technology is going to takeover the world. Oh yeah we’re all gonna become robots or die
you’ve seen walle everybody was just like back in the chairs is gone all right now I’m gonna let you in on a
couple quick RV tips charge everything before you go take a shower before you
leave you never know especially if you like me
when your next shower is gonna possibly be
you should bring water fill up before you hook up trust me even if you forget
your wallet the first time you go out you’ll thank me
you probably shouldn’t trust the guy who comments and says this is going to work
don’t ever take a ferry in an RV you the sheriff is currently stuck in his car
won’t turn on so we’re stuck be free you’re free you’re free No this lady is so scary to hit those birds
she’s completely stopped in the road and just letting them do whatever they do
well I made it to this Walmart in Beaumont Beaumont Texas it’ll do for
tonight tomorrow I have no idea where I’m headed but I’m gonna have to figure
that out I’m gonna go over to a Panera right now
I think get some coffee it’s an electricity and some internet
should be good argument going are you crazy shit forgot to eat before I came here wasn’t
the smartest move not the worst move out of it because just that’s good it’s cost
me $13 I need to make some money while I’m here all right I just finished editing this
video it’s like 8 o’clock I gotta go home to finish rendering it or whatever
because they close at 9:00 so it won’t finish by then hopefully I have enough
power to render at home tonight if not you’ll probably not see this video
tomorrow it’s been a crazy day at travel so let’s go back to the house I have you whoa that was a long day and you know
what I just realized when I went over the bridge I had to turn off my propane
and I never turned it back on so my fridge all right by bridge I meant ferry
but my fridge has been off for like nine hours hopefully everything’s still good
in there should be I think but we’ll see let’s go check first of all – the guy
who commented that if I flipped my bike over it would not fall I’ll never doubt
you again secondly checked my fridge turned it back on and everything looks
good it’s still very cold it’s pretty cold out so it wasn’t too big of an
issue it’s like 40 so yeah all good super awesome perfect hopefully yeah the
ice didn’t even melt in the freezer boom alright well I think I think that’s all
I’m trying to get some light on my face here I think I’m gonna end this video
here guys it’s travel days I know it’s not as entertaining as other days but
I’m gonna be traveling for a minute because I have no idea where I’m going
and I still don’t know because I sat in a coffee shop and all I could do was
edit video I didn’t have enough time to map anything out so hopefully tomorrow I
figure out where I’m going next hopefully all right guys till next time
subscribe like it and until next time guys I’ll see you later

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