RESIDENT EVIL 7 | Is Mia Winters Part Of Claire Redfield’s TerraSave? | RE7 Theories

The only thing we really know right now about
mia winters, one of the main characters in Resident Evil 7,is that something caused her
husband and everyone else to presume she was dead. We know Mia is with the Bakers now, but it
is curious as to how Mia got herself in a dangerous situation where she could have been
killed. Let’s dig a little deeper to the origins
of Mia’s predicament and see if a classic Resident Evil organization connected to Claire
Redfield may have been the cause for the trouble Mia finds herself in, in: RESIDENT EVIL 7 In the latest Resident Evil trailer we see
what appears to be mia involved in an explosion on a ship, where she falls in the water, prompting
this dialogue: For 3 years Ethan Winters thought his wife
was dead. With RE7 taking place in 2017, that puts the
time of Mia’s disappearance at around 2014. At this point the events of Resident Evil
6 are done, but there is one interesting thing taking place in the Resident Evil universe
around this time. Human rights organization TerraSave and Claire
Redfield are out there protecting human rights. A Japanese Manga comic titled Biohazard Heavenly
island, actually labeled as canon or true storyline by the Resident Evil historians,
follows the events of a model/survivor reality show that goes zombily wrong. Well guess who’s on the scene in the area
with all the scantily clad bikini models? Terrasave. How do I sign up! This one image in particular, not of Mia,
from the comic looks familiar and got me thinking. Could Mia a part of TerraSave? Now Mia may not have been connected to this
Manga event where a boat gets blown up, but what if there was another TerraSave mission,
perhaps in the Gulf of Mexico, the body of water flowing into the swamps of Louisiana
where the Baker’s live. What would TerraSave be doing out there? I dunno perhaps, trying to prevent oil spills
and underwater drilling to save the environment, or checking ships coming into the gulf for
dangerous cargo. What if a huge company like secret Umbrella,
Tricell or the newer Umbrella Corp company Sheng-Ya was into oil, or had fleets porting
in the Gulf? TerraSave might want to inspect or sabotage
one of them, especially if they are rumored to be carrying viruses or little girl B.O.W.s. It might explain why Mia is videotaping her
whole mission. It might also explain why mia, a virus and
a BOW all washed up on shore at the plantation for Resident Evil 7. In real life, activast groups have been known
to take matters into their own hands, even sinking boats in the process and I can see
why Mia might lie to her husband. “I did lie to you, I shouldnt have” And Maybe it was karma, but the lie may have
turned into an explosion, either by sabotage or by an escaped B.O.W. and soon Mia was in
hell. If Mia is in fact a part of the TerraSave
organization then she may have some connection to classic Resident Evil character Claire
Redfield. How crazy would it be to see Claire appear
at the end of RE7 possibly with a rocket launcher? This is just a fun and wild theory, and Right
now all we can do is speculate about who Mia is and what led her to being involved with
the Baker Family. But I wouldn’t be shocked to see it involving
her being washed up in the swamp with some virus samples after she tries to save the
earth with TerraSave in: RESIDENT EVIL 7 Crimson Army, what do you think Mia’s job
was and how did she get in the situation with the Bakers? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget
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