Replacing Hogue grips on a Ruger LCR Revolver #182

Replacing Hogue grips on a Ruger LCR Revolver #182

hello folks this is Yamil Sued for Gun
Shock Reviews and today we’re going to play around with changing grips on a
Ruger LCR revolver there is nothing wrong with these grips these
grips are very effective these are the Hogue grips come from the factory it says
so in here. They are Hogue grips for Ruger but for me personally they’re a little
bit too small for my hand my pinkie sticks out of the bottom and and this is
just me okay. I don’t like finger grooves on revolver grips or any grip so that
matter so we’re going to change them for the same brand, Hogue grips I picked
these at a online retailer but you can order them directly from Hogue and their
website there’s a menu it’s really easy to navigate so the first thing we’re
going to do with this LCR is to make sure that it’s empty open the cylinder
up and make sure all and make sure the cylinder is completely empty
so you know going to have an accidental discharge one thing that I recommend is
that for every screw slot there is a screw tip I have this Brownells magnet tip
super set which has just about every screwdriver tip that you could
imagine comes with to grips with two holders the tools stubby one and the
normal sized one I picked one that perfectly fits this slot and I’m going
to remove the original factory grip by removing the retaining screw OK it’s
out see and removing the grip it comes out in one piece we’re going to put this aside
nothing away not loose it just in case you want to put it back on again at some
later time like I said I picked this up at an online retailer and comes of
course with with the a new screw which is longer take this packaging and paperwork and
throw it away we do not need it so basically this grip is a
whole lot bigger it doesn’t have finger grooves.. yay! it’s again a hogue same
manufacturer as the old one this one thou doesn’t have the Ruger logo in it
it has a Hogue logo in it and we’re just going to put it back on the
revolver see now it fits a whole lot better fits my hand a whole lot better
okay and we’re going to put the retaining screw in and we just
discovered that this screw head is different than the one that came from a
factory the one that came from the factory had a huge slot in it this one
is either Torx or a smaller flat blade which is kind of interesting uses both
so I picked up a different flat blade from my kit here and we’re just going to
go put the new retaining screw on and don’t over tighten it because you might
either strip your screw or damage your revolver frame so.. tighten it until you
stops and then let’s do a little bit more pressure to it. now your job is finished
now it’s time to go to the range and take your revolver with the new grips and see
how you like it

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  • August 21, 2019 at 4:41 pm

    Video is good. Sitting through a 3:30 minute info-mercial before the video…..SUCKS!!!!!


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