Rob on the Road: Lake Natoma

Rob on the Road: Lake Natoma

Straight ahead,
It’s Rob on the Road, Lake Natoma and
so much more. Hit the water inside one of
the most respected aquatic centers.
“Oh my gosh!” Fun, family and falls,
coming up next. Plus, have you ever wanted
to feel like what it is to fly? Suit up with me for a
soaring lesson at iFly indoor skydiving.
And later, the passionate
pickleballers. See why pickleball is one
of the fastest growing sports in the country. “Yes!” All that and
more, starts now! And now, Rob on the
Road, exploring California. Hi, I’m Rob Stewart, and
welcome to Gold River and the Sacramento State
Aquatic Center right here on
Lake Natoma. More than 50,000 people of
all ages enjoy this aquatic wonderland each year. There’s so much to
do — windsurfing, rowing,
water skiing, kayaking, and a lot more starting from
this eight-acre site next to Nimbus Dam, including
programs up at Folsom Lake. It’s one of the best college
aquatic centers in the U.S. — and here’s why. ♪♪ Welcome to the Sac
State Aquatic Center! ♪♪ Rob: Alright let’s get
started! Cindi: Right on. Rob: Come on Cindi, this
is CCome on Cindi, this is really just Miss
Diva out here, she runs the place,
been here for 30 years, we’ll get to that later in
the show . But good to see you! Cindi: Thank you
for coming out today, it’s going to be an
awesome day on the water. Rob: Well is it ever not? Cindi: Oh no, it’s
always a good day here. Rob: Good. So I want this
So I want to do Cindi: OK. Rob: I want an
overviewI want anNatoma, and then I want to go
through – there are more programs here than most
places offer in the country. Isn’t that fascinating! Cindi: Fun! Rob: You call it a
themYou call it aer. Cindi: It is kind of like a
theme park on water. Where else can you go
and do all these different activities, mom, dad,
grandpa, grandma, kids and have a great time. Rob: Why is this
placWhy is thisent? Cindi: I think It’s not a
yacht club or a rowing boat house, or just a kids camp,
we’re all rolled into one, so we have a little bit of
something for everybody. Rob: Alright let’s go! We asked Cindi to take us
on a private boat tour all around lake Natoma, nooks,
crannies and all for an up-close look at some of the
unique programs. Rob: Bye guys. we’ll see you
latHave fun,fun we’ll see you soon. Can we go see
the kayaks? Cindi: Absolutely. Rob: Cindi actually
had me take command of the boat.
And did you know this is also a state park? Cindi: Our program goes a
littOur program goes aurve, so in the spring we have
kinesiology class. PE. What would know as
a PE class. And then we ramp up for all of the special
events so that the people in the Sacramento area and
the people coming from all over the country to
Lake Natoma to row, they’re here for the “We’re
rowing” Championships, PAC 12 Championships. How big is the impact
on this area with what you guys bring here. Cindi: Oh I would
say millions. With rental cars,
hotel rooms, foods, between the amount of events
that bring to the area for that small one month period
of time is incredible. Rob: How many people have
honestly never ever seen the water when they
come out here? Cindi: For living in the River City you would be
amazingly surprised. The last school
group we just had, of the 40 of them, I believe
35 of them had never been to life jacket.
a laAnd instead ofon a kayaking or boating, we
spent the first hour just teaching them how to
buckle a life jacket and get through a swim
test doggy paddling. And to me, I have goose bumps
and tears in my eyes. Rob: Still,
after 30 years. Cindi: Yes,
because these kids have an opportunity. ♪♪ Rob: So David why did you
want to do this? David: Because it’s super fun
there’s a ton of activities here, and it’s
like time killer, super awesome! Rob: It’s a fun
time killer. What are you learning? David: Well, we al
learned how to sail the other day, and it was
super fun. And we got to try out the new boats, and
we had a great time. Rob: Have you done
this before? David: I’ve never done this. My friend, he
introduced me to this he’s My friend, he has been here about one to
two times and I’m glad I came here. Rob: So you’ve
never done this on the water? David: No, never. Rob: Look at you that’s
awesome I’m so proud of you buddy, that’s
fantastic. David: Thank you! ♪♪ Rob: Cindi we are
approaching a bevy of activity it is getting
started this morning, Nimbus Damn, and I see
sail boats everywhere! Cindi: It’s awesome
isn’t it. Rob: It’s so cool
JusIt’s so cool.t. How many are
out there? Cindi: Well it looks like we have the
basic camp sailors today, looks like we have some of
our new boats are out with the sailing camp, so we’ll
get a close up of some of these kids. ♪♪ Cindi: This is Hayden,
he’s a dock master, and we interrupted him on a
stand up paddle on his day off. Rob: Hey Hayden, I’m
Rob Stewart with Rob on the Road. Hayden: Hi, I’ve seen
the show. Rob: Oh good, glad you have,
so Hayden tell me, you’re out here on
a day off. Hayden: I am. Rob: What’s up
with that? HaydJust tryingying
to paddle in the sun, get some water time. RobSo if youou
are a dock master, then you are on the front
lines of the 50,000 people that come through
here a year. Hayden: Yup
That’Yuprue. Rob: What is the typical
response, or is there? Hayden: Some people are
scared but most people are happy when they come back.
