RIT Concrete Canoe Team

[Music]>>The concrete canoe team is a student-led
academic club that builds a canoe out of concrete every year – it’s lightweight
buoyant concrete. The concrete ultimately ends up weighing less than water, so we
can build our canoes and race them and do all kinds of you know cool stuff that
people don’t really think about. We spend the whole first semester building up our
designs and figuring out what kind of mixes we want and then the second
semester is always about production, it’s about construction and putting things
together and taking what we’ve designed and then turning it into an actual
physical product.>>I am the captain of the canoe team. It really teaches you a lot
based on time management and organization and represents what we get
into in the field, especially construction where we have to work from
the start to the end of a project and make sure everything goes smoothly.>>This club has definitely been the single largest influence on my academic career
here it’s been an experience in learning how to manage, learning how to
teach, learning how to design. There’s a lot of bright minds and thinking in a
lot of different ways, and opportunities like this like being part of this team
are really a way to put that to use in a way that you wouldn’t otherwise get to.>>Seeing where you’ve worked for throughout the entire year between
designing it, constructing it, and then at the end you get to sit in it and
actually race it on the water it’s probably the best part.

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