it come back up again in the right position. So it looks like somebody else does have
the same plan as us to get to the fuel dock early so they’re first in the queue.
We can see then parked up there. Right now we just holding position as we
wait for a big ferry to come out and two medium sized ferries to go in. Hey. Gracias. Okay slip it when you’re ready
Clear? Ciao Oh I can breathe now! You did really really well! Another first!
I need a beer! I need a valium! And they’re really helpful (yeah) the lines and stuff
like I didn’t have to do anything really. So how much that? The thing’s … receipt’s underneath That was 217 Euros It’s Wednesday morning and as you can
plainly see we’ve got the sails up There’s very little wind we’re doing
about three and a half knots but some wind is better than no wind and we’ve
decided to make a run for it early this morning and I reckon we should get
pretty much all the way to where we want to go via wind power. A bit slow but we’ll
get there. Oh we’re going to Ibiza Temporary ship’s log To get updated on to a Word document And we’ve arrived in Cala Tarida. It’s very pretty we’ll show you a picture of it in a second.
We’re slightly out away from the beach in deeper water
but again we’ll wait and see what happens with the herd here and then if a
space opens up in the shallower water we’ll move back and pick that up a
little bit later on today but right now we’re here. It’s all good! This is Cala Tarida and that is our boat. Baz is getting his scuba gear on today
and it’s not just for a regular little scuba diver for the two of us. I’ll let him tell you what’s going on We’ve been watching this guy in the yacht just behind us and he’s been
struggling to get his anchor up for the last I would say maybe an hour. Where
he’s positioned we know that there’s rocks there because we were told by
somebody else who comes here regularly so he’s got his chain wrapped around
the rocks. He does have a little pony bottle there but unfortunately it’s
run out and he hasn’t got a way of recharging it so I just went over in the
dinghy and said “hey would it help if I came over with my scuba gear on?” and he
said “yes that would really help out” so I’m gonna gear up and I’m gonna go over there and
see what we can do. It’s probably in about I don’t know, maybe five or six meters
of water so it’s not deep There’s something very sexy about a guy
in scuba diving gear! Hope I can help this guy out. It must be
really frustrating what to leave and then finding out your anchor and your anchor chain are snagged. Yeah, distressing too I should imagine
Yeah So there’s no way he was going to get that out on a snorkel Basically what what it happened was
sometime in the night when the boat’s swung around on its anchor chain, the
anchor chain’s got wrapped around a big piece of coral rock and the chain has
actually cut through the rock So the chain’s gone right under and then
the rock that it’s cut has fallen down on top of the chain. So there’s just no way
of just you just couldn’t pull it out because when I looked at it at first I
went how the hell did that get in there in the first place? So I I removed parts
of the fallen rock, the smaller pieces and that allowed the bigger piece to
just drop down slightly which meant I could pull the bigger piece out and once I got down out, it was about yay big and
then once it got that out I could get his chain out and on top of the rock and then of course once that had happened the boat went “oh I’m free” and started pulling the other way. So he was on the surface,
he told her to let out more chain to compensate and that allowed me to free
it up and pull it into the sand. And he’s good to go and I think we might have a
new subscriber! so it’s all good! But it’s hard work. I sucked nearly 50 bar of air
just doing that. It might have been 10 minutes or so 15 minutes? So there’s no way he could have done that just with that? No. Not with a pony bottle. It was empty anyway. He’s not certified so he can’t get it refilled. So he’s fortunate that you were there. Well, yeah coz ain’t
nobody else gonna sort him out here. I don’t see anybody else rushing to his rescue. Fortuitious. So, anyway… I can have a beer now
You can! This is our last morning at Cala Tarida
on the Spanish Balearic island of Ibiza. We’re heading back over to the mainland.
One of the main reasons we’re going over there is because my brother Phil is over
there at the moment. He leaves on Saturday, today is Thursday, so we thought
we’d give it a shot while there’s a little bit of wind and talking about
the wind come below and I’ll show you what I’m talking about. So this lot here is pretty much the wind and if we go to Thursday today and look
at 8 o’clock it’s telling us we expect anything between 8 and possibly 15 and
then it progresses out through the day and it’s here from about 10:00 till
midday or 1 o’clock that we start to lose the wind. As you can see they’re
saying it could be 1 or it could be 3 it could be 5 but others are saying 10. Now if it
stays a 10 then we’re happy. And then as we go through the afternoon and get
closer to the mainland then we’re predicting more… higher winds.
So that’s Predict Wind and this is what Windy looks like at 10 o’clock this
morning. So we are leaving from about here and we’re heading over to here. So
basically we’re going to be sailing like this which means most of the wind
should be on a beam reach for us. Nice and windy here to start with. It will
pick up over here, there’s a little bit of dead stuff in the middle where we
might have to motor and then as we progress that throughout to the day you
can see the wind picks up from around about one o’clock-ish as we get over
here to our destination. So we’ll see how we go. Let’s hope we have wind all the
way Alright, ready when you are Okay I see the anchor
Roger that Okay now the wind will push the bow around and we should be side onto the wind Okay she’s nearly up Woohoo!
Okay don’t forget to lock it off We’ve been sailing for about 2 hours now and the wind’s being kind of all over the place. We did expect it to be on a
beam reach but we found that it was fluctuating between a beam reach which
is on side to sort of pretty much all the way behind us and we didn’t feel
comfortable having the mainsail out because we were cautious about doing an
accidental jibe so we’ve brought the mainsail in and we’re sailing on a head
sail. But we’ve still got about 5.9 knots of speed so that’s pretty good we’re
quite happy with that. The wind was meant to have died down about now and so far
it’s still good. What’s the wind speed Baz? The apparent is 11. So the apparent wind speed is 11 knots and we’re getting 5.9 knots of speed out of the boat with the head sail only so
that’s pretty good. So we’ll keep you updated! As you can see we’ve got both sails up
now and we’re doing proper sailing! I’ll let Baz tell you why we’ve
managed to or how we’ve managed to get the sails up now. The main sail’s been up for
a couple of hours now. Originally when we put it up it was a proper beam reach
but now we’re close hauled we’re actually getting gained an extra two
knots speed by putting up the mainsail as well as a head sail, so otherwise
it was just going to take us over ten hours to get to our destinatio. So I
think we’re probably about maybe an hour and a half two hours out. It’s hard to
tell at the moment. But yeah, we’re close hauled and just about aiming where we want to go. We’ll just
have to wait to see what happens. I don’t know if you can see but behind me is the
mainland coast. The wind’s picked up to about 15.6 knots of apparent wind and we are getting a boat speed of 7.5
7.5 not bad hey? It’s been really good the last hour or so hasn’t it? Yeah. It’s been a really good hour and a half of sailing as the wind’s picked up a bit and with both sails up we’ve made a bit more speed and covered a bit more ground. So that’s been good! Next week on Sailing A B Sea we arrive
at Javea in mainland Spain and find ourselves in a nightmare scenario that
none of our training could ever have prepared us for. About an hour ago
I’d just got into bed, I was just about to read and I heard these this is
sickening sound
it’s just a thud and I thought someone hit us because we were
be quite happily tied up to a mooring ball and then it just went again and then by the time I realized what was going on must have hit four or five
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