I’d say our reputation is for good service and for
helping people have a fun time on the water. Rob: Does it help you have a
better life? Hayden: Definitely does. ♪♪ Cindi: The kids
right now are learning how to keep their balance,
and get the sails up – the first principle. But we
need to take you in there and give it a go. Rob: What do you mean? Cindi: Let you try to windsurf. Would you like to try to
windsurf? Rob: Sure. Cindi: Alright let’s
give it a go. Rob: I don’t say no to
anything on this show … on THIS show.
laughter. ♪♪ Rob: I need five
more minutes, okay? ♪♪ Rob: Alright
figured it out. Alright I’ve I got it, I got it I got it
I got it! ♪♪ Rob: And next, I try
my hand at rowing. Rower: And then you’re
going to put one foot there, yep. And then the
other foot there, too. And then you’re going
to sit your bottom right down on the seat. So start
at the finish right here, okay, and then
arms come away, body comes
over, legs come up, you’re going to come all
the way up to the catch. So you’re going to square the
blade to catch the water. Rob: Dip it, drive it. Rower: Drive, and then put
your blade in the water. Ok, and then you’re going
to press down with the legs, body, arms, and
then feather the oar, there you go! There you go. Feather,
So maybe slow it down a little to get
the feel for the strokes. Laughter. Rob: oh my gosh. Laughter. ♪♪ Rob: Stop. ♪♪ Rob: Team Rob
on the Road! How’d we do?
Team: Awesome! Rob: I notice the
guys I notice thelent. Rob: Thanks guys,
this was so much fun. Team: So we have a tradition
here, whenever we do a race, we throw our coxswain in
the water after we’re done. Rob: Oh get him! Teamlaughter.d 3! (Splash) Rob: Let’s go from the
banks of Lake Natoma to a completely different place
that offers a unique kind of indoor recreation. Indoor
skydiving in Roseville. If you’ve ever wanted to
soar through the air without going up in a plane, you
have got to try this! I tried it, and
let me tell you, it is exhilarating. ♪♪ Welcome to IFly
in Roseville, California. This is so cool, and I’ve been dying to bring
you here. This is Charles Reid here
at IFLY you are a pro … Charles: Indoor
skydiving instructor. Rob: A pro, I love that.
So you’re going to be doing what today? Charles: Today actually I’m
going to be taking you into a wind tunnel introducing
you to my passion which is body flight. And
then after that, we will let you fly, you
know we’re going to let you bounce around a little
bit, do some tricks, cool things like that, then
I get to show off at the end, so that’s what
I’m here doing today. Rob: Now there is teaching,
you going to take me through a class. Charles: Yes. Rob: Can you get
hurt? Charles: No! Rob: You can’t? Charles: No. now we have
our safety guidelines, the only injuries we’ve
had sustained are shoulder dislocations and that’s
because people have walked in with prior
shoulder dislocations. Rob: I see, okay. Charles: So other than
that, no. Rob: Let’s take flight! Charles: Let’s do it. Rob: We don’t get
to say that every day on
Rob on the road. Charles: Actually you
don’t. Rob: Alright,
come on. ♪♪ Rob: Step into the wind
tunnel and if you’ve ever dreamed of flying, this is
where is where dreams comes true. First up the beginners
safety course Charles: Who’s done
this before… Rob: I have not,
have you? Jeanie: No I have not. Charles: Nobody. Rob: A bunch of newbies. Charles: Awesome. It’s fair to
say every bodies excited … Rob: Very excited. Jeanie: Especially
after watching those guys look like
super heroes climbing. Charles: Showing off
Spiderman, right? Rob: It looks
like Spiderman, Captain America,
the Avengers, everything all in
one, Wonder Woman, it’s like everything all
my dreams combined in one uniform. Charles: I like that. Rob: And I want you to make it
come true. So let’s suit up! Charles: Now when I give you
this flight suit I want you to make sure it’s nice and
baggy. You don’t want it to
fit what so ever. Rob: So what exactly
is indoor skydiving how is it done? It’s a
vertical wind tunnel that has fans at the top to
draw air through the flight chamber and then
pushes it right back down the sides through air towers. This invention has given pros like these hours of indoor
practice time. This guy has made more than
5,500 jumps from planes, and says this is the exact
same feeling. Jim: It’s a hundred percent.
