Rowing and Canoe at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

In Rowing there are three categories. Category AS, which is arm and shoulder; Category TA, which is trunk and arms; And the LTA category, which is leg, trunk and arms. The boats are different according to each category. It needs to be adapted, I use the chair, I use a pontoon… So there are some differences. I have a fix chair in my boat and I have a special strapping that holds me all the way up from my body from the legs, all the way up to the chest, This is the strapping for the chest that hold the way up. I also use the strapping, for rowing using only the arms so that I can be the skiff. In Speed Paracanoe, we have three categories: KL1, KL2, KL3. I’m in KL3 category, where the athlete uses all parts of the body. The KL2 for who uses
the trunk and the arms and KL1, for who uses only the arms. Each athlete can have its own adjustment, some of the KL1, who only use the arms, normally have a bigger adaptation. The KL2 are usually amputees, and they have the adaptation to hold the coto. And KL3 are usually people that have both legs, so there’s almost no adaptation.

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