It is just like skydiving, just like free falling. Rob: Really? Jim: Yeah, it is
no different. The only difference
is you don’t have to fly a
parachute at the end and it’s a lot
less dangerous. Charles: Alright go ahead and
buckle your helmet. All set, I’m going to put my earplugs
in, and it’s time to fly. Rob: Now my heart
is pounding. After all it’s like stepping into a
category 3 hurricane. Charles: Just try
to relax. The more you relax,
the easier it is. Rob: They speed up the
engine … (engine noise) And we’re off! In flight, weightless,
windblown for sure, but oddly relaxed. I get
more comfortable and Chuck notices. So
look what we did. It’s called the
high flight. Mine was quick, because
I’ve never been before. We land and I have to
catch my breath. What would you tell me to do
differently? Charles: So you want to get your
arms out a little more and remember you want to get your
legs a little wider, and there’s nothing below us
to look at, so think about looking at camera, chin up. ROK. Chuck gives me another quick
run at high flight and I love it. It’s lovely and
adventIt’s lovely andrphy’s turn, with her husband
catching ever angle on his camera. Rob: How’d she do. Charles: Awesome! Jeanie: I’m not drooling
even. I thought I’d be drooling more. Charles: Don’t tell Rob
but she’s a strong 9. Jeanie: That’s great!
… It’s really just amazing feeling.. Rob: Yeah, I got a
8 bYeah, I got aner. Now Jeanie is back in the tunnel
– time for her high flight. And when she was back on the
ground, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone
still flying so high. Rob: What did you think? Jeanie: It’s so good!
Didn’t you love going up and down? Rob: I did. That was
my favorite part. Jeanie: The best part is
when you come out my legs aren’t jiggly, you know
sometimes you come off a ride at the fair or something. ♪♪ Cameraman: He told her
that she got a 9. Rob: Yes, I heard. I heard it from across the
tunnel. I have good ears. Jeanie: Thank you so much. Rob: You did a great job! Rob: Now let’s head back
outdoors to try a sport that’s sweeping the
country! We’re talking about
pickle ball. It’s several on-the-court
sports combined into one and in Lincoln, we found
some truly enthusiastic “pickleballers,” as well as
one of the best players in the country to teach you
and me all about it. ♪♪ Player: OK Sun City we are
going to welcome Rob from Rob on the Road
give him a big hand. Rob: Thank you!
Applause. Player: And let’s
show Rob what great players we are. Rob: SO you’re on one
side with Robin and I’m with you. So I
thought I’d try my hand at pickleball and as you can
probably predict it was a total mess. ♪♪ Player: there you go. ♪♪ Hey, Hey what are you
doing over there? ♪♪ Rob: Yes!
(Screams) Rob: Well I am wiped out and
that is because I have been on the pickleball court here in
Lincoln with Andrea Myorga but I’m not going to
stick with that name because you are a
pickleball ambassador, extraordinaire, grand dame,
you have won some pretty big titles. Andrea.: I’ve been very lucky, I’ve been very lucky to have
good partners and Huntsman is the
largest senior games in the world, over ten
thousand players, and my first year I won
a bronze medal with my women’s partner and
then the next couple of years I’ve managed to strike
gold! Rob: Pickleball is a
combination of several
Pickleball is a It’s not just ping pong, it’s
no just tennis, it’s not just
bad mitten, it’s a combination of
multiple sports. Go through that with me. Andrea: Okay it’s
playOkay it’sourt the size of a bad mitten
court, so there’s your bad mitten, it involves a
paddle, which ping pong involves a paddle,
tennis involves a racquet, also bad mitten involved a
racquet, too. You have a ball, a little wiffle
ball, so it’s a low net, it’s a combination of three
of four different kinds of sports. ♪♪ ♪♪ Player: swing and a miss Rob: One thing I want
to point out even though I played with
three lovely ladies there are as many men here playing
as there are women. Poor you.
Laughter. Andrea: You win good
sportsmanship award. You won the MVS –
Most Valuable Sweetest. And uh, be honest, compared to
other partners, how bad was it? Sherry: On a scale
of 1-10. You were a one
and a half. Rob: OK I’ll
take that.. Well you had a
great attitude. Rob: Screams. But guess what,
it was out of bounds, but I’m counting it, too. Rob: Everywhere I go,
people say “What’s your next story”
and I say pickle ball and they freak out.
And that’s the truth. The buzz on this sport that
I’m hearing from people is more than anything
I’ve heard from any other upcoming stories. What in the
world is going on? Andrea: Well it’s exploding,
it’s exploding because it’s easy to learn, it doesn’t
take a lot of equipment,
it’s not expensive. It can be played at
any age, it’s not hard on your body, you don’t have
to be particularly athletic, and it’s just all
around fun sport, the people drive
this sport. Rob: Older age can be
very, very lonely, it can be isolating, but
when you have an 87, 88 year old man come sit out
here and watch, there are ways that life doesn’t
have to be so isolating. Andrea: That’s one of the
beautThat’s one of the … is that people
come down here, they know someone’s
going to be here, they play and they come off the
court, and we sit and we chat and we socialize, we get
to know each other, we are like a family, we are
like a little village here. When one of us get sick, we
make sure that there’s food brought over, or a lot of us
are having surgery, knee replacements, hip
replacements, we make sure
that they are covered while they are rehabbing
and they are able to have a motivation
to work through their therapy and get
back out on the court. Rob: Do you love this? Dan: Oh this is wonderful.
There are so many good people to show us how
to play this game, so many grandchildren
with their grandmothers and grandfathers, it’s a game
for the whole family. It’s just a wonderful lives
that brings you together with many, many people from all
walks of life that can help educate you, give you
additional information that you enjoy and take home to
your family and share with them. Nancee: I feel like I would
never live in a community now that doesn’t have
pickleball. Rob: I want the honest truth,
are you a different person because of pickleball? Nancee: Yes,
I think I’m more outgoing; I’ve developed more
confidence I’ve quite often come down and
played with three guys. And it’s totally fine. Andrea: No matter your age,
your abilities, physical test, etc., you can come out
and play this sport. Anyone can learn to play this
sport, we are welcoming, find a place in your area,
that has it. It’s all over the
United States. Rob: Just Google it. Andrea: 2.5 million people
picked up a pickleball paddle
last year … and they estimate by 2018,
they’ll be about 18 million players.
That’s a lot of people. Player: Nice game! Rob: Back here
at Lake Natoma, and the special story of how
the aquatic center began. More than 30 years ago,
Brian and Cindi Dulgar met here on the water. At that time, there was not
more than just a couple of shacks here at
the aquatic center. But that sparked an
idea among these two young students. ( Brian skiing) ( Brian skiing) Rob: The soaring success of the Sac State Aquatic
Center is also a love story between Brian and Cindi
Dulgar. And all things water. It all began in 1981. Brian can still slalom in his
40s like he could in as a teen in college. Brian: I mean we were best We
trained together, we would train together, we
would get up and go ski at sunrise together, we
worked here at the aquatic center together
and literally just had a ton of common interest – just — Rob: And then? Cindi: Here is the truth,
I can drive a boat and I can back up
a boat trailer. Brian. That’s what I fell in
love with. Rob: I Knew it! I’m like, you
are not saying something. Cindi: The last part of the
punch line is I can drive a boat and back up a ski
trailer. He had somebody who
could take him skiing. I love water skiing, and I’m
going wait a second she can
back up a boat faster than anybody I know and
drive a ski boat as you saw today. So the
stock value doubles when you have a girlfriend
that can drive a boat and back up ski trailers. Rob: And that’s when
you knew? Brian: Yeah. Rob: Brian and Cindi quickly
became the driving force behind the Aquatic Center and it’s been
that way ever since. Growing in size and in classes
every year. And as the Aquatic Center grew,
so did their family. Their two daughters, Ciera
and Brianna, love the water just as much as their
mom and dad. ♪♪ Rob: Daughter Brianna is a wiz
on the water … just look at her ski! Her dad is a former
competitive skier, and she wants to
follow in his wake. Rob: Both of the Dulgar
Daughters work at the center each summer.. Cindi: Is Ciera taking
good care of you? Yes that’s good news.. Rob: Ciera, you are literally
carrying on something that your parents created. Ciera: Yea. It’s crazy,
to think that I’ve been here like forever. I’ve been here since you know
pretty much birth. This place is like a magnet, I
always keep coming back. Rob: There are kids here who
have never been on the water. Ciera: Yea, never swam like
nothing. Not even in a pool. Rob: And you get to help
them get have that first experience. Ciera: It’s awesome, it’s crazy.
Like some of the groups that have come out here who
have never swam before, we had one a couple
weeks ago and we did a swim test with them and they
were definitely really nervous, but with the experience
of our life guards, just talking to them, and
getting them used to the water, it was cool experience to
see kids just having fun in the water for the first time
ever. it’s awesome. So Rob: Are you a proud mama? Cindi: I am
(starts crying) cut! Rob: No, seriously what makes
you emotional. Cindi: She’s
a really great kid, She’s an awesome instructor,
she’s a great lifeguard, and now if I had someone
else has kids, I say I would trust your
children with her. She’s trustworthy.
And I feel as a parent, you bring your kinds
to the Aquatic Center, their most
prized possession, I don’t know do I want to
leave my kids with these college students, I can
look at Ciera and say absolutely. ♪♪ Brian: it is a jewel
in the Sacramento area. There is no other
place in Sacramento that you can do in a one
stop shop, in one location do this. ♪♪ We’re old but
we’re mighty. ♪♪ Stop!

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